We are a team that has been united by a mutual fascination of all things to do with off-roading and vehicles.

I’m Daniel Galbreath, founder of OffRoadersWorld.com – I’m very passionate about offroading, jeeps and trucks.

Daniel Galbreath
The Founder: Daniel Galbreath

I spend my spare time writing on this website, Off-Roaders World. I share my thoughts and reviews on different types of gears, share some tips sometimes.

This website is specially created and regularly updated basically to help other folks like me when I started to solve the various problems they face, specially when they go off-roading.

Occasionally, my good pals who are also interested in off-roading also help me writing + reviewing on this blog. They are also part of the team behind this website. I’m lucky to have them as friends.

I also sometimes hire professionals to help me write blogs and reviewing products. We thank you for visiting this website. Don’t forget to share this website with your friends or loved ones who might need it!

Anyway, that’s all about us. If you have any questions but can’t find the answer on this website then please contact us using the contact page.