Crosswind Tires Review 2021

Last Updated on February 25, 2021

Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on high-end wheels that don’t even last through the summer? We’ve got you covered.

Crosswind tires were created keeping durability and affordability in mind. Most of the tires in their line are weatherproof. Meaning you can use them throughout the year. Be it snow, water, or even hail; these tires will get you through it all.

So, here in this crosswind tires review, we have included a few of our favorites. All six of these crosswind tires perform spectacularly. Keeping in mind the diversity in budget and choices, we’ve included an option for everyone.

Now, if you want to know more about a crosswind tire before you go ahead and buy one, keep on reading!

Crosswind Tires Review

We love almost all of the wheels that Crosswind makes. But how will you know which one you need? Down below, we have reviewed some of the best and most beneficial crosswind wheels for you. So, you can select the perfect option for your vehicle.

1. Crosswind HP010 All-Season Radial Tire-235/65R17 104H

The one thing that you should never compromise with when it comes to buying wheels is safety. You should always take a good look at the wheel’s safety features. We put this Crosswind HP010 on top of our list because of its safety features.

Grooves on this wheel have been designed in a special wide size way. This is so that there is no water buildup. The feature eliminates or tries to reduce hydroplaning. If you live in an area where you get frequent rainfall, this wheel is a must-have for you.

Consistency is maintained in all the wheels in this line. Symmetrical tread design makes every ride more comfortable and smoother. The symmetrical wheel also lowers the “screeching” noise when braking hard.

On the inside of the wheel, you will find a solid center rib. This makes the wheels more responsive to quick movements. It also adds to the stability of the wheels.

To top it all off, the wheels are made to perform in all kinds of weather. So, there is no need to have an extra set of wheels when it starts to snow too hard. This one will do just fine!


  • Serves well in all kinds of weather
  • Special wide design grooves
  • No hydroplaning
  • Solid ribs on the center for stability
  • Great responsiveness


  • Does not have a high UTQGR rating

2. Crosswind 4X4 HP All-Season Radial Tire-235/55R18 104V

The crosswind 4 x 4 HP all-season tire is tried and tested several times before it reaches your hands. Therefore, the chances of getting a bad “batch’ are highly unlikely.

Built to last through anything, these tires are suitable to ride on highways. You can put them on your SUVs or CUVs and get a comfortable ride. They are designed to have a greater tread life.

Wide circumferential grooves ensure that no water is retained on the wheels. Unlike the other wheels available in the market, this one does not form a liquid layer on the surface. So, you can use the wheels on a wet road without any hydroplaning.

The wide grooves throw the water back into the road. This way, you get more control over the wheel.

A 5-rib design also makes the ride smoother and more stable. And for better handling, the wheels have a unique tread pattern for reinforced tread blocks.

With the ability to reduce sound as well, these wheels are a great set to own.


  • Tried and tested several times
  • Wide grooves
  • 5-rib design for stability
  • No sound technology
  • Quite durable


  • The size chart is a bit confusing

3. Atlas Crosswind A/T All-Terrain 265/70R17 115 T Tire 4ply

Available in sizes of 15inch to 20inches, you can use these tires for SUVs, Trucks, and jeeps. Full to mid-sized pickup trucks will also be a great fit.

The wheels come with an open shoulder design. This allows any water that has made its way into the grooves to fall right out. Getting rid of this water helps make your wheels less slippery.

It’s a modern design of the ribs, and the slotted shoulder makes it sturdier and more stable. There is no possibility of your slipping or losing control on these wheels.

Atlas Crosswind A/T is a wheel that is weather-resistant. So, you can leave your car out in the scorching heat and not have to worry about it harming the wheels. Similarly, you can ride your car with these wheels on through snow and rain.

Made to last for quite a while, you can also use these wheels on all kinds of terrains. No matter how rocky, muddy, or bumpy the road is, these wheels will get you through it.

The exterior is quite durable, so it won’t puncture too easily, either.


  • Does not puncture too easily
  • Can be used on all kinds of terrain, modern rib and slotted shoulder design
  • Open shoulder to decrease hydroplaning
  • Comes in flexible 15 to 20-inch sizes to fit a variety of vehicles


  • No specific cons

4. Crosswind 4×4 HP

This 4 x 4 HP is built to last. The unit is most compatible with SUVs and CUVs. If comfort is one of your main priorities, this is the wheel you should get.

Made with high-grade safety features and robust construction, this wheel is excellent for driving on the highway. The new and improved 5-rib design gives you stability and smoothness like no other wheel.

Specially designed grooves keep the wheels from slipping even when it’s raining. So, the wheel is quite responsive to sudden commands. Therefore, giving you safe brakes even on wet roads.

These grooves also help get rid of water faster. So, when driving on wet roads, water does not buildup on the wheels. Increase your safety with these anti-hydroplaning wheels.

To get maximum handling control, these wheels come with a unique side pattern. This design reinforces tread blocks. Therefore, the wheels stay put on the roads at all times.

All these features combined give you smoother wheels. They won’t let you feel the bumps on the road. With that, you also get a noise reduction.


  • Reduces noise on the road
  • Helps drive safer on wet roads
  • 5-rib design for better grip
  • Gives you maximum handling control


  • Not the best option for driving on muddy roads

5. Crosswind M/T Mud Radial Tire-LT285/55R20 122/119Q LRE 10-Ply

Not all wheels can go through rough rides in the mud. The mud seems to dry and clump up on the wheels, making driving and cleaning up afterward harder than it should be.

So, if you find yourself in need of driving in the mud too often, you can try out these Crosswind M/T Mud Radial tires.

These wheels come with a specially designed tread pattern. They are more rugged and directed in a certain way. This is what makes it so ideal for running on muddy tracks.

Open tread designs like this give you more control and gripping ability. They also help flick the mud off of the wheels as soon as they come in contact with it. The same happens for water.

This design self-cleans the wheels in a way. It can flick away the mud and keep your wheels clean.

So, you can use these wheels on mud and wet roads. The weatherproof wheel is a blessing to have both on sunny days and gloomy rainy ones.


  • Great for muddy and wet roads
  • Flicks away mud; self-cleaning
  • Gives you more control
  • Specially designed tread pattern; more rugged and directed


  • Little bit heavy

6. Crosswind M/T All-Season Mud-Terrain Tire – 33X12.50R18LT 118Q E (10 Ply)

The one thing that is scary about driving on wet or muddy roads is that you never know what’s underneath all that liquid. It is very common for drivers to puncture their tires when driving on roads. Sharp stones or objects can make a hole in your tire.

That is why you should consider buying this Crosswind M/T all-season Mud-terrain wheel. Not only does it have all the qualities of an excellent mud-terrain wheel, but it is also quite sturdy.

Made with high-quality material, this wheel has a thick exterior. It is not easy to penetrate this wheel’s skin. So, you can drive freely on muddy tracks without having to fear getting punctured. Besides the building material, the shoulder blocks also help make these wheels more durable.

Sips added on the wheels help make the wheel more slip-resistant. Therefore, using this wheel on wet or muddy surfaces is a delight. You will get full control. Brakes will be more precise.

Large tread lug design helps keep the wheels clean for a longer time as the mud is pushed away from the wheel as soon as possible. There is no possibility of the mud settling into the grooves and drying. So, you won’t have to spend so much time cleaning them.


  • Large tread lug design to keep the wheels clean
  • Made with durable material
  • Shoulder blocks keep the wheels from getting punctured
  • Can be used on all kinds of terrains


  • Does not help reduce noise


As you can see, most of the wheels from Crosswind are worth the purchase. They do not have that many setbacks. There is no definite reason why you should not buy one of these wheels.

Moreover, they are wildly popular for being the most durable wheels. Now, we’re not saying you should buy them because everyone else lives them. What we’re saying is, you should purchase these wheels because they will actually live up to your expectations.

You’ll undoubtedly find your desired product on our crosswind tires review. We’ve got something lined up for everyone.

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