D Rhino Winch Review [Updated 2021]

Last Updated on June 22, 2021

The quality of the winch should be given the utmost priority when you are looking to buy a new one. And it’s not always necessary to pick the most expensive one. If you look around for a bit, you’d find there are few winches out there that ensure quality while being priced reasonably.

To help you pick the best winch for your vehicle without paying an eye-watering sum, I will review some of the top winches of a brand called D-rhino which is increasingly growing in popularity.

D Rhino Winch Comparison


D-Rhino 13000

  • Capacity: 13,000lb.
  • Rope: Steel
  • Remote: Wired + Wireless
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D-Rhino 12000

  • Capacity: 12,000 lb.
  • Rope: Synthetic
  • Remote: Wired + Wireless
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D-Rhino 12000 lb Steel

  • Capacity: 12,000 lb.
  • Rope: Steel
  • Remote: Wired + Wireless
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D-Rhino 3000

  • Capacity: 3,000 lb.
  • Rope: Steel
  • Remote: Wireless
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D Rhino Winch Review

1. D-Rhino Vehicle Recover Electric Winch 12000 lb


  • Pulling Capacity: 12000lbs
  • Motor: 5.5hp Series Wound
  • Gear Reduction Ratio: 265 : 1
  • Cable: 94ft long wire rope
  • Product Dimensions: 23.6 x 13.5 x 9.8 inches

The first winch on this list is D-Rhino 12000 lbs, which is a heavy-duty winch that has the capacity to pull 12000 lbs of load. It’s a powerful winch with an efficient 5.5 hp series wound motor making it an excellent self-recovery winch. It can handle most heavy-duty vehicles and can even be used for light industrial applications as well.

This winch features a 94ft long steel cable with a 4 way roller fairlead that guides the steel cable and reduces excess wear. In addition to that, this winch has a 3 stage planetary gear with a reduction ratio of 265: 1 giving it ample strength and allows smoother operation.

This winch comes with both wireless and a wired remote option for your convenience, The remote itself is made of rubber for better grip and protection.  The braking action is automatic in the drum for safety and security.

Overall, this winch is a great winch for the price and does a great job putting trucks and cars into the trailer. However, the major caveat of this winch is that it is not waterproof.


  • Heavy duty and suitable for light industrial use
  • Comes with both wired and wireless remote controller
  • The motor is very efficient despite being a powerful one


  • Not entirely waterproof

2. D-Rhino Vehicle Recover Electric Winch Kit 3000 lb


  • Pulling Capacity: 3000lbs
  • Motor: 1 hp permanent magnet
  • Gear Reduction Ratio: 153:1
  • Cable: 30.1 ft long wire rope
  • Product Dimensions:  7.3 X  4.1 X 4.1 inches

Compared to the previous winch we have reviewed, this D-Rhino 3000 lbs capacity Winch is a bit more modest in terms of pulling power. However, it still is a reliable winch for recovering moderate sized vehicle. As this winch can pull up to 3000lbs of load,  it’s highly suited for ATV vehicles.

This winch comes with an efficient motor 1 hp permanent magnet motor providing the power required for the winch to function. The gear has a reduction ratio of  153:1 allowing it to pull light to medium-sized vehicles without any difficulty.

The cable provided in this winch is a steel wire that’s just over 30 ft long, along with a 4-way roller fairlead and a hook. This winch also features a remote controller made of rubber that can be operated wirelessly.

This lightweight winch is great for casual use and has a decent price to performance ratio without any drop in quality


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Comes with a wireless remote controller
  • Affordable price


  • The instruction manual that comes with it isn’t very useful.


D-Rhino has been making a name for itself in the market of affordable and decent winch. Their products are of high quality and solidly built.

The first three winches on my list are suitable for pulling SUVs, Jeeps, Trucks, and other heavy recovery purposes as they have higher pulling powers. The last one is more suited for smaller UTV/ ATVs and cars.

Both of them are well made though and obviously a great buy.

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