How to Clean Cold Air Intake Filter

Last Updated on March 26, 2021

The cold air intake filter is really an excellent piece of equipment. The responsibility of a cold air intake is bringing cool air to the internal combustion engine of your car. It relatively gives you cooler air than a regular air filter. Without it, a cold air intake filter helps to tune your car engine. It improves the control, speed, and balance of your vehicle while driving.

In general, the cold air intake filter is wider than the regular one and gives your engine more air to increase the internal combustion engine more powerfully. It pulls air from the environment. Although it flows through the hot compressor the temperature stays normal as the pipe is wider. Thus your engine performs well.

Now let’s come to the point. It is very much normal that your cold air intake filter may get dirty. What would you do then? As a result of being dirty, it will face less space to flow the air for sure. As a result, there is a good possibility that your cold air intake filter will fail to do its job. So, keeping the air intake filter is important and meaningful.

Basically, In this article, I will be guiding you about how you can clean a cold air intake filter. Let’s dive into the core section.

Well, trust me cleaning your cold air intake filter is very easy. For cleaning your filter, you will not need spray materials, oil, or anything. You don’t need to have a garage or you don’t need to go to any of them. You can do it easily by yourself at the back of your parking place. All you need is a correct-headed screwdriver to remove it from your car engine.

How to Clean Your  Cold Air Intake Filter

If your filter is dry:

Well, first of all, you will have to remove your cold air intake filter. It is better to remove your filter in a dry condition. Removing the filter in a dry condition has two advantages. One is that you can remove the majority part of the dust easily within a short time by shaking it or with a dry brush. Without it, you can use an air blower or a vacuum cleaner also.

If your filter is wet:

Cleaning your cold air intake will be a bit difficult if your filter is wet. Yes, you read it right. You can just blow fresh normal regular water to wash it. But you need to know some techniques regarding the water flow. You can use your garden hose pipe but make sure the water flow rate is less and it gets thinner each time. This will make it easier to reach the thinnest part of the air intake filter.

However, before reinstalling your filter again you need to make sure that your cold air intake filter is dry. In order to get your filter dry, either you can use the sunlight or you can put an air blower to blow the majority of the waters. Then it will take hours to get dried up.

If your filter is oily:

Again you may find your cold air intake filter is oily and sticky with grease. It may happen because you are not living in a dried atmosphere area. In this case, the dust gets sticky and you cannot make it look clean just by shaking or with an air blower. Also, you cannot make it clean with normal plain water.

The detergent and soaps are chemically proven to clean grease, oil, or sticky dust. You can put your air intake filter to soak in a mixture of such a solution of detergent and water. It will take approximately 30 min with an adequate amount of soap mixing solutions.

After that, you can follow the above-mentioned procedures. You just need to blow the water and make the cold air intake filter dried up completely before reinstalling it.

If your filter holds synthetic materials:

However, If your filter holds any synthetic materials, then you will need to take special care of your filter. Because this type of filter has special instructions. Some of them can’t take hot water, some of them can’t take cold water and they may get ruined and spoiled easily. In this case, you need to read the instruction manual first and check what type of cleaner your filter prefers to clean itself.

You will find there are a lot of cleaning kits available to your nearest mechanic and garage shop. You can buy one of the dedicated cleaners in this type of special case. One simple safety measure can save the parts of your favorite car and also can save your money, time and free from extra hassle.

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