Injen Cold Air Intake Reviews

Last Updated on March 26, 2021

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to dial up the performance in your vehicle? Cannot seem to decide on which component to upgrade? We got your back. Why not start simple? Something like installing a cold air intake. These are some of the simplest upgrades you could do, performance-wise, for your car.

Welcome to our Injen cold air intake reviews, where we have compiled some of the best Injen has to offer. We have taken a glance at intakes for all types of vehicles, from the trusty Scion tC to the humble F150 workhorse. Have a read.

Injen Cold Air Intake Reviews

Like we have mentioned above, we did not take a categorical approach to this. In the simplest terms, we chose intakes from Injen for a certain type of vehicle from their catalog and proceeded to weigh in the factors in order to determine the best one for that vehicle. Have a read.

1. Injen PF9015P Technology PF cold air intake system with SuperNano-Web Dry Air filter

We will start off the reviews with something for the people looking into getting that extra bit of oomph out of their trusty F150s, the PF9015P from Injen. With dyno-proven results from the awesome airflow coupled with moderate styling, a decent spread awaits those looking for that little bit of sizzle.

The airflow itself is brought about by the tubing, made out of graded 6061-T6 aluminum. Regarded widely as being aircraft-grade, this makes the unit strong, yet lightweight, plus good looks to match. These do, however, come in many different finishes.

And the unit is designed with nothing but peak airflow in mind. Thus, this air filter is placed in a position where there would be minimal to no hot air entering the intake. Nothing but cool and dense air goes into the engine. Also helping maintain peak airflow is the use of not one, but dual air filters in every kit.

Coming to the installation, everything is a direct fit, and the kit includes all the necessary parts for a complete installation. You do not need to hunt for mounts and fixtures if your vehicle meets the compatibility criteria for this kit. Proper fitment should see years of uninterrupted use.


  • Easily delivers up to 11 additional horsepower and 24 lb-ft of extra torque
  • These gains are from installation only, not tuning, plus no change to the A/F ratio
  • Intake tubing made out of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Use of two air filters in every kit, with multiple finishes
  • Increased tonality of the engine under throttle


  • Cannot be purchased or used in the state of California

2. Injen Technology IS1341P Short Ram Intake System

Do you want safe, controlled A/F ratios throughout the power delivery? Check. Choke-free, uninterrupted flow of cool air to the engine? Check. The IS1341P, from Injen Technology, truly upholds the necessary standards and fronts set by its predecessors and expensive siblings. Let us have a glance.

Best part? All this power comes at a bolt-on installation. That is right. The power gains you can achieve by simply switching out the air intake system is quite something. That really goes to show the engineering that goes into making these units.

On top of the unrestricted airflow, the kit also comes with their Injen SuperNano-Web filter. The filter is fully serviceable and lets in nothing but cool, dry air. On top of that, it maximizes the airflow by increasing the surface area of absorption. Filtration is a strong suit for these air filters.


  • The unit is a bolt-on, direct-fit kit; no cutting, wiring or welding necessary
  • Proven gains of 11 horsepower and 10 lb-ft torque on the dyno
  • Injen SuperNano-Web filter
  • Improved tonality from the engine


  • The provided instructions can be confusing for some

3. Injen Technology SP3085P Cold Air Intake System

Are you looking to reduce the engine choking on your Audi? And add in some extra brake horsepower while you are at it? Injen has something for you too. Their SP3085P fits the bill. Allows the engine of your Audi to breathe in deeper, get some extra performance, all the while increasing the aggressive tones of the engine.

This is a special kit. No kidding. It holds 4 patents, something no other manufacturer can claim for themselves. But that is not why we are here. We are more interested in their performance. Proven dyno gains nearing 6 horsepower, with up to 7 lb-ft in the torque department.

The SP Line is the flagship line from Injen. The air intake is constructed out of aluminum, 6061-T6 aircraft grade, the best combination of strength, lightness, and durability. And the design is clean. So, you would have no trouble showing off the engine bay in car shows.

Other than the power jump, the A/F ratio is also maintained throughout the power delivery. Coupled with the appropriate bends, this results in a fuller, throatier sound from the engine every time you step on the pedal.

Moreover, this kit also includes their Injen SuperNano-Web filter – fully serviceable and lets nothing but the driest air through. The surface area to filter ratio is yet to be matched by the other offerings available in the market. With the ability to opt from a range of finishes, you can get a unit that truly suits your Audi.


  • The air intake is constructed out of aluminum, 6061-T6 aircraft grade
  • A/F ratio is also maintained throughout the power delivery
  • The surface area to filter ratio is yet to be matched by competitors
  • Proven dyno gains of 6 horsepower, and up to 7 lb-ft for torque


  • We could not find any

4. Injen Technology SP1993P Polished Mega Ram Cold Air Intake System

Looking to polish up the V6 in your 3.6 V6 Infiniti? Bummed out by the lack of entry-level upgrades and do not necessarily want to fork out the cash for stage 2 performance parts? Look no further than the SP1993P from Injen Technology. Let us take a good peek.

Boasting a two-piece design for short and easy conversion into the Ram system, the kit can successfully deliver up to an additional 10 horsepower to the wheels, and 13 lb-ft on the ready. Intense, right? All of that from a simple intake swap.

Like all of the units above, the SP1993P is also constructed out of solid 6061-T6 aluminum. It is strong, lightweight, and will hold up big time from the strain of your V6. The polished finish may not be to everyone’s tastes, but hey, it is under the hood where no one is peeking.


  • Easy install, takes less than 45 mins
  • Constructed out of graded 6061-T6 aluminum – strong and lightweight
  • Easily adds 10 extra horsepower to the wheels
  • Deepens the tonality of the engine


  • Might notice a drop in lower-end power

5. Injen Technology SP2117BLK Cold Air Intake System

Additional horsepower is always the way to go, especially if you are looking to spice up your import. Imagine all the good bits of the SP3085P, except this time it is for the Scion tC. We are introducing the SP2117BLK from Injen Technology, an intake kit for the 2.5L L4 from Scion.

Let us talk numbers first. The kit can successfully deliver an increase of up to 9 horsepower. In the torque department, we see an increase of 8 lb-ft—all of that from swapping out the factory air intake kit with the SP2117BLK from Injen Technology.

These kits are constructed out of aircraft-grade, lightweight yet as strong as steel, 6061-T6 aluminum. Trust us. You are not going to increase the weight of your Scion with the installation of these bad boys. With the blackout colorway, this kit would greatly complement the engine bay, especially if you have a tuner setup going.

Like all the Injen kits we have featured thus far, this SP2117BLK also helps keep the A/F ratio stable throughout the entirety of the power delivery curve. We see the use of Injen SuperNano-Web filter here too, along with the ability to opt for an optional hydro shield.


  • Successfully delivers an increase of up to 9 brake horsepower, without a tune
  • Constructed out of aircraft-grade, lightweight, 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Stealthy black colorway
  • Gives you the ability to opt for an optional hydro shield


  • Needs more work in the instructions


So, there you have it—our Injen cold air intake reviews article. We have taken a look at some of the best that Injen has to offer in terms of intake kits. Now, it is quite difficult to choose a product from the reviews above to dub it as the best. They are all meant for different categories of vehicles.

Thus, take a note of your vehicle, check if any of the reviews fit, and you can be sure you are considering a class product for yourself. That is basically it from our side. We will see you in our next article.

Injen Cold Air Intake Reviews

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