Best Off Road Go Karts

Last Updated on February 3, 2021

If you’re looking for the best off road go karts, then you have come to the correct place.

Best Off Road Go Karts

Off-road go-karts offer you the opportunity to get around in the great outdoors with incredible fun. So, selecting a go-kart is a good option for getting around nature.

There are lots of go-karts that exist in the market having individual features and benefits. This will make you confused and it’s supposed to happen. In this kind of circumstance, my suggestion will be to go through the go-karts buying guideline first. Well, no need to be worried.

In this guide, I will try to cover all the necessary things that you need to take into consideration while purchasing the go-karts. So, Let’s dive into the core section!

Power (Electric Motor Petrol Engine vs)

Well, the off-road go-karts usually come with either an electric motor or a gas-powered engine. The electric motor of a go-kart is generally a brushless motor that needs a power-supply, most often a lead-acid battery. The electric battery is very light-weight. Without it, the electric motor demands less maintenance, emits no fuels and also has fewer parts. That’s why the electric motor is very friendly to the environment.

But, the drawback of the electric motor is the range. The range is low. That’s why you see the electric motor on the low power or small off-road go-karts which are designed for kids.

On the other hand, another type is the gas-powered engines. The working process of a gas-powered engine is internal combustion and needs petrol. The combustion engine usually of 2-stroke or 4-stroke with a single-cylinder that is air-cooled. Frequently the gas-powered engine comes with displacements of 80 CC to about 300 CC.

However, the gas-powered engines are loud, emit fumes and burn petrol quickly. The advantage of the gas-powered engine is that it has a good range comparing with the electric motor.


The transmission talks about the ability to handle and the convenience of the go-kart. Although the manual transmission will offer you more control over the vehicle, it may be ticklish for driving, especially to the younger who is used to riding the vehicle which has the automatic transmission feature.

Without it, another important point to consider is having the reverse transmission feature. Obviously, this feature is not available to all the go-karts, but it will be helpful to you in a harsh situation.

Performance and Flexibility

Performance! This is the thing all people look for. Mostly the performance of your go-karts depends on its engine. You are supposed to get everything as I already talked about the engine. But, still, for more clarificatIon, I would like to add something here. As the engine of a go-kart is smaller than the engine of a normal vehicle. That’s why there is less opportunity for damage. But, when you are talking about the performance, you need to think about something big. In order to achieve maximum performance, you should go for a powerful engine. A powerful engine will ensure a pleasant riding.

And also don’t forget about the flexibility. Here, flexibility means the easy controls over the go-karts. While choosing the go-karts, you must go for the go-kart that is easy to control. By an easy control feature, you will be able to control your go-karts in any kind of terrain. Obviously, you will be able to avoid any accidental cases.


Safety should be ensured by any means. Usually, the go-karts come with ensuring the safety of the driver. Nonetheless, you should give a quick check whether everything is fine or not. The safety kits include a robust roll bar, a substantial bumper, 4- or 5-point seat harnesses, rear-view mirrors, hydraulic brakes and roll guards. Although, all these features are not compulsory for you if you are an adult and have a good experience. You can consider these features for the peace of your mind.

And one more thing, never forget to consider the driver safety equipment while driving. At least you must have to wear a helmet and a pair of hand gloves.

Seat Capacity

It is said that capacity is the key to comfort. The more capacity you will have, the more comfortable you will feel. Obviously, you will be wanting to have some comfort.

So, go for the go-karts that have a good seat capacity. The typical seating capacity of a go-kart is 1 seat, 2-seats and 4-seats. Here, the 1-seat go-karts are designed for kids, the go-kart equipped with 2-seats are for young and lastly, the 4-seats are for family purposes. The 4-seats go-kart is not common though. Although the more seating capacity go-karts are preferred, you should not forget your using purposes and budget.

Age Group

You are supposed to know that each go-kart is designed for a certain age group. The go-karts that are typically large, without a speed governor and also a maximum displacement is especially for the adults.

On the contrary, the go-karts that are equipped with speed governors and also small in size are for the kids. Obviously, there are some go-karts that exist for the youths. So, it is highly recommended to check the go-karts whether it is compatible with you or not. If you are an adult and purchase a go-kart that is for kids, then your all money will go to water.

Additional Features

Obviously, all the go-karts do not come with the same feature. Some go-karts offer a lot of features, whereas some come with comparatively fewer features. It depends on the brand and model. The budget also matters though. You should select your go-karts considering your intended usage. Here is a short-list of some common and important features:

  • Roll cage
  • Roof canvas
  • Tail and headlights
  • Suspension system
  • Fog lights
  • Speed governor
  • Storage trays


Who doesn’t want the durable things? No exception for dealing with the go-karts also. Obviously, you are not going to buy the go-karts very often. So, focus on the durability of the go-karts.

Go for the go-karts that are made with high-quality premium steel and have the ability to bear the drugged driving on off-road. All the components should of high-quality, intact and fixed properly. In a word, you should go for the go-kart that is built with high-quality material.


One of the most important factors is the price. This is something personal. Obviously, everyone has a budget. You would not like to spend something extra on your budget. But, you can’t negotiate with the quality. If you feel that you need to spend some, then you should. Go for the comfortable one. This will help you to have a better experience.


This one is completely optional. Design is a personal preference and everyone has an individual preference. But the common distinction will be the shape or style of the go-karts. I personally prefer to go for the stylish one having some cool features like the modern LED lights and color. These tiny things will make you feel better.

Best Off Road Go Karts

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