R&L AF Dynamic Cold Air Intake Reviews

Last Updated on February 26, 2021

In order to get the most out of your car, you would need a cold air intake installed that helps boost the overall functionality of your car engine.

If you are looking to enhance your car’s engine power, then a cold air intake can do that. Some lags in your car’s engine performance might be a signal that it’s time to replace your cold air intake.

Now, looking for the best cold air intake brands need not be complicated. Our R&L AF Dynamic Cold Air Intake reviews will guide you on making a well-informed purchase decision.

Why Does Your Car Need a Cold Air Intake?

Whether you have a new or old car, you would still need a cold air intake installation.  How does a cold air intake oil up the car engine’s functionality?

Your car is designed with an existing air intake mechanism. However, this normally tends to get clogged over time, which results in lags in terms of functionality. Installing a cold air intake helps to address this problem right away.

To ensure proper fuel combustion, oxygen is needed, which is what cold air intake is for. Why not use warm air? Well, cold air is recommended to be infused into the engines because it contains more oxygen as compared to warm air.

More oxygen or air would result in more fire or combustion, and thus, increase acceleration, horsepower, and torque. This would, of course, depend too on the configuration of your vehicle.

Deciding on what cold air intake to purchase is, therefore, important because you would need to consider many factors and features that will benefit your car’s mileage and overall performance. Check out the R&L AF Dynamic Cold Air Intake reviews discussed below.

R&L Af Dynamic Cold Air Intake Reviews

Here, we reviewed some popular options available in the market.

1. R&L Racing AF Dynamic Black Cold Air Filter Intake Systems

This cold air filter system is made of new and high-quality stainless steel parts (inclusive of locknuts, washers, button head bolts, and band clamps). The coupler, hoses, and elbow are all made of superior quality silicone rubber.

Moreover, this is also compatible with OEM computer systems. This cold air filter system comes with complete and detailed hardware instructions. Professional installation is recommended. This R&L AF dynamic cold air intake kit comes with an aluminum heat shield, high-flow air filter, and a reflective insulation mat.

The kit helps boost horsepower as well as throttle and engine response. Compared to other brands, this definitely gives a bang for your buck.


  • Improves gas mileage
  • Increases engine power
  • Reusable and washable air filter
  • Appealing and loud sporty sound
  • Easy to install with basic hand tools; no cutting, drilling, or fabrication necessary
  • Comes with complete instructions
  • Impressive quality and performance at half the price of other brands


  • Installing the heat shield would need special adhesives
  • Kit installation would require other tools like wrenches

2. AF Dynamic Black Cold Air Filter Intake Systems

This high-quality cold air intake system is built to impress. It comes with a powerful black cold air filter intake that boosts engine performance. This also has a low restriction design and superior quality aluminum tubes that promote smooth airflow.

The filter efficiently prevents debris from accumulating or clogging your engines and disrupting function. It’s also easy to install and has a heat shield to provide full protection for your engine.

It is engineered specifically to enhance power and acceleration, which is exactly what you are aiming for in the purchase. Filters are also reusable and easy to clean. The entire cold air filter intake system is very easy to install with basic hand tools.

The entire craftsmanship and polished finish is certainly a plus factor. It’s customized for the exact application or vehicle type that it’s ordered for.


  • Made of high-quality stainless materials
  • Includes heat shield and reflective insulation mat
  • Increases horsepower
  • Improves filtration efficiency
  • Enhances torque and overall engine power
  • Improves gas mileage
  • Boosts throttle response
  • Deep and throatier sound


  • Instructions are difficult to follow through
  • Some parts like clamps don’t fit perfectly

3. R&L Racing AF Dynamic Black Cold Air Filter Intake Systems

If you are looking for a cold air filter intake system that brings out the power potential of your ride, then this has you covered from A to Z. It provides powerful and speedy throttle response, increases horsepower and torque, plus gives you that impressive performance when you drive.

It also has a complete set of detailed instructions to facilitate easy and no-fuss installation. This is cheaper than other popular brands in the market with the same performance.


  • Value for money; cheaper than other brands in the market
  • Robust throttle response
  • Better gas mileage
  • Increased torque
  • Simple and no-drill installation; with step-by-step instructions provided
  • Boost engine vitality and performance
  • Durable and high-quality materials


  • Screws don’t fit the filter box
  • Couple of scratches noticeable on the intake tube

4. AF Dynamic Black Cold Air Filter Intake Systems

Upgrading your car’s cold air intake is one of the best ways to optimize your ride experience to the next level. Out of the many car intake styles in the market, this one helps maximize engine performance and, at the same time, protect it from incurring damages.

You will definitely notice a huge difference in your driving performance once this cold air filter intake kit is installed. This engine modification system can supercharge your vehicle without going over the budget. Yes, it’s an economical upgrade that you can afford.

This after-sales add-on helps eradicate clogs on your car engine to facilitate smooth airflow and increase overall car engine performance.


  • Smoothens tubes for rapid torque performance
  • Facilitates uninterrupted airflow
  • Enhances engine efficiency and performance
  • Increases surge of horsepower
  • Boosts acceleration
  • Economical on gas expenses
  • Intensifies roaring sound of vehicle
  • Easy-to-clean air filters
  • Fuss-free installation
  • Durable intake material


  • Some parts like the mounting brackets don’t fit well
  • Instruction manual is difficult to understand


The huge takeaways of the R&L AF Dynamic Cold Air Intake reviews are in the increased efficiency, speed, loud and sporty sound, as well as its gas mileage or economic factors.

The downsides would mainly be in line with installation and some parts that don’t fit the engine. However, the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages of purchasing the air intake kit.

It optimizes the performance of your ride, which makes this cold air intake system worth the price tag. It’s even cheaper compared to other brands. This does not just add to the horsepower and performance of your vehicle but also promotes engine health and durability.

R&L AF Dynamic Cold Air Intake

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