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Last Updated on June 12, 2021

Even though you like to ride your cycle a lot, you can’t take it around everywhere when traveling long distances. No doubt, you would’ve loved to have the bike around to take it out to a spin on those places to explore the areas nearby.

With the best hanging hitch bike rack, now you can do exactly that.

Whether you’re traveling to places alone or with your family, you can have one or many cycles hitched to the back of the car using the kit. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

But before you get too far ahead of yourself with the idea of buying such accessories for your car, hear me out: not all hanging hitches are worth having.

Some are just a waste of your hard-earned money. And if you don’t want to throw away the cash down the gutter, you might want to check out the list of the top hanging hitch bike rack right here.

Top 7 Best Hanging Hitch Bike Rack Review

There are many great hanging hitch bike rack options out there. Looking into the market, you can get confused.

This is why, I present you with this list where you can find the ultimate kit based on budget, best quality, and other aspects like such to get the right one.

So, hang a bit longer to get through all the bike racks one by one.

Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike Rack

If you’re planning to carry a lot of bikes using the hanging rack, then getting the Yakima one makes a lot of sense.

On this bike rack, you can load not one, not two, but you can hitch 5-bikes at the same time.

You can hang any bike with a traditional frame without any problem. And for the slanted top tubes, there is a TubeTop adapter that’s available. But for that, you’ve got to pay some extra bucks.

That aside, the bike hanging gear is quite phenomenal. From installing to loading the bikes on the thing, all is quite straightforward.

No need to remove it from the vehicle when not in use. The hanging swings out to give you access to the trunk without getting in your way. With the TriggerFinger technology, all it requires to press a button to fold down those arms.

But design-wise it isn’t the only cool thing here to see. There is the SwitchBlade anti-sway cadle too. Now, there is no bike-to-bike contact anymore. So, all your bikes will remain intact.


  • Simple installation
  • Easy to use
  • Protects bikes
  • Loads up to 5-bikes
  • Sturdy build


  • Hard to hitch child bike frames

Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks for 2 in. Hitch

To take bicycles for camping excursions, install at the back of your car, the Allen Sport Hitch.

With room for four cycles at once, it is perfect to use for small families. And operating it won’t be any problem. With a simple tie-down cradle system, all the bikes can be securely hitched on the bike—no more bicycles clashing with one another.

Great thing is that it can onboard a bike with any size frame and design, unlike others. And to get access to the back of the car, no need to worry either.

The main mast tilts away to make enough room for you to open the trunk without any problem. Even the build of it deserves much praise. The no-wobble bolt design ensures no shakiness when the bikes get hanged on the thing.


  • Easy assembly
  • Simple installation
  • Has a lock feature
  • Great value for money
  • Carries 4-bike


  • Bike holding straps are a bit difficult to use.

YAKIMA, RidgeBack Tilt-Away Hitch Bike Rack

To have a hanging hitch bike rack to use right out of the box, go with the Ridgeback from Yakima.

There are no parts for you to assemble. Just open up the upper hand control, extend the tongue below, and line it up to go inside the hitch receiver. Then insert the pin, tighten the knob and lock it, you’ve got the hitch rack installed.

Like many of the others, the Ridgeback has a tilting-down mast system. You can get it out of the way to get access to the rear hatch or the trunk.

When you’re not using the thing, you can keep the rack hands down. And once you need to load the bikes, just extend the arms out. With zip strips, lock bar, and safety straps, you can rest assure, the bike won’t ever fall off the rack.

On top of all that, it got that signature Yakima bottle opener too—no need to ever struggle to get those cold ones open on trips anymore.

And no need to worry about trying to fit all frame bikes on the rack. For Ridgeback and other Yakima racks, there is the TubeTop. So, you can securely hitch any bike on the planet using the thing, even on the Ridgeback.


  • Easy to use
  • No assembly required
  • Great durability
  • Room for many bikes
  • Offers secure bike hitching


  • Got to buy the TubeTop separately.

Allen Sports 3-Bike Hitch Racks

The quality and functionality Allen Sports bring for that insanely cheap price is what makes it a top pick of most.

Unlike other brands of equipment, there is no wobbling here for you to worry about. With its secure rack installation bolt, keep the rack in its place for a wobble-free experience.

Sounds lovely?

Then check out some of the other features that make it worth looking into.

Why is it a top pick?

First of all, this is a hanging rack. Compared to the platform bike racks, it is much cheaper. But more importantly, the thing weighs less more than those which makes them easier to use. No need for others’ help to get it installed or removed on the ride.

The impressive thing about the bike rack system is that it got a separate tie-down system for all the 3-bikes that will go on it. On the carry arm, all the tie-downs got their position fixed. But what’s cool is that those carry arms rotate to help you mount bikes of all frames and styles on them.

Another awesome thing about the hanging rack is that it doesn’t require to be removed from the back. You can simply tilt the mast away from its position to get access to the back of your ride.

And even the carry arms goes down folded to get out of your way when there is no use for them


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Room for three bikes
  • Easy hanging


  • Bikes can get scratched if they aren’t mounted right.

Retrospec Lenox car hitch mount bike rack

Another budget option that you can look into comes from Retrospec.

It is their Lenox car hitch-mounted bike rack. And it is worth trying out. The rack doesn’t wobble much when you move with the bikes mounted on it on the ride.

Credit goes to its anti-rattle adapter that works wonders to minimize the shakiness.

Want to know more about this great kit? Then check it out below.

There are so many reasons which make it an obvious pick. To start, the assembly factor. There isn’t much work required to get it installed on the rear of the ride. Any class II or IV 2-inch hitch receiver will be great to use for it.

Even the minor assembly that you require to do, won’t put you through a lot of trouble. The thing comes with secure attachment tools for getting assembled right out of the box—no need for looking for the tools anymore.

But the really impressive thing is the build quality of the rack. Made out of sturdy steel, the rack offers up to 80 lbs weight limit for the 2-bike, it goes up to 110 lbs if you add one more bike to the equation. And the 4-bike rack has an impressive 140 lbs capacity which goes to 170 lbs for the 5-bike model.

The carry arm system will accommodate all the bikes securely on the thing, so need to worry about them once you hitch them at the back.


  • Simple installation
  • Comes with installation hardware
  • 35 lbs per bike weight limit
  • Has a sturdy steel construction
  • Individually securing tie-down system


  • Wrenches that come with are a bit oversized

Gude 2-bike hanging hitch rack

If you don’t have use for a hanging rack with multiple bikes and need just to take yours and your partner’s one, then the Gude is the best option.

With its 2″ standard hitch receiver, it is likely to fit on the back of any car or truck without a problem. So, if you’re in search of a heavy-duty, easy-to-use, long-lasting best hanging hitch bike rack, come and see for yourself what this has to offer.

Right out of the box, you can experience the high quality of the hitch rack. The durable build of it will allow high weight capacity unlike anything else. Such higher capacity is the result of its 2.5mm thicker tube frame. The max load of 86lb for two bikes proves that claim big time.

What’s most impressive is its tie-down system. This one has a rubber strap that got tested over 5000 cycles to ensure there is no shape bending or cracking which might cause the bikes from sliding out of their position.

No matter what ride you’ve got mounted, there is no need to worry about the rack getting scratched or chipped. A thick coating gets placed on it to make sure of that.

Then just like any of the other racks on the list, it got a rotating carry arm alongside a folding arm design to get it out of the way when not in use—no need to get it removed.

And with a tilt-away main mast swing, getting to the rear gates is even easier than one can imagine.


  • Solid build
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Durable straps
  • Foldable arm design


  • Not a family bike rack.

XCar 2-bike bicycle hitch mount carrier rack

Last on the list is the one coming from XCar. And no surprise, it is another great carrier rack for the rear of the ride.

Whether you’ve got an SUV, truck, hatchback, or a trailer, if that has a 2″ receiver, then it will fit right into it without any issue.

This easy installation of it already makes it a great pick. But if you want to find some of its other cool features, then keep on reading.

A couple of things that make the kit so great. For starters, the durable rubber straps make it quite exceptional. It keeps the bikes adjusted to their position. Even when you ride over uneven terrain, the bikes won’t come off the rubber strap.

To go with that, there are the mounting saddles on the rack. By adjusting them, you can find the right spacing to accommodate both of your bikes. Not to forget, the rack makes room for all frame sizes and designs.

Besides that, you’ve got that fold-down arm. Even when the bike rack isn’t in use, there is no need to remove it from the hitch receiver. It keeps out of your way. And no worries, with the tilting away design, the rack won’t interfere on your way to getting to the rear gate.

All that with a bike loading capacity of 80lb for 2 bikes, the impressive feat of the XCar keeps on astounding its user.


  • Durable build
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Great straps
  • Adjustable mounting saddles
  • Fold-down arm


  • Installation requires a bit work.


Ok, we’ve made it to the end. You got introduced to some of the best hanging hitch bike racks there is. No doubt, all the options are stand out.

But depending on your budget, and need, pick the right one.

If you don’t have a lot of bikes to carry around at the back of your ride and don’t have a lot to spend, then go with XCar.

However, if there is a need to travel around with bikes for the whole family, then Yakima is the way to go.

Either way, based on what you need, or whatever you pick from the above ones, you won’t have any regret.

That’s guaranteed.

Best Hanging Hitch Bike Rack

Hanging Hitch Bike Rack Buying Guide

The hitch-mounted bike racks are really an important piece of equipment to deal with. Whenever you want to go far away, obviously you would want to take your favorite bike with you. Without it, it may happen that you are changing your accommodation and shifting far away. As a bike lover, I don’t think that you will leave your vehicle anywhere. You will want to take the bike with you. In this kind of situation, you badly need a hitch bike rack.

However, there are mainly two types of hitch bike racks available. They are platform-style rack and hanging hitch bike rack.

Today, In this article, I will be talking about the necessary things you need to consider while purchasing a hanging hitch bike rack for your car.

The number of bikes

The first and foremost thing that you need to consider while purchasing a hanging bike rack is the number of bikes your bike rack can accommodate. Your hanging hitch bike rack will allow you to carry from two to six bikes. This means you can carry any amount of bike between these numbers. Keep in mind that you will not be able to carry a bike more than your bike rack capacity.

So, pay heed to this issue. If you need a bike rack that can accommodate bikes within this range, then it should be fine. Otherwise, you will have to think of something different.

Mounting system

Well, the mounting system of a bike rack is also important. In general, there are mainly two ways for locking your bike to the rack. Among the two different ways, the most common one is the strap system. The strap is actually made from elastic that used to wraps a part of your bike. The bikes are mounted in the frame of the hanging bike rack.

However, almost all hanging racks have this strap system. The strap system is a secured system. You can use the strap comfortably. You need to be careful here. Because most of the people made mistakes here while mounting the bikes. Although this mounting system is safe, there is some sort of risk. Your bike may be at risk when the shepherd hooks break. The chance of breaking this hook is very less though. You should pay attention to each and every fact.

Titling vs Swing away

The titling and swing away are also important fact where you need to pay attention to. The tilting and swing-away mean how your bike rack adjusts to accessing your vehicle. The titling angels of your bike rack actually allow you to drop down the tailgate or to open a hatchback. As a result, it allows you to grab and lean in a backpack or hop out your dog.

Whatever, you need to pay attention to whether you are able to tilt the bike rack with your bikes still attached to it or not. Because you will find it a hassle while getting into the vehicle. Without it, you also need to consider how far the tilts are. It matters a lot when you need to pull something out unwieldy such as a cooler.

On the other hand, the swing-away is another important feature that you must consider. It allows your bike rack to move away from your vehicle. Having a bike rack with a great sing-away means more access to the backside of your vehicle. You will get the rack out of your way and will be able to pull any unwieldy and heavy things out easily.

Wheel size & Tire width compatibility

What is the necessity of your bike rack if it can’t hold your bike properly? You are supposed to understand what I am talking about. Usually, a bike is secured on a rack by its frame, wheel size and tire width.

While purchasing a bike rack for your bike, make sure that the wheel size, tire width are the same according to the parameters of your bike. This means the wheel size and tire width should be the same in your bike and bike rack. Some people talk about the wheelbase. This not an issue actually.

However, if you own a unique frame style bike or fat bike tires, then you need to consider these issues. I hope you understand that it is not possible to talk about each model of bike. I have provided a rough overview that you need to pay attention to. Considering these issues should be fine.


Durability is another important thing that you need to take into your consideration. In a hanging hitch bike rack, the load and pressure are carried by a single attachment point. The shepherd’s hook and the straps are the important parts of a hanging hitch bike rack.

So, before going to make a purchase, make sure that the hook and body frame of your bike rack is made from sturdy materials. Without it, you need to pay attention to the quality of your straps. These are the two things actually that will make your hanging hitch bike rack durable.


Security is also an issue. Obviously, you will want to get your bike secured so that no one can steal it. Even it is possible that someone can steal your entire rack. So, you need to think about this issue.

You will find some racks that offer a locking hitch mount. As a result, it is impossible to steal when it is engaged. What if your rack does not come with a lock? In this kind of situation, you can purchase a lock separately. You will find lots of famous brands that sell lock only separately.

However, it is also recommended to bring a cable lock for your bike to secure them with the rack. For this, make sure that your rack has a few holes so that you can pass the cable lock through the holes. Here, the integrated locks are better options.


The last one on my list. The price of a hanging hitch bike rack actually varies depending on its model and feature. You will find the price of the bike rack range between $100 to $1500. Usually, the price of a high-quality bike rack will be high. It totally depends on you.

If you need to use a bike rack very often, then my suggestion will be to go for the expensive and high-quality one. Otherwise, a less expensive bike rack will be a better option. Always keep in mind that quality varies depending on price.

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