Best Hitch for Toyota Sienna

Last Updated on July 5, 2021

Imagine going out on a family trip, and you bring your Toyota, but everyone has so many things that they want to take. It simply will not fit in your humble vehicle. This is where a hitch will let you carry some extra things.

But we all have tried using such products, and they are either not very durable or simply do not have enough strength. However, lucky for you we found the best hitch for Toyota Sienna. Well, we found quite a few, and if you want to know how they perform, check out this review.

Top 5 Best Hitch for Toyota Sienna

You need to look over a few essential things before buying a hitch. Through this list, we will show you around some of our top picks –

CURT 13105 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

One of the essential things about this trailer hitch is it needs to be subtle enough in design so that it doesn’t stand out too much. And the compact design is what this fantastic product excels in.

Strength and integrity are essential for any hitch; otherwise, rather than being helpful, it might cause accidents. This item has the most revolutionary construction when it comes to ensuring core strength and tolerance.

Moreover, the hitch’s gross trailer weight is about 3,500 pounds, which is more than enough for you to attach an extension to your Toyota Sienna. The tongue weight is about 350 pounds so that it has more enforcement during attachment.

When you are installing a towing device to your vehicle, then it means you are looking for enough freedom so that you can use any attachment option available. In such a predicament, the versatile design comes in very handy.

The mounting is compatible with ball mount, cargo carriers, and many more. If you have this product attached to your vehicle, you have everything you need for your towing purposes.

Since the hitch’s position is at a place where there might be a lot of contact with water and moisture, the CURT hitch will resist rust and all other corrosive components so that your Toyota is in top condition no matter the situation.


  • Flexible mounting design
  • Compatible with different towing systems
  • Installation is done based on the model of the vehicle
  • Ultimate protection from rust and UV
  • Amazing weight distribution functionality


  • Angle of the receiver tube can be slightly inconvenient
  • Packaging lacks protective coatings

CURT 13511 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

The great thing about this trailer hitch is it’s lightweight. Most of the hitches available in the market tend to have a weight that can be a little heavy for your Toyota Sienna. So, if you want something lightweight, you need this product.

Weight distribution is very important when you are using products like this since this helps you maintain better balance when driving. The CURT class III has a weight distribution capacity of 4,000 pounds.

That weight distribution also helps users pull bigger components. Moreover, it will take away the pressure from some portion of the vehicle, making sure the product lasts for a longer time.

Moreover, the versatile design of the product will help users make different connections when they intend to tow. That will also make sure they can carry different components with various mounting methods.

The engineering and testing of these products express how good these will be in real-life circumstances. The CURT has been tested in real circumstances so that the engineers working on it can ensure its amazing functionality.

Another critical thing to point out is the dual coating system of the device. It has a liquid A-coat and another powder coating. These layers can resist rusting and other corrosive circumstances so that the product becomes more durable.


  • Dual coating system for better corrosion protection
  • Excellent resistance from heating components
  • Tested in real-life circumstances
  • Discrete receiver design to ensure subtlety
  • Amazing structural integrity in design


  • Bent end pieces are not set in the right position
  • There isn’t any clearance for pin adjustments

CURT 13343 trailer hitch

The device’s installation is a very important thing to consider since getting outside help might cost you a little. But the main thing that might cause some issues is the fitting since it’s common to make mistakes in that field.

In such situations, the CURT custom fitting comes in quite handy; it has all the proper fitting available for different models, as well as the Toyota Sienna. Therefore, you can get a perfect fit hidden hitch based on the model you are using.

There are some essential things to recognize so that the device you are buying doesn’t lack anything. Especially when it comes down to integrity, which is the protection system from different contaminants.

It is quite normal for the hitch in a vehicle to be exposed to various situations where it might come in contact with different contents, which causes rusting and corrosion of the device. That will make it lose longevity and cause breakage quite easily.

When you are trying to set up your camper or anything along those lines, sometimes the attachment mechanism can be quite tedious and problematic. You need something extra to get that done.

But in the case of this product, due to having multiple mounting compatibilities, you can easily attach anything on the device without needing to use extra tools. That will make sure the attachment is strong, and it gives you better control.


  • Perfect compatibility with vehicles
  • Multiple mounting systems
  • High strength steel construction for better structural integrity
  • Easy installation system
  • Weight capacity ranges from 2,000 to 20,000 pounds


  • Might be a bit unstable
  • Doesn’t have the carbon steel construction

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Reese Towpower 51080 Class III

The most interesting thing about this product is the lightweight and slim design, as that will be quite advantageous if you prefer maintaining higher speed on the Toyota Sienna. Along with being slim, it is one of the strongest hitches available.

When you want to use this product to its highest level, you will need to be sure about the towing capacity of the product. The vehicle’s manual indicates the proper towing capacity of the product so that you can use it efficiently.

The tongue weight of this item is about 350 pounds, which is excellent when you want to pull something substantial. You will be able to attach accessories like a bike rack to the hitch, and the pulling mechanism is relatively easy to get the hang of.

Another interesting thing is the gross towing weight is about 3500 pounds; therefore, when you want to go on camping, you will be able to carry the whole carriage. You won’t have to leave anything at home and take everything you need.

Moreover, it is quite important for the product to have maximum protective joints helping the weight to be distributed evenly throughout the item. It will take the stress of some of the parts and reduce the possibility of breaking off.

Additionally, the no drill construction minimizes the chance of exposure to contaminants. It is also completely resistant to corrosion, and the protective coating enforces that the system is not infiltrated too easily.


  • Extreme stress-resistant build
  • Gross towing weight of about 3500 pounds
  • All the components are welded with the body
  • Protective coating ensures the resistance to corrosion
  • Innovative fitting system


  • Bolt holes need more ground clearance
  • Lacks efficient instruction for the installation

Draw-Tite 76112 Class III Max-Frame Receiver

We can all agree to the fact that when it comes to hitches, flexibility in the case of connection is quite important. This is what this Draw-Tite product specializes in; you’re free to connect various vehicles with the hitch.

Old school hitch didn’t possess the right kind of flexibility, but these are built to accommodate different trucks, trailers, and your favorite Toyota Sienna. No matter how heavy they are, the specialized design is meant to make compatibility much easier.

In some cases, the receiver tubes do not have sufficient clearing, making the connection quite hard to handle. But the 2-inch square receiver tube is one of the best when it comes to giving you flexibility while you’re trying to connect them.

Even if a product has the best connection system, structural integrity is one of the most important things to ensure. Therefore, the fully welded design makes that happen and ensures there aren’t any sudden detachments.

This product is also capable of overcoming different weather conditions, which is established with a tremendous A-coat base. It is further enforced with an additional black powder coating. So, the condition of the device remains intact for a long time.

Due to such innovations, this product can handle interference from the wind and make sure the vehicle is performing properly. Therefore, if you want something which does not compromise the performance, you should get this.


  • Fatigue stress-tested design
  • Amazing fitting for any vehicle
  • Ensure smooth towing functionality
  • Fantastic weather-resistant design
  • Different protective coatings increase longevity


  • The receiver hitches need a better leveling system
  • Bolds included are not efficient


The choices for hitch are influenced by various functionality of the device. But you might want to go for something which will have all the flexibility you might need with it. That’s why the CURT 13105 is the best choice to go with because of its fantastic build and functions.

But going through the whole review, you will see some other models, and you can find the best hitch for Toyota Sienna that fits your needs perfectly.

Best Hitch for Toyota Sienna

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