Best fifth Wheel To Gooseneck Adapter

Worried about the common towing incompatibility conundrum problem? Looking for a solution to overcome this problem? No worries. You are about to solve the problem.

Generally, there are two kinds of trailer hitches available that are used for hauling massive loads. These are- Gooseneck hitches and the fifth wheel.

In this guide, I will be talking about all the important facts that you need to bring into your consideration while purchasing the fifth-wheel to gooseneck adapter. So, stay with my guide until the finish.

Size of the Adapter:

The adapter size is the first and foremost issue to consider while purchasing a fifth-wheel gooseneck adapter. If you are looking for an adapter that will replace the pin box of your trailer, then there will be no difficulties with the measurements. But, if you are not going to replace the trailer pin box, then you have to go through a tight measurement.

Here, measurement means the gap between the front of the gooseneck ball and the bottom of the pin box and. After the calculation, you will get the actual size of the adapter.

However, you will find the adapter in three different sizes. The sizes are- 12-inch, 15-inch and 17-inches. You can assume that the 12-inch adapter is for 11 to 12-inch measurements. The 15-inch and 17-inch adapters for 13 to 14 and 15 to 16-inches measurement respectively. You have to get the accurate measurement and adapters.

One more thing you need to keep in mind about the dimensions for a tight fit. You should not go for the adapter in which height is fixed if you are confused about the dimension. In this case, you need to go for the height-adjustable models which are pricey. So, the budget also matters here. You may need to make a negotiation.

Do I need to replace The fifth wheel hitch or the Pin Box?

Now the question is that do I need to replace the fifth wheel hitch or the pin box? The answer is up to you.

Replacing the pin box is cheaper. You have an option to bolt an adapter on the top of the kingpin’s lube plate though.  Without it, replacing the fifth wheel hitch will provide offer you a better connection although it takes more space.

Whatever replacing the Pin Box Or The Fifth Wheel Hitch will ask you better maintenance. Without it, it may dismiss the guarantee of fifth-wheel trailers. On the other hand, bolting the adapter over the lube plate of the kingpin lube plate will demand comparatively less maintenance and will provide a solid connection.

Setup Types:

Depending on the mounting and the installation method, the gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters come in three setup types. Among them, the most compact one which is bolted on the above of the kingpin lube plate. This one will provide an average level of safety.

Then, the next one which replaces the fifth wheel hitch. Although this model occupies a lot of space, this one is more secured and safe. This type of setup needs a truck bed equal to or more than six feet.

The third and last one, this type of setup used to replace the existing trailer pin box. This type offers you an easier installation method although it requires more maintenance.

Do I need to look for any additional features?

Although all the fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter will satisfy you with your towing job, still there are some extra features that will make your adapter more efficient and effective. The features may be safety, security and cushioning as the main areas.

While parking leaving your trailer and truck unattached won’t make you feel easy and relaxed as there is a possibility of tempering your setup. In this case, a security chain and a padlock will ensure peace of your mind.

Without it, rigging and putting together your RV trailer can make an accidental issue if you are not giving proper attention. For avoiding this kind of unexpected accident, some adapters offer remote release features.

Apart from that, you may also look for an adapter that is well-cushioned. Cushioning can be pneumatic or mechanical. An adapter that is well-cushioned will ensure the quality of ride, reduces tear and wear of all of your hardware, reduces noises and so on.

Fix the Budget:

Obviously, budget matters while purchasing a product. You may have a planned budget and you won’t like spending more than this. But, still its better to know how much you should spend on your adapter.

In general, a common model adapter will ask you to spend around $400 to $500. It is best not to go for the adapter less than $400. Any adapter is less than it may not be worthy to buy.

On the other hand, you will find some pricey adapter that costs more than $700. You need to keep your eyes on the features that will make your adapter stand out.

You should look for an adapter that is strong, durable and made from solid steel contraptions.

Towing Capacity:

Towing capacity is an important feature to consider while purchasing the fifth wheel to gooseneck hitch adapter. Towing capacity is the highest quantity of weight the adapter can bear safely. You need to ensure that the adapter your purchased adapter has a good towing capacity. The adapter with lower capacity may lead you to the damage.

Highest Tongue Weight:

Like the towing capacity, the highest tongue weight is also an issue to pay heed. Tongue weight is completely opposite to the towing capacity. Tongue weight means the greatest extent of the downward force can handle the adapter.

The maximum tongue weight should never be higher from towing capacity. It should be 10-25% lower than the towing capacity. It is better loading your trailer on the time when 60-percent of the weight is placed before the axle. A  trailer with a well-distributed weight and perfect tongue weight will make the rig form a straightaway line keeping your trailer entirely horizontal.

Product Dimensions:

Product dimensions mean the length, width and height of a fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter. Knowing the dimension of your adapter is essential for some reasons. The reason may be having a proper plan about the storing or the amount of space it will take while using and so on.

Product Weight:

In general, the adapters are heavy and can weigh till 160 lbs. So, if you wish to remove and mount your adapter very often, then it won’t be much easy for you. In this case, the adapter which is light-weight will be the best option.

Apart from this point, a light-weight adapter will be a blessing if you wish to ride around almost except an attached trailer. However, in this kind of situation, a heavy-weight adapter may end up with dead weight and also maybe the reason for increased fuel consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the working mechanism of remote release?

The remote release feature is proficient in disengaging the fifth wheel trailer from the adapter. Almost all the remote releases are made with heavily plaited steel cable and a robust handle. What you need to do is pulling, it disengages the connection among the trailer and the adapter hitch.

Is it possible to install the adapter alone?

Well, the installation process won’t be a hassle if you are dealing with a light-weight adapter. Basically, the installation process is a one or two-person job. It is better to have an extra pair of hands while installing the adapter. For more information, you should look for the installation manual that comes with the adapter.

Will the adapter put any extra stress on the frame of the trailer?

The adapter which replaces the pin box will not put any extra pressure on the frame of the trailer. Without it, almost all types of fifth wheel gooseneck adapter will put a little bit pressure on the frame of the trailer.

So, its recommended to go through some research and talk with the producers. Without it, its also to be considered that will it create any problem with the warranty of your trailers.

Is it important to use the safety chain while using the fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter?

Simply, the answer is yes. In fact, in some states, it is a law using the safety chains while towing. You will find the safety chains along with hook with most of the adapters. The safety chains allow the RV trailer attached with your vehicle in case of mechanism fails.

What are the benefits of a cushion?

The ultimate benefits of the cushion is an improved ride, minimizes the tear and long-term wear on the tow vehicle. Without it, cushion reduces the hard vibrations and noises.

Will using a fifth wheel adapter void my RV trailer warranty?

Well, this is an important fact to be considered and there is a lot of debate. Whatever there are some manufacturers that state that using an adapter for hooking up the RV will damage the warranty.

Using the fifth wheel adapter is not legal from a strictly legal standpoint. The RV trailer warranty will be voided legally if the adapters cause any damage directly following the FTC’s Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. In this case, there is a need proof that the adapter is responsible for the damage, which is time-consuming and tricky.

Does Adjustable Height Matter?

Well, if you use one fifth-wheel trailer and you don’t have any plan to bring another adapter in the near future, then the height won’t be an issue. But, if you are planning to tow a various fifth-wheel trailer and also plan to tow a fifth wheel RV, then the height issue of an adapter must be in your priority list.

Do I need to make regular maintenance of my adapter?

Some footling maintenance is required for your adapter. This maintenance means checking the adapter regularly for any signs of damage that can lead to failure. Actually, almost all the adapters need some regular light maintenance for minimizing the friction of its moving parts over rough terrain.

Without it, there are some models that come with an airbag inside of the cushioning system. In this case, you will need to re-pressurize each time you unhitch or hitch towed vehicles.

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