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Last Updated on August 15, 2022

Best Overall

Gorilla-Lift 2-Sided Tailgate Assist
Gorilla-Lift 2-Sided

The best tailgate assist

If you are looking for a tailgate assist and you don’t have the time to shop around then just go for this one. Overall its performance and build quality are unparalleled.

Choosing the perfect tailgate assist can be a tricky job. Since tailgates are the main source of support for loading and unloading objects. The quality of the tailgate decides the amount of bulk it is capable of handling. This is why being well acquainted and aware of the features of a reliable tailgate is important.

If you are looking for the best tailgate assist in the market, you may think what the possible reference points you should look up to are? Thankfully, we have that covered for you. Here are all the details you need in order to make the correct choice.

10 Best Tailgate Assist Review

Tailgate assist is a very fragile piece of tool. It is meant to help you carry and dispatch bulky items. Here are some of the best tailgate assists the market:

1. Gorilla-Lift (40101042GS) 2-Sided Tailgate Lift Assist

Suppose you are not that friendly with tailgates but you are in desperate need of using one, what do you do? Well, the Gorilla-Lift tailgate will make you feel like you have been knowing about them for ages. Thanks to the capacity and exterior, which has the ability to do wonders.

The 2-sided lift assist enables the distance between the trailer and bulk much lighter. It ends up being so weightless that you will be astonished to see how quickly the rigorous procedure of transporting heavy goods from one place to another is done.

Tubes that are square, round, or angle sided do not usually have one tailgate assist that caters them. However, this tailgate has the capability to do that as well. Sounds great, does it not? This is why it effortlessly attaches and detaches itself according to the user’s convenience.

Customizing lifting forces is always a hassle. One batch requires very little force, while the other requires a paramount amount of it. Now, how does a tailgate coordinate with something like that? Fortunately, it already has an instilled mechanism that deals with these.

As it ramps up to 4 to 6 inches in height, it is indeed a useful tool to add to your car mechanic kit since this will only lessen the rigidity of your workload. This is why, without a doubt, it is the best tailgate in the market.


  • Fully enclosed lifting system for safety
  • Can handle various tailgate weights
  • Weightless transportation
  • High weighting capacity
  • For all types of trailers


  • Possibility of corrosion
  • No folding is available

2. Dee Zee DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist

The phrase, ‘better safe than sorry’ is a very popular saying among people who have the tendency of handling vehicles regularly. However, with a tailgate assist as qualified as this, one can surely continue working without worrying.

Picking and dropping loads in bulk can be a risky job. Hence, this tailgate controls the drop rate through its safety buttons. It is a genuine product that will actually protect you and your valuables from being crushed by an accident or an error.

Custom designing is not a very easy task to do, considering one needs to be very careful with the intricate details of a vehicle. Nevertheless, this tailgate has settled for you as well. This brand offers you customized tailgates that are specifically tailored according to your necessities.

Furthermore, heavy bulks can cause a lot of trouble for the people handling it and also the people surrounding it. One mistake and everyone can suffer a great loss. Luckily, this tailgate assist has been tested repeatedly and simultaneously to handle such situations.

Have you ever heard of vehicle tailgate assists to work with factory lines? If you have not, this feature of this tailgate assist will impress you. Starting from junctions to factories, it suits all without any complicated procedures involved! That too, under the best budget rate ever.


  • One tailgate assist per vehicle policy
  • Safety control available
  • Factory-Friendly
  • Customizable
  • Inexpensive


  • Assembly required
  • Not that durable

3. Rack ‘Em Double Barrel Chain Driven Trailer Gate Lift Assist (RA27C)

Tailgate assists being driven by a chain sounds quite interesting, does it not? Well, this tailgate is of that kind and works incredibly well like that. It operates very smoothly and is very effective with all types of loads. You will not have to invest any extra time to observe it repeatedly.

Furthermore, this tailgate assist only requires a rail space of 54 inches. This is halfway less than what a regular tailgate requires. Be it the softest of roads or the roughest of them; this tailgate will not disappoint you. It will keep performing like it usually would.

Decreasing a 200-pound gate to less than a 5-pound one requires a great amount of time. Luckily, not with this tailgate assist, it does not. In a blink of an eye, it will reduce a great mass to something so ordinary that you will be awestruck with the time you would usually waste.

One finger can raise and lower the tailgate assist at any angle you would want it to be in. For example, if you want to lift the bulk in a 90-degree angle, this tailgate assist will do exactly that. No mid-way interruptions or intrusions are to be entertained.

This tool works best with round tubes since it is designed like that. So, if you are comfortable with using tailgate assists like these, you can definitely check this brand out. Mind you; this is undoubtedly a great asset to have one board.


  • Chain oriented transportation
  • Reduces bulk weights easily
  • Shortest unit in the market
  • Protected
  • Flexible


  • Limited to round tubed trailers
  • Cannot be folded


4. Genuine Ford FL3Z-99406A10-A Tailgate Shock Assembly

Looking for a tailgate assist of top quality? If yes, this is an inevitable product for you. Made of genuine OEM, this tailgate produces extraordinary performance throughout its useful life. It does not have the tendency to weary out or act dysfunctional easily.

This tailgate assist is highly reliable for people who are movers or travelers since this will take up any load, anywhere without an excessive amount of attention. It truly does make your job very simple and worthwhile.

Investing in a tailgate assist can be a delusional move if you are not well aware of the type of workload you will be putting it through. However, this product can help you strike off that part of the consideration since this was created to shield your product against all the odds.

As surreal as it may sound, this tailgate assist only weighs 1 pound. Hence, sticking it to your tailgate will not require some intense energy. Rather, it will latch on to it instantly and remain so until you wish to remove it.

The dimension of this package is 9.5 x 3.3 x 5.5 inches. These dimensions are of standard measurements for a tailgate assist. Also, the exterior is painted, which means it will have a sleek outlook on it as well. It truly is very versatile, is it not?


  • Made of grade A materials
  • Value for money
  • Painted exterior
  • Highly effective
  • Genuine OEM


  • A limited variety of cars can use this
  • Folding is not possible

5. Buyers Products (5201000) EZ Gate Tailgate Assist

Who knew tailgate assists could have patented designs? The blueprint of this product enabled it to move the bulk loads in a very mobile manner. Also, it reduced the physical strain from elevating and leveling tailgates by almost 90%.

Adding further, this kit has the capability of lifting tailgates, which weigh around 180 lbs. Sounds interesting, right? Well, this device is meant to give you such perks throughout its shelf life. You will not have to worry about the batch of goods falling or getting damaged with this tool.

If you have been dealing with tailgate assists, you know that mounting it can be a difficult task. However, this device includes the hardware which is meant to do the job for you. It will save you a good amount of money which you can invest in buying other accessories for your tailgate.

Tailgate assist can be very noisy when operating. This noise pollution can cause you and the people around you ear irritation and annoyance. Nevertheless, this tailgate takes the responsibility of handling that as well. It comes with a no rattle spring installed in the tool.

Starting from round and square tubing, it can be used for most of the open trailers without any cables or chains. Overall, it is an excellent option for an all-purpose tailgate assist.


  • Can be used on most open trailers
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Tailgates heavy loads
  • Noise-free operation
  • Unique design


  • Is fragile under some circumstances
  • Not weather-friendly

6. Dee Zee DZ43200 Truck Tailgate Assist

Normally, it would require 2-3 tailgate assists to pull or push a bulky load. However, this tailgate assist does not function that way. Fortunately, you can buy one of these and voila! Your job is halfway done because one can lift any load anytime on its own.

Which is that one place which always needs to move a heavy batch of objects from one place to another? Well, it is the factories who are masters of doing so. Interestingly, this tailgate assist can be used there as well. It collectively works with factory cables.

These tailgate assists are of great quality and are incredibly safe too. It has gone through several stages of trial and error in order to be refined. Hence, it provides the best performances in terms of durability, strength, etc. You will know its wonders once you purchase it.

For people to whom the exterior matters a lot, this brand has a solution for that as well. It comes with customized tailgate assist, which will be extraordinarily made to suitor you and your vehicle’s necessities. After this, you do not have to worry about changing these tools simultaneously.

As mentioned earlier, this device is the safest of them all. It is because, as a user, you will be able to control the drop rate of the loads. Therefore, the chances of accidents are marginally very low.


  • Scientifically tested for safety and quality
  • Great vehicle to tailgate assist ratio
  • Can be intensively customized
  • Can be used in factories
  • Controllable drop rate


  • Cannot be used with for FORD F150 04-14 (flare side)
  • Not storage-friendly

7. Dee Zee 43300 Tailgate Assist

This tailgate assist is a risk-free buy. It is because it will perform well under any and every circumstance. The device has been planned in such a manner that it will function appropriately through the worst of environmental or weather hazards. Surprising, is it not?

Well, this tailgate assist is PVP, which only weighs 1 lb. Hence, you can carry it anywhere with you and even store it wherever you go. Moreover, you can put in the backside of your tailgate for quick access. This will fasten up the process either way.

The product dimension for this tailgate assist is 13 x 4 x 1 inch. Usually, the standard dimensions are lower than this, so you can already imagine how purposeful this device is. It is giving you more than you need. So, you needlessly can say that this tool stands up to it all.

With the increasing tailgate accidents, users are more and more concerned about how safe these tailgate assists are for use. Luckily, these tailgates have been evaluated through various stages to ensure pure safety and security for you and your vehicle.

Furthermore, you can also be very assured about the quality of this product. Made with the best raw materials, it will give you a good experience overall. You can definitely opt-out for this if you want a safe and secure experience with your tailgate assist.


  • Weather-Friendly
  • Great dimensions
  • Tried and tested
  • Lightweight


  • Cannot be shortened
  • Not cost-efficient

8. Hopkins EASYLIFT Go Gear Tailgate Easylift

The struggle for lifting or lowering the tailgate is real, isn’t it? Well, the problems can end with this tailgate assist. It is fine, sleek, and capable of providing heavy-duty performance. The name ‘easy lift’ summarizes the good stuff perfectly.

Torsion bars are usually bought separately because tailgate assist brands do not go through the hassle of purchasing extra accessories. This would mean they are going through an inconvenience of their own. However, this device has that included in the package.

Furthermore, this particular tailgate assist is manufactured with blocks of spring steel. Spring steels are meant to provide extra protection and security along with increased durability. Hence, this mixture of raw materials will be acting in your favor.

On a positive note, this tailgate assist only requires 20 minutes for it to be set up. From pulling the hinges to setting up the angle, everything can be done within the given time. The procedures are readily available with the package and the internet as well.

This device is the best trail gate assist for trucks. It is very odd to find tools that support full-size pickup trucks. Nevertheless, this tool surely is compatible with such vehicles and is very promising towards the outcome when put to use.


  • Compatible with full-size pickup trucks
  • Torsion bars are included
  • Less time consuming
  • Made of spring steel
  • Easy installation


  • Not friendly with all vehicles
  • Not budget-friendly

9. Truck Tailgate Assist Shock Kit for 2015-2018 Ford F150 Pickup 43204

A fit tailgate assist would always enable easy operations, should it not? Hence, this is why this particular brand is the proper representative of the best tailgate lift assist available in the market. It truly gives the maximum performance for its affordable price rate.

Slamming of truck beds is not a rare case scenario when a trail gate is being used. However, how do you control it to ensure a hazard-free environment? You use this device! It will handle your truck beds with utmost care.

Furthermore, this tailgate assist does not require any extra drilling or hammering for installation. It can just be attached, and it will be ready to function. The driver’s side is the area it usually mounts into. As the design is so intricate, it fits all of the vehicles without any issues.

When you are buying this set of trail gate assist, you will be not only getting your hands on the device, but also several other accessories that will be accompanying it. You will receive 1x Shock, 2x Ball Mount Plate, 1x Torx Wrench, and 1x Ball Mount.

This item just weighs 1.16 pounds, which is great news for people who are fond of traveling by trucks. They can just attach it to their vehicles and then be carefree while going from one place to another. Moreover, the package dimensions are 16.73 x 3.35 x 1.5 inches, which is a good sign.

Overall, it is an incredible asset for a user if they are always on the run with a huge amount of goods. It will undoubtedly ease your pressure and save you from some of the stress.


  • Equipped with a lot of accessories
  • Ensures qualified operations
  • No drilling required
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Very fit


  • Usually does not come with a folding
  • Can weary out if used repeatedly

10. Tailgate Assist Shock Struts For 2015 2016 2017 2018 Ford F-150 Truck DZ43204

Interested in an affordable tailgate assist that will do the job properly? If yes, you can try this brand out. This brand does not offer anything fancy or extraordinary. Rather, it just focuses on providing concrete performance to its users.

As the best aftermarket tailgate assist, you will be very shocked to know how cheap it is in terms of price. The raw materials utilized in making this average and the time required to install it are quite lengthy. Moreover, the dimensions are well below the standard measures.

This tailgate assist will help you uplift and lower your tailgate without any problems, but it will be incredibly time-consuming. However, for its price, it is completely worth it. For people who are just trying to check a device like this out, this can be a great option.

Not only does this tool have a manual with it, but it also has several accessories that will help you use your tailgate to the fullest. You just have to know how and when to use it properly to avoid discrepancies.

The package dimensions of this product are 9.84 x 2.56 x 2.56 inches, which is fine. Overall, it is a product that can be added to your car mechanic pack if only you are not an expert since this is only applicable for people who are new to this.

It is the best option for people who are still learning.


  • Good performance
  • Easily accessible
  • Simple manual
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for heavy performances
  • Not long-lasting



At the end of the day, the choice is yours. No one knows your requirements better than you. However, there are two tailgate assists we would like to recommend to you for use.

They are Genuine Ford FL3Z-99406A10-A Tailgate Shock Assembly and Hopkins EASYLIFT Go Gear Tailgate Easylift. We have chosen the following devices because they are worthy of your investment. They are used for all sorts of vehicles and are incredibly durable.

Also, their installation methods are super easy. You will not have to hire anyone. Indeed, these two are some of the best tailgate assist tools available in the market and beyond.

Best Tailgate Assist Buying Guide + Faq

Determine the Purpose

The first and foremost thing you need to consider while purchasing a tailgate assist for you is finding the purpose of using it. You need to take some consideration into your mind such as:

  • If you own a vehicle that does not hold a pre-installed tailgate cable, then you will be needing a tailgate assist that has the ability to work as both shock absorber and cable. That’s why you need to go for an assist that is double-sided.
  • Without it, it may happen that your vehicle’s tailgate used to drop frequently and you are thinking about protecting it, then you need to bring a ball and a gas shocker with the socket.
  • You will find tailgate assist that uses torsion energy and also decrease the effects of free-failing. It can happen as the torsion energy keep the velocity at a limit.

Installation Type

Your principle of working can define the work volume that you need to do while installing your tailgate assist. There are a few types of tailgate assist depending on your working principle.

  • One-sided gas shock: The one-sided gas shock remain installed on the driver side and uses the gas shock as a dampener.
  • One-side spring shock: This type of tailgate assist is also installed on the driver side. They use the spring that is printed as a dampener.
  • Two-sided cable: The two-sided cable can be installed on both of the rails of a truck or pickup.
  • U-shaped torsion bar: This type of tailgate assist is remains attached to the bed of your truck and tailgate.

Vehicle Model

You should never forget about your vehicle model while purchasing a tailgate assist. Because the tailgate assists you are bringing for your pickup or truck may not be compatible with your vehicle’s model. So, before making a purchase, check the model of your vehicle and also the year. If you don’t do so, then you may need to return the product.

However, you will find that most of the tailgate assist comes with clear information about the products and their compatibility. So, you don’t have to worry about that. For better clearance, you can take help from an expert or customer support.


Well, you may get a bit confused about what is actually OEM. The OEM means original equipment manufacturers. So, I hope that you can understand that the tailgate from OEM is something special. You don’t need to worry about the tailgate assist quality and compatibility issues. Without it, you will not have to go through any drilling process or even altering your truck structure.

However, as you can guess that the high-quality product will ask you to spend a bit of extra money. The tailgate from OEM is a bit pricey and the product quality deserves this price. Whatsoever it is your decision as you know about the budget well.


Obviously, you will look for a tailgate assist that is durable and can stay for a long time. Usually, the dust is the main enemy of a tailgate assist. So, before purchasing a tailgate assist, make sure that whether it comes with an anti-dust feature or not. A good number of brands provide an anti-dust cover on the tailgate assist. Basically, the aluminum or extreme rod finish is being used to keep your tailgate assist safe from rust and corrosion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have a tailgate assist?

Well, if the functioning of your tailgate is annoying and falls freely, then you will need a tailgate assist.

What tailgate assist do I need?

The tailgate assists you need mostly depend on your budget, vehicle model and its mechanism. You should keep your budget in mind while choosing a tailgate assist. You need to find a tailgate that is suitable for your vehicle model. It is better to pick a tailgate assist coming from OEM. Without it, the mechanism and ease of installation are important things. You need a tailgate assist that requires an easy installation process.

What is the working procedure of a tailgate assist?

The working procedure of a tailgate assist mainly depends on its mechanism. You will find tailgate assist in the market that holds the gate through a spring shock dampener. It allows the tailgate to close and open slowly.

On the other hand, there are some tailgate assists that hold a long holding cable attached alongside the rails. They have the ability to control the drop rate effectively by replacing the factory cable. However, apart from that, you will find some tailgates that are used to set up between the tailgate and truck bed and act like a damper in between.

Which one I should opt for? OEM or non-OEM tailgate assist?

It is totally up to you. If you need a high-quality tailgate assist along with after-sale service, then you can bring one from OEM. Keep in mind that products from OEM are a bit expensive.

Do all assists come with a ramp?

The answer to this question is no. Only a few selected models of tailgate come along with a ramp.

Does all tailgate assist work on the same mechanism?

No. You will find some tailgate assist holds a cable to work, some uses spring as a dampener and some depend on the gas shock.

Is it possible to install a tailgate assist by myself?

Yes, you can. In fact, most of the tailgate assist is made in a way so that it can be installed by the end-user without any hassle.

Do I need to purchase mounting accessories separately?

It actually depends on the manufacturer. Most tailgates available in the market come with required mounting accessories.

How to install top tailgate assist?

Well, the installation process actually depends on the appliance and type. All the tailgate assist come with the necessary instruction manual. You will find there everything related to installation. However, you may find it difficult to go through the manual and that’s why I have briefly talked about the different installation processes of a tailgate assist.

Ball and socket connection:

Well, in the package, you will find a nustert tool and nutsert. The nutsert is used to get expanded while tightening.

In this process, at first, you will have to install the nutsert to the pivot point of your tailgate using a wrench and Allen wrench. Here, a wrench 10 mm wrench and an M5 Allen wrench will satisfy your purpose. Then, perform a 360-degree turn clockwise nine times for tightening the nutsert.

After that, remove the nutsert tool and keep the nutsert once you are done. Then, apply thread 1/2 drops on the ball mount thread and simply attach the ball mount to the nutsert.

After that, take off the cable bolt and tailgate cable with the help of a wrench that comes with the package. Simple, attach the ball mount plate and also put the cable and bolt back. Then, you have attached the narrow part of your shock to the nutsert and the bigger part to the ball mount. That’s it.

Two-sided tailgate lifting:

In this type of tailgate, you will find that the package holds two 3.5′ rails and long bolts for attaching them. What you need to do is attach them to your vehicle’s top rail. So, at first, you have to drill through your vehicle’s top rails and also the housing of your tailgate assist. After that, attach them securely by using the bolts.

Torsion bar:

In this type of process, at first, you will have to go through the drilling process in order to install the bar. Usually, you need to drill two holes. One on the bed of your truck and another one is at the bottom end of your tailgate.

Here, the first one is considered as the ‘A’ side and the next one is as ‘B’ side. You will find the ‘A’ side is vertical after the set up whereas the ‘B’ side remains horizontal. However, it is recommended to attach the vertical ‘A’ side at first. That’s with. You are done with installing your tailgate assist.

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