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Last Updated on June 11, 2021

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Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6,500lb
Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6,500lb

The best tow bar for jeep wrangler

Tow bars can be a very tricky tool. It has the tendency of causing several casualties when putting to work. However, amidst all that, there is that one tow bar brand that beats all, which is the Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6,500lb Tow Bar. It really cannot get better than this.

Have you ever wondered how big automobile beasts are transported throughout the cities or towns? Well, as absurd and unreal this question may sound, it indeed is a very common thought. Speaking from people’s perspective, towing on its own is a very difficult job considering the great load of mass it carries.

However, towing a jeep is a whole new dimension of work. You need high performance and rock-solid tow bar to do so. If you are an individual who has to deal with towing jeeps regularly, you need the best tow bar for jeep wrangler to do that. Noted below is a list of the very best there is in the market.

You can choose the one which suits your requirements.

10 Best Tow Bar for Jeep Wranglers

Some tow bars have high performance, while some are cost-effective. Furthermore, some are impressive exterior wise, while some are easily available. The tow bars below have advantages and drawbacks at the same time with detailed descriptions.

1. Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6,500lb Tow Bar

In an undisputed search for an easy and foldable tow bar? Well, here is your chance of getting your hands on it. Weighing just 35 lbs, this tow bar is meant to do wonders. Even after being so light weighted, it manages to have a capacity of 6500 lbs. Intense, is it not?

Tow bars are usually not that self-sufficient. They often require some extra assistance. For example, they cannot mount on a jeep wrangler and hook itself up without any help. However, this RV self-aligning tow bar needs no excess support. It can connect and disconnect from the pinned jeep effortlessly.

If we are to be talking about disconnecting a tow bar, it is a hassle of its own. Whenever a lock handle is set up, it is of sheer disregard that detaching the tow bar becomes quite difficult. This is when the easy-release locking handles ensure quick operation. They are meant to be incredibly effective.

Lugs are a feature that majority of the tow bars can have. However, it is very rare to find an off-set triple lugs batch. The exterior made of steel really helps the tow bar to be dependable and enables it to join forces when towing a jeep. Rest assured, this tow bar does not sacrifice your safety.

Furthermore, this tow bar comes with a pair of rubber boots and a safety cable, which enables you to work in a carefree manner. Overall, it is a great addition to your toolset.


  • Can be folded
  • Safety cables and rubber boots are included
  • Can tow heavy loads
  • Flexible locking handles
  • Is very easy to use


  • Expensive
  • Very heavy for traveling


2. NSA RV Products (RB-9025) Aluminum Tow Bar

The NSA tow bars are a premium choice for regular jeep users. This self-locking tow bar is an object which will make your car maintenance life much simpler. Made of pure aluminum, this tow bar does not have a record of disappointment.

On most occasions, this tow bar has a shelf life for over a decade. Even though it has a tendency to be long-lasting, it makes sure that the quality of its performance does not fall. This tow bar can be stored anywhere since it is foldable and occupied a very small amount of space.

For beginners, this tow bar is meant to do wonders since it is so easy to use. There are no complicated mechanics hidden behind it. It has a very ordinary procedure that anyone and everyone can follow to tow a vehicle like a jeep wrangler.

The towing capacity for this bar is 8000 pounds, which is way above the average capacity of such tools. This means that you will be able to attach it to any vehicle and tow it from one place to another. You no longer have to worry about it getting corroded because of pressure.

Hence, this is a very dynamic product that will make your life smooth as its operations. It is well equipped and skilled to withhold weather hazards or similar obstacles as well.


  • Can carry extreme vehicles
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Foldable
  • Not prone to weather hazards


  • Not easily available
  • Not cost-effective


3. Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar – 6000 lb. Load Capacity

Wondering where to find a tow bar that provides maximum support and safety? If yes, this tow bar is highly recommended for you. It is a complete steel crossbar that enables you to keep the towing jeep steady and protected from getting damaged.

The lustrous exterior and finishing make the bar incredibly durable and long-lasting. Thanks to its 500-hour halt spray, it can endure any external pressure and perform spontaneously throughout various weather hazards. It invariably is environment-friendly.

You will get nylon coating at some points of the tow bar. This is meant to decrease friction between the inner and outer arms. Hence, it will make sure that the tow bar performs effortlessly whenever it is put to action. It also has the largest hook up radius the industry currently has to offer.

Roadmaster has quite a goodwill in the market since it has been in it for the longest time. It creates some of the finest tow bars which are often used by professionals. Roadmaster created this tow bar to enable jeeps to be carried more smoothly and quickly since it tends to be very time-consuming.

This tow bar weighs 50 pounds and has dimensions of 44.8 x 65 x 7.1 inches. Sounds perfect for a tow bar, does it not? However, it does not have a folding, so it utilizes a large amount of space when it is stored. Although it is highly reliable and is super convenient.


  • High weight capacity
  • Can endure weather hazards
  • Highly available
  • Self-Supporting
  • Comes with a great hook up radius


  • Does not have safety cables
  • Does not fold


4. Demco 9511008 Dominator Tow Bar

A lightweight tow bar with heavy-duty skills sounds like a dream, does it not? Fortunately, you no longer have to dream about it. You can now own such a tow bar, which weighs only 30 pounds and has the capacity to pull the weight of 7500 pounds.

Independent arms are not very common in a tow bar. However, this brand of tow bar offers you arms that are self-supported and can easily hook any jeep onto it without having to worry about the reliability of it. It is highly resistant and flexible.

Moreover, this tow bar is equipped with an easy trigger, which makes the unlocking of tow bar from the jeep wrangler much safer. Unhooking jeep wranglers can be hazardous for both the equipment and the car since both of them are exposed and prone to scratches.

These tow bars have been tested over and over again to ensure customer satisfaction. It has been subjected to multiple scenarios where it had to show its capacity of withholding impact and still performing at a high caliber.

The dimension of this tow bar is 47.88 x 8.55 x 6.63 inches. These figures are a very good sign for you if you are looking for a wide but easy to carry tow bar for your jeep. The marine and aircraft-grade aluminum really makes money you will invest in this product worth it.


  • Travel friendly
  • Can withhold extreme impact
  • Is made of solid steel and aluminum
  • Comes with safety cables
  • High towing capacity


  • No folding available
  • Comparatively expensive


5. Smittybilt 87450 2″ Ball Adjustable 5000 lbs. Tow Bar Kit

Looking for a multipurpose tow bar? Well, your search is about to be over now. Consisting of two couplers, universal brackets, and lateral strut brackets, this is the most admirable tow bar you can get for your jeep wrangler. It will serve all your requirements by all means.

The tow bar has two chains attached to it, which work as a source of extra support for the jeep to be moved from one place to another. It tends to be a very effective tool if you end up in an accident, and you need something to get your jeep out of that scenario with reduced damage.

D ring brackets is an object which is not quite popular among tow bar kits. However, Smittybilt ensures that you get the most smoothed and relaxed output from your tow bar, and this is why it has especially mechanized it to fixate the rings accordingly.

It can carry heavyweights like 5000 pounds and still function properly. Not only can it lift bulky jeeps but also can hoist 500 pounds more due to its tongue capacity. Thanks to the sturdy mechanism and body it has as it replicates the same performance over and over again.

The tow bar weighs 32.7 pounds and has dimensions of 48 x12 x 7 inches. Sounds ideal, does it not? Luckily, it is ideal and has the quality to embrace every weather or physical condition it is usually put through.


  • Comes with safety chains
  • Designed to conceive heavy impact
  • Highly equipped
  • Broad
  • Can be used for multiple purposes


  • Ring brackets work only on a bumper
  • Not travel friendly


6. CURT 19745 Adjustable Car RV Tow Bars 5,000 lbs

Are you tired of using tow bars that are not effective under all circumstances? If yes, this product can surely help you. This tow bar is equipped with various features that will surely cater to your needs. Those attributes will surely intertwine with your use of jeep wrangler.

The most interesting fact about this tow bar is that it has dinghy towing. This will enable you to tow even the smallest of vehicles with sheer convenience. It is a great asset if you are into trekking or camping a lot. Also, it is highly adjustable with dimensions of 41 x 26 inches.

Buying a tow bar can be a hectic task since finding one with the perfect fit is very difficult. However, this tow bar is a standard fit for all transports due to the 2-inch trailer coupler it has. This enables the brackets to latch onto your bumper without you having to stress about the loose ends.

Durability and strength can be an aspect that plays an inevitable role when it comes to a tow bar. Luckily, this tow bar has dependable strength, which means it has the appropriate amount of energy to pull whichever vehicle it is attached to. Usually, no further assistance is required with this tow bar.

Nobody would like a tow bar to corrode and cause extra mess during the time of distress, right? So, this is why this tow bar is ideal for you. It does not corrode, and you can easily use it for many years.


  • Not heavy
  • Is coated with gloss black powder
  • Highly adjustable
  • Great tool for camping or trekking
  • Nice exterior


  • Expensive
  • Cannot cater to heavy performance


7. Universal Adjustable Mount Tow Bar Kit with Magnetic Tow Lights

A universal tow bar does not sound like an odd tool to have in your handyman pack, does it? Well, this tow bar serves the title ‘universal’ religiously. Weighing a light mass of 35 pounds, this tow bar can do wonders for your jeep wrangler without you even applying any human input.

It is capable of pulling a heavy mass of 5000 pounds. Through the mountainous valleys to the slippery roads, it will drag your jeep wrangler through anything and everything. Thanks to its heavy-duty coupler of 2 inches as it eases the job quite effortlessly.

Usually, tow bars do not come with brackets and hardware included in the package, but this brand offers it all. You will not have to worry about paying any extra money. The company will handle and assure you of any extra tools you may need to elevate your experience at using a universal tow bar.

As difficult as it sounds, tow bars are very hard to pull out once they are stuck to a jeep wrangler. However, this product has a solution for that as well. The tow bar has quick-release pins inserted, which enables the device to disconnect itself swiftly once its task is done.

Tow bars can be a tricky product to work with since there are chances of injury attached to it if anything possibly goes haywire. Nevertheless, this set of tow bars has safety chains and locking coupler, which avoids such mishaps. You can be assured about your protection while you use it.


  • Lightweight
  • Safe for use
  • Able to obtain heavy performance
  • Brackets and hardware readily available
  • Sufficient for the majority of the vehicles


  • Does not come with a folding
  • Is not easily accessible


8. Biltek Adjustable Universal Tow Bar 5000 lbs Capacity

Wondering which brand to go for when buying a universal tow bar? Well, we got you one of the finest ones available out there. It is equipped with two safety chains and a 2-inch trailer ball hitch for proper protection. You will also be able to get your hands on other accessories that come with the package.

Usually, it is meant to cater to all bumpers and mounting ranges. So, from the rocky roads to the smooth valleys, you will able to drag your desired vehicle without stressing a sweat. In general, it will help you to drive easy and carefree while it handles a weight that can be of a maximum of 5000 lbs.

Made of heat-treated steel, the raw materials are capable of doing excellent work. They ensure that the bar does not corrode or weary out easily, especially when it is at work. We know how frustrating it can be when a tow bar breaks in the middle of a moving journey.

Moreover, the tow bars are luckily very adjustable and flexible. It can expand and contract according to the vehicle’s convenience. On the contrary, this tool can also help you move faster if the towing vehicle weighs more than the towed vehicle.

Overall, it is a great addition to your household if you travel a lot. Especially for big cars, a tow bar is a mandatory tool since you never know when it will be required. This bar can actually save you from a lot of hassle and time consumption. Therefore, you can check it out.


  • Highly adjustable
  • Highly flexible
  • Expandable
  • Made of strong elements
  • Is suitable for most bumpers


  • Does not fit all bumpers
  • Cannot tow heavier vehicles


9. Reese Towpower 7014200 Adjustable Tow Bar

Looking for an affordable tow bar for your jeep wrangler? If yes, then this is the product you should opt out for. Even though it is not acquainted with giving heavy performances, it does the quiet job well for its price. It can drag up to 5000 lbs, which means it has moderate capacity for a tow bar.

This tow bar is good for people who are looking for external beauty. As it is built of steel with powder-coated finish in black, it makes the whole process of towing look easier. Reese Towpower is a perfect fit for people who are novices in tow bar usage.

Furthermore, it includes a ball coupler (2-inch) with pins and clips. These extra items are very rare to find since each tow bar has its unique configuration. This surely takes some pressure off the user and saves him/her the time of looking for them. These items are allegedly high quality as well.

This tow bar does not weigh more than 32 pounds. Hence, it is a very easy addition to your carry on or camp bags when you travel. Tow bars are such a tool that you do not know when you will end up needing them. So, the privilege to be able to carry it everywhere says a lot about this brand.

The product dimensions of this are 11.25 x 5.25 x 20.25 inches. Overall, the dimensions look at standard sizes, which is a positive sign.


  • Travel friendly
  • Great exterior
  • Durable
  • Additional items are available
  • Mostly in stock


  • Safety chains are sold separately.
  • The base plate is not given.


10. Hiltex 20046 Adjustable Universal Tow Bar, 5000 Lb Capacity

The Hiltex tow bar is a very popular name when it comes to jeep wrangler accessories. They always produce the most profitable products in the market. Starting from the availability of the folding feature to the 2-inch ball protection, it has it all.

However, this does come with a certain condition like the towing vehicle being heavier than the towed one. This can work as a limitation for a good bunch of people. On the contrary, it does fit bumpers and mounting areas (24-41 inches exclusively), which is an advantage for travelers.

Since this steel towing bar can pull the weight up to 5000 lbs, it is a great investment for people who own sedans, trucks, and vans. Furthermore, this tow bar is a symbol of safety as well because it comes with safety chains for future precautions.

As it is foldable, you can insert it in your trunk or the back of your jeep wrangler without having to move anything aside. This slim-fit adjusting tow bar is ideal for people who want to travel light and enjoy their trip without any disruptions.

Due to its heavy-duty performance, you will be able to utilize it in the majority of occasions. For example, if your car breaks down in the middle of the night, you will not have to rely on your friend to have a tow bar, which is suitable for your car. Rather, you will have it on your own!


  • Adjustable width
  • Foldable
  • Provides heavy-duty
  • Has safety chains
  • Can carry a great amount of load


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Does not fit all bumpers



In conclusion, all tow bars have advantages and disadvantages. This is why, as a user, you are supposed to realize your needs and choose one accordingly.

However, there is a tow bar we would like to recommend you, and that is the Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6,500lb Tow Bar as one of the best tow bars for jeep wrangler.  It is an excellent tow bar and performs extraordinarily.

Tow Bar for Jeep Wrangler Buying Guide

Suppose you went on off-roading and suddenly your jeep wrangler stopped running. What you will do?

Well, this is a harsh situation and in this situation, you have nothing to do except towing. That’s why you need a tow bar. For better towing, you need a good tow bar. Now, it has become a very common issue getting confused while purchasing a tow bar as there is lots of tow bar available in the market.

Here, I’ve mentioned the important factors that you need to take into consideration while making a purchase. Don’t worry, I will also provide a list of some recommended brands for the tow bar. Spend a few minutes, you will be benefited for sure.

Tow Bar Weight

The tow bars of jeep wrangler are used for towing your wrangler in different situations including emergencies. So, keep in mind that your purchased tow bar is lightweight. The weight should be within the limit. It will ensure your easy lifting and moving of the tow bar. You may go for the tow bar that weighs between 5 to 35 pounds.

Weight Capacity

The first and foremost issue where you need to pay attention while choosing a tow bar is the weight capacity. As the ultimate purpose of using a bow bar is dragging a vehicle. So this is an issue that how much weight the tow bar can handle.

That’s why you need to go for the tow bar which can handle your jeep wrangler without any issue. It is always recommended to go for the tow which weight capacity is more than the weight of your vehicle.

generally, the jeeps wranglers weigh around 4000-5000 pounds, a tow bar of 3-4 tons is enough to deal with.

Safety Features and Backup

Well, doesn’t matter what the job is, safety should be ensured always. Even good tools might fail accidentally. So, better don’t leave any opportunity and keep backups for safety.

Although the quality tow bar has wires and safety cables as fail-safes. If the tow bar gets disengaged somehow, they will keep the vehicles steadfastly attached to each other.

Therefore, the cable needs to be strong and thick enough to fight back with misery. Without it, the cable should have heavy hooks or clamps on either side. If you find the hooks missing with the tow bar, then you need to purchase it separately.

Moreover, make sure that the safety cables of your tow bar have an appropriate shock absorption mechanism attached to it. This mechanism can be created with the help of springs.

Towing Brackets and Hooks

The hooks and brackets that come along with the tow bar need to go through the high amount of pressure. However, if your tow bar brackets and hooks are not strong enough to handle this pressure, then you must replace it first. That’s why the brackets need special attention which is usually located on the front and rear of the tow bar.

As the bracket of tow bar has to deal with the maximum pressure, go for the heavier one made by aluminum or steel. This will protect them from corrosion and decay and also increase their durability as well.

Material and Shape of Tow Bar

Well, does not matter how good the service is of a tow bar if it does not last long. Your tow bar should be the durable one. So, make a confirmation that the tow bar you are going to purchase is made from solid steel or stainless steel.

This decision will decide the durability and performance of your tow bar. Without it, you also need to be careful about the shape of your tow bar.

A common tip that, the tow bar consists of wood material that is not so much durable. The shape of the tow will distort easily.

Easy Installation Process

The ease you will get from the tow bar depends on how easily you can install it. However, this easiness depends on three main factors. They are- the numbers of locks and brackets, how strong these locks are and movability.

Usually, the tow bars are supposed to be heavy. But you need to ensure that you can move around it easily. That’s why go for the lightweight tow bar. The locks and releasing mechanism should be easy to attach and remove. You will find some tow bar permit the permanent attachment with the baseplate.

Endurance All Terrains

The important one. Make sure that your tow bar is suitable for all the terrains. Although lots of manufacturers said about their manufactured tow bar that they are compact for all types of terrains. But some of them used to get jammed in snowing conditions and others show their disability in muddy terrains.

That’s why, before purchasing make sure that your desired tow bar can endure all types of terrains and sustain it.

Weather Resistant and Rust Proof

You must choose a tow bar that can always be with you any conditions. Some special features you should be looking for in your tow bar. Your purchased tow bar must have an adequate coating and water-resistant feature.

Moreover, if the metal body of your tow bar is getting rust, then it is supposed to be broken as you will be towing in outside extreme weather conditions.

Better go for the tow bar that will be resistant to humidity, mud, water and also low temperatures. This will help your tow bar going well and not stuck even in any extreme weather conditions.

Top Brands

Here I have picked some brands which are extremely good for tow bars. I tried to provide you a small note about these brands. I think it will be helpful to you.

1. Blue Ox

The tow bars from Blue Ox are gems. Although the tow bar looks like an ordinary one from the outside, it will tell you why it is the best one. The tow bars from Blue Ox are simple, light-weight and compact.

All the tow bars of Blue Ox are made from high-quality steel. For safety, there is extra protection with each tow bar. Asking about the installation process? It is just a piece of cake for anyone.

2. Roadmaster

The tow bars from Roadmaster are effective both in design and performance. With the high-quality steel material and powder-coated finishing, the tow bars from Roadmaster are the best ones with high performance and durability. These tow bars are very eased to install.

3. Demco

Demco will be my third pick after Roadmaster. The tow bars from Demco come with an excellent capacity. The tow bars from Demco are made with steel and aluminum. These are the good ones and also comes with safety cables.

4. Smittybilt

Then Smittybilt. The tow bars from Smittybilt are perfect for towing small-sized vehicles. Smittybilt tow bars are also made from high-quality material and also the cheaper one according to the feature. Tow bars from Smittybilt come with safety chains/cables. Smittybilt tow bars look very attractive.


The tow bars from CURT are the best tow bar for dingy towing and also suitable for small vehicles and highly adjustable ones. Tow bars from CURT are coated with black powder finishing. It won’t corrode easily and obviously the durable one.

Frequently Asked Question

How to use a tow bar?

For using the tow bar a simple procedure can be followed. They are:

Firstly, You have to ensure that with all the wheels touching the ground, the tow vehicle can be flattened. Some vehicles may get damaged while towed by all wheels.

Then secondly, For every individual model, there is a compact towing method. You have to follow the manufacturers’ instructions. You should not go towards the restriction.

Thirdly, installing the brackets. The brackets should be installed on the front of the bumper and with exact measurement. You need to be careful as this step needs a drilling and cutting process.

Lastly, It time to install the tow bar. You have to install the tow bar using the lynch-pins. Make sure that everything is secured. Then, you need to attach the safety cables and additional wires.

How much does a tow bar cost?

The price of a tow bar depends on the use. The tow bar that is used occasionally will ask between $30 to $60. But, the tow bar that is used for a robust model needs $80 to $250. Finally, the strongest model of the tow bar demands $400 to $1200. These are the rough idea of price.

However, if the tow bar does not include additional wires, then you may need to spend something extra like $5 to $50. You may have to spend something extra on installation.

How long does it take to fit a tow bar?

Well, the time for fitting or installing the tow bar depends on some facts. For example, some vehicles need to cut the bumper, whereas some do not. But the average installing time is about 1 to 2 hours.

What tow bar do I need?

The types of tow bars actually depend on your use. You will find different types of tow bars. The tow bar types are – Sawn neck, Flat Tongue, Horizontal hitch, Rear steep and so on. You should make the choice on your wranglers’ weight, type and your decision either you want permanent attachment or not.

How to tow a jeep wrangler with a tow bar?

Well, for towing the jeep wrangler, as I mentioned all the four wheels need to make contact with the ground. Then you need to follow the following steps. Before that, your wranglers’ transfer case should be in a neutral position.

Step-0: Firstly, you have to unpack the tow from its package and assemble the parts.

Step-1: After that, you need to open the instruction manual. You will find it on the pack of tow bar.

Step-2: Place the tow bar in such a position so that both sides of the tow bar remain in the position for adding nuts in the tow.

Step-3: Set the nuts tightly using the ranch tool and drill machine. You need to make the nuts and bolts enough fast so that they can’t make any move from their position due to the vibrations.

Step-4: Then, you need to connect the single where the tow frame of the tow bar connects the primary vehicle.

Step-5: Now, before getting started, slightly pull the gear so that the tow can make a turn when you will be turning the vehicle.

Step-6: Then, before driving you will be needing to open the brake pad and after stopping the vehicle for getting started with driving.

Step-7: Finally, if you find your tow is adjustable, then you should try to make the regulators flexible in order to get the highest turn facility.
tow bar for jeep wrangler

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