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Last Updated on July 12, 2021

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Flowmaster 817689 Outlaw Stainless Steel Aggressive Sound Cat-Back Exhaust System
Flowmaster 817689 Cat-Back

The Best Exhaust System for GMC Sierra

It is an all-round in terms of sound, durability, strength, longevity, price, and more. You can surely try this brand out.

The GMC Sierra is a great vehicle with a lot of perks for its users. However, keeping its complex configurations in mind, finding the best exhaust system for GMC Sierra can be a tough task.

Luckily, we are glad to help you find the exhaust system suitable for your truck by listing down some of the best systems there is in the market. Hopefully, it will ease your job by a margin.

Top 7 Best Exhaust System for GMC Sierra

As mentioned earlier, exhaust systems are a very tricky car part to buy or select. However, here we have tried to shortlist the top options for you to choose from, along with several advantages and disadvantages.

1. Borla (140537) Cat-Back Exhaust System  for GMC Sierra/ Chevrolet Silverado

Are you in search of an exhaust system that will complement your car and make it look fancier? If yes, this is a device you should not miss out on. This exhaust system is suitable for several cars, and they include the 2014-2017 Chevrolet, GMC Silverado, Sierra 1500, etc.

Exhaust systems are not very flexible as they are either manual or auto-based. However, with this exhaust system, you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. You will be able to tune into a manual system or the auto system, depending on your journey on the roads.

Adding further, such car parts do not have accessories to accompany them, although this brand ensures that it does. You will be able to get access to several transferable extensions which will help you to utilize your exhaust system as much as possible.

The cushioning of the exhaust systems can be a very sensitive matter. Nevertheless, you will be getting a standard cabbed of 78.7 inches, which will lead you to be extra security of your exhaust system. You will be able to remain stress-free as you drive on roads of all sorts.

Talking of cab beds, this brand actually offers two cab beds. One is small, and the other is large. You will have the liberty to change your cab beds from one size to another without having to purchase an extra accessory. So, you will be able to stop a device from creating a hole in your pocket.

Furthermore, you will get a long wheelbase to treat your car. Fortunately, this device comes with 143.5 inches of a wheelbase that will take your exhaust pipe system to a whole new level. Overall, it is a purchase worth considering.


  • Serves various cars
  • Equipped with accessories
  • Accompanied by cab beds
  • Long base is available for usage
  • Long-lasting


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Causes friction in the engine


2. Flowmaster 817689 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Finding an exhaust system with a solid exterior sound is difficult, isn’t it? Well, this exhaust system will end all your problems. Thanks to its stainless steel construction, it is now as hard as a rock and very sturdy. We firmly believe that your car will be in good hands.

For racers, this is like a cherry on top of the cake. You will be able to beat another car with the roaring sound of your exhaust system. The output is extremely aggressive, so one must use it with care and responsibility. Hence, it is meant to be a racer’s delight.

Exhaust pipes and corrosion go hand in hand. There are very few exhaust pipes in the market that stand up to the label of being ‘rust-free.’ However, due to its ceramic tips, it is bound to satisfy you and your vehicle. The tips come in color black.

The weight of this item is 65.8 pounds, which is comparatively light. Moreover, the exterior is also painted to grab the rider’s attention. You will be very happy to see such a rigid device being attached to your car. Especially if you are a person who loves to drive.

Lastly, this is a great product for someone open to experimenting. Someone who has a knack for car parts and car designs. It is so versatile that you will be able to incorporate it in several ways. You just have to wrap your head around to know it’s true potential.

In general, you can try keeping this exhaust system as a top option due to its great performance and the name it has from its previous customers. There are various people and sources who would highly recommend this exhaust system.


  • Lightweight
  • Rust-free
  • Durable
  • Gives out high pitched sounds
  • Readily available


  • Sound is not controllable
  • Not budget-friendly


3. CORSA 14866 Cat-Back Exhaust System

An exhaust system is not a device; it is a lifestyle. Well, as astounding as all of this may sound, it indeed is very true. This is why we want your car to have the same lavish life as you. Hence, this device will do just that for your vehicle.

GMC Sierra is very popular among people who travel a lot. Especially for people wandering through roads of various textures, this car part is a treat. Thanks to its double-shielded design which protects the engine from severe increases in the temperature.

Adding further, we all know how a brand signifies the net worth of a car. Similarly, this exhaust does so too. It has the CORSA label carved within the exhaust pipes. Furthermore, it gives out a classy vibe to your car and will make you enjoy the ‘feel-good’ factor as you drive.

For setting up exhaust systems like these, one surely needs some assistance. This is where the CORSA performance tip kits have a role to play. These tip kits are designed to perfection so that they fit the exhaust pipes without any external efforts.

Furthermore, due to consistent changes in the temperature of the engine, exhaust systems have the tendency to collapse abruptly. Fortunately, the exhaust pipes of this brand are made of premium stainless steel, which will restrict the system from failures like these.

Moreover, this exhaust system comes with a clamp-on tip design. This enables the system to attach itself to the vehicle without any hassle at all. You will be able to enjoy the exhaust system instantaneously after purchasing it.


  • Dual walls for protection
  • Engraved logo for a good looking exterior
  • The package includes performance tip kits.
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Easily attachable


  • Weighs over 70 pounds
  • Too loud


4. BORLA 140546 Cat-Back Exhaust System for GMC Sierra 1500/Chevrolet Silverado

If you are looking for the best GMC Sierra exhaust system, which is always available for spot purchase, this is the device tailored just for you. This car part is an excellent investment if you are a car lover who is a fan of adorning his/her vehicles with the finest automotive objects.

To begin with, this exhaust system has a coating of the best raw metals available in the market. Sounds unreal, right? Well, it is true. BORLA does not compromise on the quality of exhaust systems it produces since it’s aim is customer satisfaction.

Adding further, it has a great sounding capability. People from miles away will be able to hear your exhaust system’s thunderous audibility. You can roam around streets and neighborhoods while making an impression of your own.

Furthermore, installing it will be a matter of minutes for you. As it comes in a pre-set stage, you will be able to attach to your vehicle by just looking at its simple procedure manual. You will be saving your and your vehicle’s time as well.

If you are into racing against cars at an insane speed, you know how dangerous it can be for your engine. Nevertheless, this exhaust system will not let you get anxious about that as it will provide a great amount of protection to your engine in cases like these.

Lastly, it is all about precision and perfection when it comes to getting car parts. The BORLA exhaust system is as aligned as an exhaust system can possibly be since it is the perfect fit for your GMC Sierra. Henceforth, you can add this to your cart of options.


  • Mostly available
  • Made of high-quality metals
  • Provides extra protection for engines
  • Renowned
  • Creates high pitched sounds


  • Size is not adjustable
  • Can corrode under pressure


5. Gibson Performance 65658 Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust System

Tired of all the excessive instructions and unnecessary features of an exhaust system? If yes, you will be a fan of this brand. Gibson provides straight to the point instructions with a great exhaust system which will work for decades to come.

This exhaust system is made of 3 inch/2.25 inches stainless steel. The mandrel-bent tubing makes the exhaust system invariably strong. You will able to do drag racing for hours and not feel a change in the engine of your GMC Sierra.

The Gibson muffler has a segmented design that does not include any packaging. Adding further, this design enables you to use unpack quickly and not have any extra boxes lying around. The separated chambers always enable an exhaust system to run perfectly.

Rolled slash cut tips are a feature that is not owned by many exhaust systems. This usually signifies the utmost performance and durability when it functions in a vehicle. Luckily, the 4 inches polished T304 stainless steel makes the whole experience much more fruitful.

Furthermore, rear tires are not vehicle-friendly, although this exhaust system makes your car capable of having exits through them. Each rear tire has an exit attached to it, which pour out any extra gas to keep the vehicle’s engine intact.

Henceforth, it is a great product and worth every dime you will be spending on it. We believe that you will not regret buying such an asset for your beloved GMC Sierra as it will protect your engine by all means and more.


  • Sturdy exterior
  • Has more than one exit
  • Rolled stash cut tips are available.
  • Has separated chambers
  • Value for money


  • Not very effective audibly
  • Can corrode under certain circumstances


6. DNA Motoring Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust System

Rummaging through a variety of exhaust systems can be very time consuming. Thanks to this exhaust system, your unnecessary surfing on the net are about to come to an end. Made of high quality 409 stainless steel and digitized mandrel-bends, this is a rare device.

Its design is unbelievably durable. We think the materials used for producing it has something to do with the longevity and strength of this exhaust system. Historically, it has a great record of supporting cars, even in scathing situations.

Adding further, it is TIG welded and has a CNC machine flange. Their respective roles for the exhaust system is to protect them against pressure and rusting. This will enable you to spend less on car maintenance and more on making your car look ravishing.

Piping of the exhaust systems come in different shapes and sizes. However, this one has a distinctive size of 3 inches OD mm inlet/ 3 inches OD mm main piping. This means that even if your engine system is larger than the ordinary one, the DNA exhaust system will handle it.

What is an exhaust system without some aggressive sound? This exhaust system will make sure that your car has raging tones and softened tones at the same time. It may sound bizarre, but this exhaust system is capable of it all.

If the sound is that furious, the exhaust gas flow is equally smooth. You will not have to face uncomfortable situations where you will have to stop your car and take care of your engine over and over again. This exhaust system will be that friend in need for a prolonged period of time.


  • Made of top-quality materials
  • Very durable
  • Can provide strong support
  • Resistance against pressure and corrosion available
  • Ensures the uninterrupted gas flow


  • Not compatible with other cars
  • Bigger than the standard size


7. MBRP S5080AL Exhaust System (Aluminized Steel)

Are you looking for the most compatible exhaust system in the market? If yes, this is a product you must check out. Made of pure aluminum steel, the raw materials have the tendency of standing out and making a point. This exhaust system will give you fuel efficiency.

It means that you will not have to waste bundles of cash on fuelling your car over and over again. This also ensures you a smooth journey while traveling. Furthermore, it will keep your engine calm by adjusting all the unnecessary fumes from heating up your car or damaging it.

This will act as a protective shield for the internal mechanisms of your car. You will also be able to access more torque and horsepower. This means you will be able to drag your truck at a faster pace, and you no longer have to rely on other parts of the engine to do so.

It is one of the safest exhaust pipes in the market. You will not at all be astonished to read all the good feedbacks it had from its customers. They are all regular buyers and speak very highly of this brand. Fortunately, this exhaust system is cost-effective too.

So, even if you are on a tight budget, you can surely try it out and not regret purchasing it. It truly will be a safe addition to your truck. Another enticing fact about this exhaust pipe is that it does not create any sound as it is soundproof.

Overall, this can be a great deal for the money you will be paying for if. Hence, do consider it before you make your ultimate call.


  • Soundproof
  • Increased horsepower
  • Amplified torque
  • Cost-effective
  • Decreases the usage of fuel


  • Can corrode
  • Prone to weather hazards



Exhaust systems are very tricky since they require a lot of space in your car. They can be harmful to your vehicle but protect it as well. The sound can be soothing to some while agitating to others. Your choice is subjective to your needs.

We have listed out many exhaust systems for you with advantages and disadvantages, but there is a particular device we think is the best exhaust system for the GMC Sierra. That exhaust system is called Flowmaster 817689 Cat-Back Exhaust System.

It is an all-round in terms of sound, durability, strength, longevity, price, and more. You can surely try this brand out.

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Best Exhaust System for GMC Sierra

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