Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tacoma

Last Updated on July 12, 2021

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Borla 140680 Exhaust System
Borla 140680

The Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tacoma

If you are looking for Toyota tacoma exhaust system and you don’t have the time to shop around then just go for this one. Overall its performance and build quality are unparalleled.

Toyota Tacoma is a beautiful car that is a perfect mixture of elegance and power. And speaking of power, few can match this gorgeous beast. So, if you want to showcase the power of your Tacoma, we suggest that you get a well-sounding and efficient exhaust system.

And if you are looking for a top-notch exhaust system, then you will find the best exhaust system for Toyota Tacoma in my article. I have reviewed each of the products thoroughly to give you a clear idea on them.

Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tacoma

Searching the best exhaust system for any vehicle can be tiring. And if it is for Toyota’s Tacoma, the difficulty level skyrockets. However, to make your life easier, let me present you to 8 of the best exhaust systems in my eyes.

1. Borla 140680 Exhaust System

Are you looking for an extraordinary exhaust system? If you are, then I have the perfect item for you! Borla 140680’s excellent performance, efficiency, and several other features are going to sweep you off your feet.

What makes this exhaust system so unique? Well, if you have this installed in your vehicle, you will be able to enjoy the sweet sound of power. For any car enthusiast, this is sound is no less than music to their ears and, I am quite confident that you will be more than happy to enjoy the marvelous sound it has to provide.

The sound is not only for the show! It is an ideal indication of when to change the gear or when to rev for an experienced driver.

Apart from the sound, the system assures fabulous performance. It efficiently ejects all the gas from your car and makes sure that there is no build-up of gas inside your car. Thus, the performance of your vehicle’s engine is not hindered and enables it to output optimum performance.

It comes with a heavy-duty build, which is perfect for powerful vehicles such as Toyota Tacoma. Due to its sturdy construction, there is less chance of any damage to the exhaust pipes. Thus, the chances of leakage or crack are quite slim. Because of this, you can speed your way through the road with ease.


  • Provides users with unmatched performance and efficiency
  • Can provide a marvelous sound, which is quite useful for the driver
  • Due to its sturdy construction, the chances of a crack or leak is quite slim
  • Easy-to-install and we assure you a perfect fit


  • The item is a tad pricey


2. MBRP S53226AL 2.5-inch Single Side Exhaust System

Let’s face it, buying a top-notch exhaust system can be pretty hefty on your wallet. So, if you do not want to spend too much on an exhaust system, then MBRP S53226AL is the exhaust system of your dreams. The price of the product is around 280-320 dollars, which is quite an affordable range.

And the performance granted by the exhaust system is A-class. The design of the exhaust allows gas to continuously and efficiently flow from the engine. Thus, preventing your vehicle’s engine from heating up and allows it to provide you the performance that you want.

In addition to that, the item is a fantastic choice if you want the fuel consumption to be more efficient. Due to its continuous and steady gas flow that keeps your engine’s temperature steady, the amount of fuel required to provide optimum performance is minimized. Plus, with this feature, you get superior torque and horsepower.

The system is 41 pounds (around 19 kilograms), which allows you to lift it with relative ease. Hence, you would have to put in less effort to install the product. Furthermore, the product offers a perfect fit for almost all vehicles. So, we assure you that you can fit the item effortlessly in your Toyota Tacoma.

Also, the sound produced by the system signifies power. As you rev through the driveway, highway, or deserts with your Tacoma, you will surely be clearing out who is the boss there. And the system has quite a lucrative color. The aluminized steel offers the product extreme durability and longevity, as well as a great look.


  • Price of the product is quite affordable
  • Offers marvelous performance and efficiency
  • Assures perfect fit and, swift and easy installation
  • Durable and long-lasting build


  • There are some design faults


3. MagnaFlow Exhaust Products 19291

MagnaFlow’s 19291 is a well-designed exhaust system. It is made from 409 stainless steel, which can be considered one of the toughest materials on our planet. And due to it having such a sturdy build, there is a lesser possibility of the item getting damaged.

Moreover, the stainless-steel construction gives the item an attractive look, which is going to make your vehicle look more powerful. Trust me when I say this, a good exhaust can completely change the outlook of your vehicle!

Furthermore, the item is quite lightweight. This allows you to install it in your vehicle with little or no effort. Plus, the exhaust offers an unhindered flow of gas, which contributes to the superior performance of the engine. Because of the superb efficiency, you get amazing torque and horsepower.

Also, because of the efficient flow of gases, the temperature of the engine is always steady. Therefore, the engine doesn’t overheat and also provides better fuel consumption.

However, the exhaust does come with two major flaws. One of them is the fit! It comes with certain dimensions that are not adequate to be installed in various vehicles, and you might need to weld the system to install it. Thus, you would need to speed extra cash when fitting it.

In addition to that, the second and most noteworthy flaw is its price. The system costs around 700 to 750 dollars, which is considerably heavy!


  • Has a fabulous build
  • Assures efficient flow of gas
  • Prevents the engine from overheating
  • Easy to install


  • The price of the product is quite high

Note: I’ve also reviewed some exhaust system for Dodge ram 1500 Hemi. Read this review if you need to buy one.

4. Flowmaster 817614 American Thunder 409S

If you are in the search for a highly dependable exhaust system, then I think the Flowmaster is just right for you! Unlike the standard exhaust systems that come with only a single set of pipes, this one comes with two. Such a feature will provide you with several perks, and we shall be discussing them shortly.

The dual side feature enhances the flow of gas and efficiently emits all the gas produced from burning fuel. Therefore, successfully regulates the temperature of the engine and prevents it from overheating. Also, this feature provides the vehicle with efficient fuel consumption and better torque and horsepower.

Besides, the stainless-steel construction provides the exhaust with extreme durability. Thus, there is less chance of a system getting damaged when you are drinking. Moreover, the stainless-steel factor provides it with resistance to rust, erosion, etc. So, it is a remarkable one-time investment.

And the product has a compact dimension, enabling you to correctly install it in your vehicle. When this is paired with its feather-like weight, installing it in your vehicle is like a child’s play.

Lastly, the most lucrative feature of the product is that you can enjoy all these astonishing perks at a very affordable price.


  • Can be installed in several vehicles with ease
  • Offers superior performance along with efficient fuel usage
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel build
  • You can purchase the product at a very affordable pricing
  • Efficient and smooth flow of gas prevents the engine from overheating


  • The product is not capable of making a heavy sound


5. MBRP S5338BLK 3-Inch Cat-Back Exhaust System

When it comes to excellent and excellent performance, you can effortlessly depend on MBRP. The company is known to provide some marvelous exhaust systems and, the S5338BLK is one of them. First of all, the exhaust pipe has a black finish, which a great addition to make your vehicle more attractive.

Apart from the looks, installing the item is as easy as a walk in the park. It comes with bolts that allow you to install the unit inside your vehicle with minimum or no complications. Plus, the mandrel bent tubing makes the entire installation process more straightforward.

Next, the design of the entire system is out of the box. All the seams are sealed, which prevents it from or other unwanted corrosion to occur. Also, the black coating prevents it from getting damaged from extreme heat or impacts in all kinds of conditions.

Furthermore, the unit is made from durable and sturdy material that enhances the longevity and durability of the product. In short, once you buy it, from my research, I can tell that it’s going to be around for a long time.

Last but not least, the sound it makes is going to be music to your ears. When you are speeding, I assure you that the roars from your vehicle will give your different feeling.


  • Comes with a bolt that allows easy installation and prevents the need for welding
  • Can be installed in several types of vehicle
  • Sturdy and durable build prevents it from being damaged easily
  • Offers superb efficiency and performance


  • Cannot be installed in all the versions of the Toyota Tacoma


6. Genuine Toyota Parts PT910-89061 Cat Back Exhaust for Toyota Tacoma

Are you an owner of a Toyota vehicle and are not willing to go for anything other than Toyota parts? If you are, then this brand is ideal for you as it makes parts specifically for Toyota. However, you won’t be able to use products from this brand in other vehicles.

Nevertheless, these are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for Toyota, so I can tell you that installing their exhaust system in your Tacoma will be a reliable choice. The product offers remarkable performance and efficiency.

All the gas is efficiently ejected, thus, preventing your engine from heating up. Such a characteristic does enhance the efficiency of the engine, allowing it to output superior torque and horsepower.

Furthermore, as it helps your engine work more efficiently, the usage of fuel by the vehicle is reduced exponentially. Hence, reducing the amount of money, you spend on fuel. Moreover, due to its lightweight build, installing the item is an effortless task.

From what I have found out during my test, the construction of the product is not quite durable. It seems that it doesn’t have a rust-proof build, which reduces the longevity and durability of the product. Sadly, the chances of the unit getting damaged on the road are quite high.


  • Efficient gas emission ensures proper regulation of the engine’s temperature
  • Offers improved torque, horsepower
  • Provides efficient fuel usage and reduces the money spent on fuel
  • Due to its light construction, installing the item is a simple job


  • The looks of the product are quite simple and unattractive
  • Doesn’t come with a rust-proof coating


7. Flowmaster 17432 Cat-Back System Dual Side Exist

Dual exhausts are quite efficient. And I present you to the Flowmaster’s 17432, which can be deemed as one of the best dual exits exhaust systems in the market. Because of the two exits on the system, the emission of gas is considerably more efficient. Thus, it successfully prevents your car’s engine from heating up.

In addition to regulating the temperature, the Toyota Tacoma dual exhaust increases the torque of the vehicle as well! As the temperature of the engine is kept steady, it grants optimum performance by maximizing the torque and horsepower. Also, less fuel is required to run the vehicle.

To top it all off, the sound emitted from the exhaust system speaks of power. If you have installed this in your vehicle, every time you rev, you will be hearing a sweet sound that lets others know who the boss is.

It is installed with hangers, hardware, and a mandrel-bent 16-gauge tubing, which makes the installation a simple task.

But there is a major flaw in such an excellent device. The dimensions of the product prevent you from installing it in various types of vehicles. In short, if you have the latest version of Tacoma, then there is a chance that this item is not compatible with it.


  • Produces an aggressive sound every time you are on the road
  • Offers simple installation
  • Enhances the torque and horsepower and reduces the fuel usage
  • perfectly regulates the temperature of your engine


  • Not suitable for all versions of the Tacoma


8. Dynomax 39447 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

Dynomax is one of the big guns when it comes to making top-notch parts for vehicles. And their 39447 is surely a great exhaust system. It has a stainless-steel build, which I can guarantee, is going to prevent it from being damaged when you are on the road.

Also, stainless steel allows the system to withstand extreme heats. Plus, it comes with a highly efficient gas flow that makes sure no gas is build-up inside the car. So, the engine doesn’t get overheated and can facilitate you with superior performance. And as the engine works efficiently, the rate of fuel consumption is also reduced.

Another fantastic feature of the product is that though it has a heavy-duty construction, it is considerably lightweight. It weighs around 14.75-pounds (around 6.9 kilograms). Such a feather-like weight allows you to carry the unit effortlessly and do the installation with ease.

Finally, the CRF technology used to make the product assure excellent sound. Due to this, whenever you drive your vehicle, the system will produce a deep sound and does so by preventing an unwanted resonance from the inside.


  • All the necessary accessories will be provided on the day of purchase
  • Assures uncomplicated installation
  • Enhances the performance of your engine and reduces its fuel consumption
  • Emits a deep sound


  • You might not be able to install it on all versions of Tacoma



It is your job to ensure that your Tacoma is performing perfectly. And to do that, having a top-notch exhaust system is pretty important! That is why I came up with this article, the best exhaust system for Toyota Tacoma, to make your search easier.

Now if you ask me, I would suggest you go for Borla 140680! It grants you all the remarkable features which will ensure the optimum performance for your Tacoma.

The best part is that you can enjoy the thing at a very reasonable price range. Also, if you want an exhaust that is even more reasonable, then I suggest you opt for the MBRP S5326AL.

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