Best Trailer Hitch For Subaru Crosstrek

Last Updated on August 4, 2022

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CURT 13382

The best trailer hitch for Subaru Crosstrek

If you are looking for a trailer hitch for Subaru Crosstrek and you don’t have the time to shop around then just go for this one. Overall, its performance and build quality are unparalleled.

A hitch or trailer hitch is the connector between a trailer and a tow vehicle. It bolts onto the vehicle and that generates a coupling point to hook up your trailer. The towing job can be a big pain if you don’t have the right tool for it.

In this article, I will talk only about the best trailer hitch for the Subaru Crosstrek from different brands that will make your life smoother. Trail hitches are vehicle-specific. Here, I will discuss only those hitches that fit different models of the Subaru Crosstrek series.

If you are a proud Subaru Crosstrek owner, then you should stay with me till the very end.

Best Trailer Hitch For Subaru Crosstrek

1. CURT 13382 Class III Trailer Hitch

The first one that I have with me is from the brand CURT. They are a well-known brand in the hitch industry for their vehicle-specific hitch design. CURT already has over 1,000 different hitch models under their name. That tells you the level of experience they have. Their hitches come in 5 different classes.

CURT 13382 here is a class 3 trailer hitch. It is perfect to handle some serious towing. The weight capacity of this one enables it to handle different-sized trailers. The 2” receiver tube will allow a variety of towing options. It will accept a bike rack, ball mount, tow hook, cargo carrier, and much more.

The gross trailer weight of this hitch is 3,500 lbs, so that makes the tongue weight of it between 350 to 525 lbs. The tongue weight is the weight that a loaded trailer exerts downward on the hitch ball of your tow vehicle. The tongue weight should always be between 10 to15 percent of gross trailer weight.

This hitch is very strong and durable. The manufacturers tested it according to SAE J684 standards to ensure utmost safety. Then there is a dual coat finish of Bonderite and gloss black powder coating. Those layers make the hitch resistant to UV rays, rust, and chipping.

The custom-fit design will ensure a perfect attachment to the selected model years of Subaru Crosstrek. Make sure you check out the compatible model list to know if it will fit your Subaru Crosstrek.


  • Perfect fit with selected models
  • Fits with a various vehicle type
  • Strong towing capability
  • Good looking design
  • Fully protected from UV rays, rust, and chip
  • Reasonable price

2. CURT 13135 Class III Trailer Hitch

Another one from CURT and I hope this time you don’t need the intro to the brand. I already explained why CURT is one of the best in the business in the first product review. If you didn’t read that already, I recommend you go back and make yourself familiar with this brand.

The CURT 13135 is another class 3 trailer hitch from Curt. So, that means it has a 2 x 2 inch hitch receiver. That hitch receiver allows a lot of towing options like a ball mount, bike rack, cargo carrier, tow hook, and many more. It will fit perfectly with the selected models of Subaru Crosstrek.

Just like all the other hitches from CURT, this one is also tested in the real world at their engineering facility. For your safety, they also tested it according to SAE J684 standards.

It has a dual coat finish of rust-resistant A-coat liquid and a black powder-coated finish. That makes this hitch resistant to UV rays, rust, and dust.

Just like the 13382 CURT class iii trailer, the gross trailer weight is 3,500 lbs when the tongue weight is 525 lbs.

All those features make it a perfect towing machine that can be your next favorite trailer hitch.


  • Custom-fit with various vehicle models
  • Strong towing capacity
  • Dust and rust-resistant
  • Reasonable price tag

3. Draw-Tite 76209 Class 3 Max-Frame Hitch

Now for a change, let’s look at a trailer hitch from the brand Draw-Tite. Draw-Tite is a premium trailer hitch brand. They are in the vehicle product business for over 70 years now. Their products are tested rigorously to ensure you have the safest product in your hand. They produce 5 different classes of the trailer hitch.

The Draw-Tite 76209 works perfectly with vans, trucks, and sport utility vehicles. It attaches directly to the frame and you won’t need to worry about any drilling or welding. The 2-inch square receiver tube opening ensures a perfect fit and solid all-welded construction makes it a durable one.

The gross trailer weight of this hitch is 4,500 lbs and the tongue weight is up to 675 lbs. The black powder-coated finish with the A-coat base makes it weather resistant. That also protects it from corrosion and keeps it look like new for a long time.

The computer-aided design ensures a perfect fitting and is tested thoroughly for top towing performance. It is a class 3 trailer hitch.

For the pricing part, as I already mentioned that Draw-Tite is a premium brand, so the price is on the higher side. But the performance you will get from this one will surely satisfy that price tag.


  • Custom-fit for some selected models
  • Impressive towing capability
  • Computer-aided design
  • Easy to install


  • The price tag is a bit high

4. CURT 11286 Class I Trailer Hitch

And now I have another hitch from CURT. It’s actually quite difficult to ignore the CURT hitch when it comes to a quality trailer hitch. Their years of reputation came from all the love and praise they received from the customers. You can always trust their product without any doubt.

The CURT 11286 is a class 1 trailer hitch. It is compatible with selected model years of Subaru Impreza and XV Crosstrek. Class 1 trailers are rated for small to medium towing jobs. This one has a gross trailer weight of 2,000 lbs and a tongue weight of 200 lbs.

This one has a standard 1-1/4-inch x 1-1/4-inch receiver hitch allowing it to have versatile towing options available. It can be used to tow lightweight utility trailers, mount a cargo carrier, or a bike rack.

The liquid Bonderite coating and black powder-coated finish make it a rust and UV resistant piece of machinery. This curt hitch is tested according to SAE J684 standards for road safety.

It is very easy to install. You will get all the hardware needed for hitch installation with the package.

I think I don’t have to tell you any more about the quality of the CURT product. Moreover, CURT always keep their customer in mind before pricing and this one is no exception either.


  • A good option for small towing jobs
  • Allows a lot of towing options
  • Dual coated finish
  • Easy to install
  • Reasonable price tag

5. Draw-Tite 76084 Class 3 Round Tube Receiver

The last item I have with me today is another hitch from Draw-Tite. This premium brand produces some quality trailer hitch that performs extraordinarily well. This one is another class 3 trailer hitch.

The Draw-Tite 76084 is designed to work with vans, trucks, sport utility vehicles, and many more. It has a great amount of towing power. The gross trailer weight of this one is rated at 3,500 lbs and the tongue weight is rated at 525 lbs.

It comes with a square-shaped 2-inch receiver tube opening for a custom fit. The all-welded solid construction ensures maximum strength and durability. This hitch is protected from rough weather conditions thanks to the A-coat base combined with the black powder-coated finish.

This one is tested thoroughly to perform superbly on the road with enough safety measures. The computer-aided design will ensure a perfect fit which is the key for safety in this case.

The installation part is easy and you will get all the hardware you will need to set it up. As a premium product, the price is on the higher side for this trailer hitch.


  • Perfect fit with selected vehicle models
  • It can handle a great amount of weight
  • Rough weather resistant
  • Easy to install


  • Pricey option


Verdict on Subaru Crosstrek Trailer Hitch

All the products I reviewed today have the merit to be declared as the best option. They all are unique in their own way. If you own a Subaru Crosstrek and you decide to purchase a trailer hitch, then you can go for either one of them.

Now, if I were to choose one among them, I would probably back the CURT 13382 just for its all-around features and performance. It is cheap in price and offers a lot of flexibility in terms of towing options and car models. You won’t have to worry about the quality as CURT hitches are well-known for their great quality and performance.

Best Trailer Hitch For Subaru Crosstrek

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