Best Trailer Hitch for Honda Accord (2013-2019) Review

Last Updated on July 5, 2021

Imagine how annoying it would be to order some accessories for your car only to realize later that it doesn’t fit. And if something doesn’t fit, it won’t work the way you want it to work. Just imagine how frustrated that would be.

Now, if you are a proud owner of a Honda Accord and the model is in between 2013 to 2019, then you are in luck today. This article is all about helping you out so that you don’t experience the incident that I described earlier.

The Honda Accord series cars have some serious power beneath the hood. You should definitely think about all the other things you can do besides cruising. Like, using it for towing job in case the need arrives that is.

Now to pull a towing job, you will need a trailer hitch and you will need to know about towing capacity. Today I will talk only about them to make the process easier for you.

The product I picked is the CURT 116881 Class 1 trailer hitch. I think it is the best option available for Honda Accord series cars.

Best Trailer Hitch For Honda Accord – CURT 116881 Trailer Hitch Explained

1# It Holds A Lot Of Power

The first thing I can tell you about the Curt 116881 is that it is much more powerful than it looks like. Don’t get confused by seeing the tiny little frame. It is a Class 1 trailer hitch and Class 1 hitches tend to have a lightweight body. That doesn’t affect their towing capability at all.

Take Curt 116881 for example. It has the capacity to tow up to 2000 lbs of weight and that power is only provided by the hitch. Your car also has a towing capacity that will be calculated separately. For example, you should not play with more than 1000 lbs of weight if you own a 2015 Honda Accord.

That’s just because they are rated for that weight limit. You can consider a weight distributor if you want to deal with excess weight but I won’t be discussing that in this article.

2# Top-Quality Components

If someone knows about the trailer hitch industry, then there’s a high chance he already knows about CURT. They earned that reputation by using premium quality materials in all of their products. Their components are fully made in America.

The CURT 116881 is no exception. It also lives up to the reputation that CURT proudly holds. This trailer hitch is a premium quality American steel-made product. They then smoothed it out by using a power blast to provide that trademark finish of CURT.

To make it safe from all the dirt and dust of the road, they cured it in liquid Bonderite after the hitch was done being formed. Then they spray a black powdered coat on the body of the trailer hitch to protect it on a higher level. That coating protects it from rust, UV rays, and gravel.

Once the creating procedure is finished, they send it to stress test the product rigorously to ensure the safety of the road journey. This product is tested until it reaches the benchmark score for all safety standards that fall within the SAE J684.

All of that is done just to assure you that you have the best by your side. The CURT 116881 is built to last and some bump on the road won’t stand a chance against it.

3# Installing The Trailer Hitch

For the installation part, the first thing you need to know that you won’t need any drilling or hammering to fit it with your vehicle. The procedure is very safe and it won’t even leave a scratch on your car. The next thing that you should know that it’s not a tough job so don’t worry about that either.

The CURT 116881 comes with every essential component that you will need to install. That should give you the confidence you need. You will get the custom-fitted ball-mount, the trailer hitch itself, and all the bolts and brackets needed for a swift operation.

This one has a 1 ¼” receiver tube that is specially made to fit perfectly with all the Honda accords model from 2015 to 2019. The ball mount you will get is also specially formulated to fit that kind of receiver. Trust me, the correct ball mount part is very tricky and it’s a relief that CURT is providing them with their Class 1 hitches.

Now for the installation process, you are likely to need some help. Grab a pair of helping hands to make the process easier for you. After you find someone, the first thing you need to do is making some room to work by jacking up the backside of your car.

When you are done doing that, you will remove the rear side heat shield, then lower the exhaust and finally wire the hitch in the correct spot. There won’t be any need to use anything except a torque wrench from your side. The rest of the tool will be provided by CURT with the trailer hitch.

This simple process should take no more than an hour of your precious time. It will take even less if you already have previous experience of installing a trailer hitch. Most of the time will be needed to deal with the heat sink. Once that’s done, the process will move fast.

Final Thoughts

There isn’t any trailer hitch that can be called 100% perfect, to be honest, but the CURT 116881 can be considered pretty close to that. The beautiful craftsmanship along with the American-made premium quality materials made this trailer hitch a piece of art.

It offers quality and convenience at a very affordable price range. I highly recommend this one to any Honda Accord owner out there who is looking for a trailer hitch. Even if you weren’t looking for it, you should definitely consider it to have a force by your side when a towing need will arrive.

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