Best Tuner for F150 Ecoboost 

Okay! I know it’s all good with the F150. It’s one of the most perfect rides that you can ask for. But still, do you really feel that there’s no other way to make it a little better than yesterday? Then probably no one has told you about what the best tuner for F150 Ecoboost can do in this regard.

But it’s time to say goodbye to your worries, mate. I’m here for you with the five best tuners for F150 that will leave you simply timid-eyed with their performance. let’s check them out one by one so that you can pick your one up?

5 Best Tuners for F150 Ecoboost

The perfect tuner is the gate opener for a boosted performance. So, it’s depending on your choice that how your ride is going to do with the tech. These five are among the finest of tuners. Now, it’s on you which one you’re going to gift your car with. Let’s have a glance over them then?

1. SCT 7015

Suppose you’re having a nice ride with your F150. Suddenly another beast of the same kind just passed you impressive speed? What will do then? Just wish if you could pull off that much power or do something about it? If the second one is what you’re thinking about right now, then check the SCT 7015 Performance Tuner.

Once you bring this piece in, you’ll have to worry less about fitting it with your ride as its compatible tons of Ford Models. Just verify the compatibility and go for the purchase.

Updates are one of the prime facts in performance tuners. To minimize that hassle this one comes with Built-In Wifi. When it’s tagged to the wireless LAN, you can get the download anytime you want.

Dealing lately with the DTCs? What has put this tech piece ahead on the race of the finest is its capacity to clear DTCs. Now clearing and reading all those PCM-Diagnostic Trouble Codes right at your fingertips.

Not only that. You can even have a check on your ride’s engine parameters. To do that, you won’t need any other separate monitoring device anymore. If you need can the see the data on a PC too. Otherwise, the device itself is good enough for that.

In case you’re more of a high Horsepower & Torque lover, then you’re definitely going to adore this one. Along with boosting up your HP and torque, this bad boy is good at improving throttle response along with fuel mileage.


  • Increasing torque and HP
  • Helps in fuel economy
  • Improving throttle response
  • Helpful in Longtube headers adjustment
  • Can activate and deactivate Sound Symposer


  • Not the cheapest one

2. Bully Dog 40420

There’re dozens of tuners that can make you feel like that you’ve just thrown your money in the water. But that happens only when you don’t know which one you need to grab in the first place. Bully Dog 40420 is a kind of tuner that not only can save you on that, but also can get you what you’re craving for in a tuner.

Bully Dog is a brand that has always put performance before everything. In the 40420 they’ve done the same thing by getting it the Dyno Proven Performance. They know what it means to you have an increased HP and torque under the hood. So, they’ve included the DYNO-proven tune files to take care of that.

Like as always the manufacturer of this tech ensured the huge parameter list to let you have the perfect dash monitoring. Along with that, the necessity of custom tune files has not lost the appeal a bit. So, they’ve kept the door open to store a maximum of 10 custom-tune files.

To snatch away the job of your scanner, Bully Dog has given it the feature of code clearing as well. Now it can not only diagnose the codes but also clear them to save you those extra bucks.


  • Increasing the HP and Torque
  • Auto door lock feature
  • Clearing codes
  • Easy to use
  • Good number of performance parameters


  • Installation can be slow in some models

3. DiabloSport T1000

What is called ‘waste’? It’s when you spend on something and before you get the complete value of the money back you have to spend again. If you don’t want that to happen to you when you get a tuner, then I think DiabloSport T1000 is worth a try. Let me tell you why.

With tones of pre-loaded tunes, you can take your vehicle to a greater edge of performance. What it doesn’t have? CAI Tunes, Pulley Tunes, Economy, Towing, Extreme, Factory, Performance – you just name it and it’ll be there.

As a perfect replacement for your OBD2 scanner, this tech piece can do things perfectly than your old scanner would’ve. If you think, it’s time to save all those hundreds of bucks on reading and clearing trouble codes, then you better go for this one.

Who doesn’t love to have the scope to customize their own gauge layout? But don’t worry, T1000 has got your back there. Let its virtual gauges deal with that. Moreover, it supports custom tuning too along with accepting 5 of the additional custom tunes (max).

All the data of your hours of logging/recording will be completely safe with its 100 MB onboard memory. If you need more than that, the SD card slot will get you the complete freedom over the memory expansion too.

But what about the external ease part? Well, if you need to worry about that then why the 320×240 Touch Screen color display is there for? It’ll make your user experience far better than you’re expecting.


  • Great memory storage capacity
  • Supports custom tuning
  • SD card facility
  • Easy to switch between tunes
  • Improves fuel economy


  • Confusing update process

4. SCT 5015P

Having the right performance tuner is becoming one of the common desires of riders these days. It’s because not everyone is happy with the regular boring stock tuning. They want something better. But SCT with their 5015P performance tuner has shown again that why they’re in the game to fill that gap up.

If you too want to break the walls of limitation on the performance of your ride, then 5015P is the wand to make that magic happen. But first, let me tell you about the externality. For your easy access over every setting, it has the Color 4” touchscreen display. Now you need is just let the fingers do their things.

This piece has shown great performance in optimizing the air/fuel ratio. All thanks go to its dyno-proven tune files (Pre-loaded). They’re also the same reason why it has been so good at engine timing along with fuel curves. Indeed, they can push the horsepower and torque to a finer edge.

Its automatic shut on/off system is also responsible for making it a perfect tuner. Now, when you won’t be needing it, you can put that on sleep mode. As it can hold up to 10 of the custom tunes, the performance curve won’t be falling down this time for sure.

I know losing all those bucks on reading and clearing DTC codes was hurtful. But 5015P from now on can handle that on your behalf. Moreover, the Built-in performance calculator is nothing but a perfect touch for maximizing its acceptability as the right tuner.


  • Adjustable interface
  • Wide display
  • Faster speed on data logging and monitoring
  • Convenient to use
  • Automation of shut off/on


  • Should’ve had more clear user instructions

5. Bully Dog 40417

Looking for a performance tuner that can reshape the numerical figure of HP on your ride? Or are thinking of something that can take the torque to a better level? Let me tell you about something that can do both. Yes, it’s the Bully Dog 40417.

This sun of a gun can push the HP to an extent that after seeing it the only thing you’ll have remain to do is feel amazed. On high Octane setting, this piece can push the HP to 35 and if you ask on the Torque, then it can go to 40 ft. lbs. (max).

Now let’s see what it can do in a regular performance setting. Well, the results are quite impressive here too. Here, the peak HP will be 15-20 hp and the torque 15-20 ft.lbs. Sounds perfect as your next performance tuner, right?

If you still want more out of it, then check out its multiple preloads and the custom tune files. Once you utilize them over your ride, you won’t have to look back to your old tuner for performance boosting.

As the fuel saver, 40417 is nothing less than any of the finest tuners. When you’re up for some long hauls, just let the fuel-saving preloads do their thing. After that, all you’ll have to do sit back and relax. Anyway, this tech is also going to help you out on diagnosing and clearing trouble codes for perfect engine operation.


  • Easy to use
  • Can clear and diagnose codes
  • Improve torque and HP
  • Perfect for fuel economy
  • Tons of vehicle parameters


  • Some might not like the screen size

Final Words

Having impressive improvement over your vehicle’s performance is nothing impossible anymore. All you need to have something like the best tuner for F150 Ecoboost. Just put fix that up with your ride. After that, the only thing you can expect and get from it is the perfect performance.

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