How to Clean Brake Rotors without Removing  Wheels 

Last Updated on June 6, 2021

Brake rotors of your vehicles are one of the most important parts for your comfort and safety. It is remains connected with the shaft of the car and known as the disk brake system. If you love your vehicle, then you should clean your vehicle’s brake rotors occasionally. It is recommended to clean it after a long ride though. If you don’t do so, then it may get rusty and malfunction.

Whatever, Cleaning brake rotors may seem to you complex as you will feel disturbed because of the wheel. You may find it better to remove the wheels to get the brake rotor in front of you in a full part easily. But it is a hassle removing the wheel of your vehicle very often. Without it, removing wheels many times may lose the bolt and nut of your wheel. So you need to know techniques for cleaning brake rotors without removing wheels.

In this article, I will be talking about the ways following which you can clean your vehicle’s brake rotors without removing wheels. So, stay with the article till the end.

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How to Clean Brake Rotors without Removing  Wheels

Daytona Brush

The Daytona brush is renowned for cleaning the brake pads or wheels of the vehicle. You can buy such a brush to clean your brake rotors. Basically, it is a long and nylon furry brush with a plastic handle. You can take the brush using the handle and put it within the blank spaces of the wheel rim to the brake rotors. It’s quite easy to apply the technique by just sitting down beside your vehicle.

The brush is flexible and long enough to reach the deep part where you cannot put any other material to clean such as cloth or hard brush. The Daytona is used for cleaning the most complex design wheel also. Following this trick for cleaning brake rotors of your vehicle, you will only need some water and a Daytona brush.

Leaf blower

Well, you can purchase a leaf blower also. A leaf blower usually used in the back of your home garden. Basically, it’s an electric air blower machine with a powerful motor system. The dust gets easily into mud when you put water or other cleaning liquid to clean your rotor.

But if you use a leaf blower, then you will not need to face this kind of problem.  The leaf blower is powerful enough to blow the dust easily. The most important thing about using this leaf blower that its air can reach all parts of your rotors while it is difficult for your latest complex design of wheel rim.

Inspect the Pads

Well, there is a mechanical system that cleans your brake rotor while you are driving your vehicle. The brake pad does the maximum job out there. If it is a full-size braking pad, then it will surely cover the whole braking rotor. Then you will not need any cleaning tool to clean it separately. And when it decays, the rotor gets itself out and there in the blank space, the dust and rusts find places to stick. You can see that important to check your pads in a while. SO, you can go this way. Don’t forget to get a new one if requires.

Dedicated Brake Cleaner

There are lots of products out there for degreasing and cleaning metal surfaces like brake cleaner. You can use those in regarding cleaning brake rotors as well. It comes with liquid forms and you can put it in a spray bottle. The bottle can be replaced with a long pipe instead of its cap. You just need to put the spray pipe to the rotor and spray the dedicated cleaner. After spraying it you need to wait for some time and then wash it with regular water.

In this way, you don’t need to open or removing the wheel as you can easily reach the rotor with the pipe of your spray bottle.

Soap with water

The easiest equipment is soap and water to clean your brake rotors. Usually, the rotor gets sticky with tar, oil, fat, or resin. The cheapest way to apply here is soap water. You will need to make a solution of water and soap and apply it to the rotors.

You can use a hose pipe or spray pipe with a small motor. You will have to hold the pipe from outside of the well and put the pressure of water on the rotors. The water flow will blow the unwanted particles and soap will clean it more by itself. All is you need to hold the pipe in the right direction and maintain a proper variable angle.

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