How to Make a Chainsaw Winch

Last Updated on June 28, 2021

Lifting a heavy object is never a walk in the park, and it is draining, sometimes impossible. For this reason, you will need a winch, which will be of great assistance in hauling the object.

While a winch motor is useful in saving cars and trucks, smaller objects such as animals could use an improvised winch. For this reason, we are introducing the chainsaw winch, which is not only cheap but also lighter to carry around.

How to Make a Chainsaw Winch: Beginner’s Guide

Homemade Chainsaw Winch

But how do you go about making the chainsaw winch as a newbie? This article takes you through a complete guide of the same. So, shall we get the show on the road on the process?

You will need the following:

  • A chainsaw winch
  • A chainsaw engine
  • A duct tape

Step 1: Free the Chainsaw Engine

As the name suggests, the chainsaw winch stems from the use of a chainsaw, at least for the engine part. The chainsaw attaches to an engine, which you can easily detach. Besides, it is the only way to use the engine for your winch since you cannot use the two pieces of equipment simultaneously.

Actually, the main reason it is detachable is to allow for a saw change. Use this factor to your advantage, replacing the saw with the winch.

So, you will remove the chain and the bar that connect the saw.

Step 2: Check the Engine

Please have a closer look at the chainsaw engine to ensure that it is functional before engaging the winch. Change the oil if necessary, then check all the other parts section by section.

Look at the clutch, the throttle, and the other general parts to ensure they are not rusty or damaged. The point is to ensure that you only engage the winch to a functional engine so that you have a smooth performance.

Step 3: Unbox the Winch

Note that it is possible to make a chainsaw winch yourself, using scrap metals and strong cables. However, if you do not have all the necessary items, using one from the shop makes an awesome choice.

So, the winch will come with its cable that already has hooks. You will also get a chainsaw adapter, which ensures that the winch is compatible with the chainsaw engine.

Step 4: Connect the Winch to the Chainsaw Engine

Remember that when removing the saw, you had to get rid of its parts as well? A large saw washer is left in the connecting point, which you should also remove. In its place, you will get a small washer that comes with the winch.

You will see a 7-tooth sprocket on the saw, which you should get for your winch fixing. Insert it in a corresponding hole on the winch. In front of the hole are two more slots, which you should insert the bar studs you obtain from the saw.

Then, at the lower side of the winch are other slots, where more bar-adjustment studs, which you also get from the saw, will perfectly fit.

Finally, tighten every nut on each of the bar studs.

Step 5: Install the Cable

Unroll the cable and stretch it to ensure that it is straight, without folds and tangles. Then, slip it through a hole you will spot on the drum and push it to get it through the opposite side.

Rotating the drum, you will get the cable rolling around it until there’s no more cable. Since you don’t want the cable spooling later, you can keep it tight around the drum with the duct tape.

Step 6: Give Your Chainsaw Winch a Try

Now you can start the engine and try to use the chainsaw. You can unwrap the cable and hook it to a log on the compound. With the assurance that it is working, you will have no doubt when you finally need it.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have learned how to make a chainsaw winch, all that remains is in your hands. Using the information, have your DIY chainsaw winch working within less than an hour.

If you have the choice, remember to get the winch that is chainsaw-specific. It will make your task easier and more fun than you could have imagined. Finally, you can haul logs, animals, games, and other stuff that stressed you out.

How to Make a Chainsaw Winch

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