How to Refill Co2 Tank Using an Air Compressor

Last Updated on June 10, 2021

It is seen that many people face difficulties with refilling Co2 using an air compressor. But, this is not supposed to happen. Refilling up the Co2 tank using an air compressor is not a big deal for anyone. Yes, it may seem to be a little bit difficult for you if you are a newbie. But, the Co2 tank can be refilled easily if you follow two simple steps. In fact, you can do it by yourself without asking for help from an expert.

However, in this article, I am going to tell you how can you refill your Co2 tank by using your air compressor. So, If you are facing the same problem, then you should spend here a few minutes. I hope after going through my article, you will be able to refill your Co2 tank using an air compressor.

Before going to refilling the Co2 tank, you need to go through several steps –

  • Checking the tanks Integrity.
  • Understanding the PSI Rating of the Tank.
  • Using the right fill adapter.
  • Make the Tank empty.

Checking the tanks Integrity

Checking the integrity of the tank means actually checking the fitness of the tank. You need to be careful, the tank you are going to refill should be tested and approved before going to refill. If your tank is not tested, then you should make your tank hydro-tested first and then go for the next step.

Understanding the PSI Rating of the Tank

Usually, all the tanks come with the PSI Rating. You will find the PSI rating is mentioned on the canister bottom side or on the right outer side of the canister. You will see the PSI Rating is written like “E3000” or “3AL1800”. It is a serial number that is very long and starts with a letter.

You will understand the PSI Rating from the above-mentioned number. You may mention that there is a number or letter sequence at first. These letters or numbers express which regulatory authority’s specifications that the cylinder follows.

Then, you will see there is a short number sequence. These numbers denote the PSI Rating. Here 300 and 1800 is the PSI Rating of the two tanks I mentioned. Remember, you should never try to fill your tank more than the given capacity it holds.

Using the Right Fill Adapter

Well, you will see that your air tanks and Co2 tanks have different fittings for avoiding any kind of accident such as if you put accidentally the wrong gas type in your cylinder. Here, you will be needing an adapter to allow you for connecting to the Co2 tanks.

Before going to have the adapter, you need to keep in mind that, what type of threading your air compressor holds and what type of threading the bottle uses. This will ensure the actual fitting. However, you need to have a completed seal. Without this, you will not be able to do so.

Make the Tank Empty

Now, before getting started you need to have the tank empty. So, open the tank’s valve and let the air out from the tank. After having the tank empty, don’t forget to close the valve again.

Last Step

Now the final stage has begun. It’s time to refilling your tank. You can refill by determining Time and Size.

Before getting started, you should know the size of your Co2 tank and the amount of time total needed to refill. Because overfilling the tanks can lead to damage to your tank.

Now, multiply the size of your tank by 2. The result of this multiplication will generate, will be the time required for filling up the tank. Then the time to start running the compressor has come. But before that, remember the time should be counted accurately.

After that, a simple step has remaining to go. Turn the air compressor on and watch the time. You should turn the air compressor off when the calculated time has finished. Otherwise, you may have to pay a lot there is a possibility of happening serious concerns.

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