How to Adjust Air Compressor Pressure Switch

Last Updated on June 19, 2021

Air compressor is a useful machine in home, school or offices. It provides high air pressure, moderate air pressure, or which psi you need according to your need. If you are trying to refill a gas cylinder, then you need to control your air compressor with a high psi capability. Now the concern is how you will control and read the data of your air compressor?

In this case, you will need an air compressor pressure switch and a meter to read the data. An air compressor pressure switch is dedicated to being defined as an electric device that fixes the workflow of your air compressor. Basically, the air compressor is an electric mechanical device that works under a certain command of what the user sets during the air compressing process.

An air compressor pressure switch is consists of different parts known as contacts, Diaphragm, adjustment spring, terminals, knob, pressure switch relief valve, etc. Before you learn about how to adjust the air compressor pressure switch you need to know how does it works actually.

So, in this article, at first, we will talk about the working procedure of air compressors and then will move into how to adjust the pressure switch of an air compressor.

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What is the Working Procedure of an Air Compressor Switch?

An air compressor pressure switch is not bigger than your palm size. It is often remain covered with a metal case and inside there are one or two switches that can be manual or automated. The air compressor switch is mounted horizontally on the radiator to allow the free flow of air from its air tank to the switch. The pressure switch observes and reads the air that comes from the tank of the air compressor. If you find there is any problem or malfunctions, then you will certainly trace that by seeing the reading.

It all starts when liquid or gaseous pressure moves a piston that in turns a switch to the process and its pressure are on one side of the piston, and the switch is on the other. A spring is being added so that the piston can return to its original position when the pressure drops and you have a mechanical pressure switch.

Basically, an air pressure compressor tank gives the opposite push to the diaphragm and builds a cut-out pressure. Then the deformation of the switch begins and you get the exact PSI you wanted.

You will always seek to keep the switch in good working order and replace or repair it instantly if any issues occur. Your best defense against a tank that is over-pressurized and also airlines for the compressor is the switch that keeps you safe from out of danger and ruptures.

How to Adjust Air Compressor Pressure Switch

How to Adjust Air Compressor Pressure Switch


Before moving into the actual steps, at first, you will have to disconnect the power supply from the device. Then take off the cover of the pressure switch.


Then, you will have to remove or cap of your air compressor. After removing the cap or cover, you will see one or two large springs and one small in size. You can adjust those by turning clockwise or anticlockwise. Here, you need to know that the hysteresis is related to the small spring. You can adjust differential pressure by adjusting the small spring.


Your next task is adjusting the hysteresis or adjusting the small spring. You need to lose the pressure by turning the small spring anti-clockwise and make it in normal pressure.


Then you need to shift to the larger spring to adjust the cut-in pressure. You need to adjust according to your need. The mechanism is the same- clockwise to tight and anticlockwise to loose. All is you need to be careful and make the work slowly with caution to the right position. Well, here losing or turning anticlockwise means to decrease the pressure. Turning in clockwise means increasing the pressure.


Finally, you need to set the adjustment for cut-out pressure. After completing step-4, you have already adjusted the large springs according to your need. Then you again need to shift to the small spring and adjust it to the right value maintaining with the larger spring readings.

Checking the adjustments: 

  • Checking all the adjustments is important. You need to relocate the adjusted air compressor switch to your pipe or tank. You have to start the device and see if the lower pressure and highest pressure are the same or not according to the cut-in and cut-out pressure you have set. If the reading data are the same, then Congratulations you have done with perfection. That’s it.
  • Note that the small spring sometimes does the opposite job in different manufacturers’ products. Sometimes it adjusts the cut-out pressure instead of cut-in. So, read the manual first and do it accordingly. Here, I have shared the fundamentals and key mechanisms of adjusting the pressure switch of your air compressor.

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