How To Spool A Winch Cable

Last Updated on June 28, 2021

If I ask you to tell me about some important steps of installing a winch, what will be your reply? Well, if I were you, then spooling a winch cable would be part of my answer as the part of important steps of installing a winch.

However, if you know about spooling a winch cable, it’s fine. If you don’t know about spooling a winch cable, then you can stay with me till the finish.

Because in this article I am going to explain how to spool the cable of your winch. I hope after reading my article, you will have a clear idea about spooling a winch cable.

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How To Spool A Winch Cable

Things that you need to have with you before spooling:

  • Winching Gloves or heavy rawhide Gloves.
  • Coat or energy absorbing heavy blanket.
  • D Shackle/Clevis and hook.
  • Nylon anchor strap.
  • An anchor point.

It is important to have a gentle tension on the wire rope because a slacken wire rope will twist back on itself. You will see better results if you keep a tight tension on the rope during the spooling process.

After that, look for an anchor point and a clear path to the point. A tree or a stump is recommended for use as an anchor.

Once the above procedure is done, wrap the nylon strap around the anchor point. While wrapping, you need to double fold the strap for adding strength. Then, thread the D shackle/clevis through both hook straps.

Your next turn would be attaching the shackle to the ends of the strap and thread the hook loops. Be careful, you should not over tighten the ends. Then always back of a 1/2 turn.

  • Locate an anchor point.
  • Hook the cable as low as possible.
  • Use a hand-over-hand technique.
  • Set hook inside the D shackle/clevis upside down.

Your next turn would be placing the energy-absorbing object like a heavy jacket or bracket strategically on the wire rope. It should be placed between the vehicle and the base of the anchor point.

This is for safety because the wire can snap under tension and can be the reason for serious injury. Then, use the winch remote control or winch switch and wind out all slack on the wire rope slowly.

After that, if the spooling process is being done from inside the vehicle, you need to pass the remote control through the window to avoid being pinched by the door of the vehicle.

You need to keep in mind that, when connecting the remote control make absolutely certain that the remote control cord can’t get tangled into the wire rope as the spooling process starts.

Important Tips and Warnings:

  • Double Check for a Clear Path: set point of the Fairlead at the front of the vehicle and the anchor point is cleared of limbs, rocks, exposed roots or holes.
  • Retract the wire Rope Evenly around the Fairlead.
  • Make Sure All Clothing is Cleared.

If you still have questions about spooling winch cable, then let us know via the comment box below. Also, check our blog and review section, you’ll find a lot of helpful winch guides and reviews.

How To Spool A Winch Cable

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    • Always spool the winch rope onto the drum as indicated by the drum rotation label. Always Wind Rope on Bottom of Drum. Never Wind Rope Over Top of Drum.


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