SeaSense Winch Review [Updated 2021]

Last Updated on May 5, 2021

Winch is really doing a great job to make the tough task easy. Some are electric winch and some are manual hand winch. Every winch has its unique features that will tell you for which purposes you can use this winch.

However, today I am going to review three-hand winches from SeaSense. If you are planning to buy a hand winch, then I will suggest you spend some minutes here with me. Go through the review, I hope you will get one for you.

SeaSense Winch Review


1. SeaSense 2000LB Galvanized Dual Drive Winch with Strap

Key Features

  • 2000lb load holding capacity
  • Solid gear construction
  • Gripped handle
  • 25 ft long strap

This winch from Seasense got 2000lb capacity for holding your small loads such as boats. With this winch, you can easily pull or lift any loads up to 2000 lb.

Besides, this winch has solid steel gears and gear pawl. With these two gears and a 4:1 gear ratio, this winch will easily get your work done and will gift you a smooth winching operation.

Moreover, this winch features a three-position ratchet with an in, out and neutral position. A 25 ft long strap comes along with the winch will help you to pull or lift an object. However, a comfortable gripped handle comes with the winch for your better and safe winching operation.

If you are a steel cable fan, then this winch brings a piece of good news to you. If you want to change the strap and install a steel cable on the winch. This winch allows you to do so.

2000 lb load holding capacity
Dual drive gears
Free spooling
Three-position ratchet
25 ft long strap

One way ratchet that means can’t make reverse operation
Low durability
Cheap hardware


2. SeaSense Winch 1600LB with Strap

Key Features

  • 1600 lb load holding capacity.
  • Solid gear construction.
  • Gripped handle.
  • 15 ft long strap.

This is another winch from Seasense. This winch has 1600 lb capacity for holding loads. With this heavy-duty dual winch, you can get your work done easily.

Besides, this winch got dual gears. With these two gears, this will winch help you to have a hassle-free winching operation.

Moreover, this winch offers a two-way ratchet. This means this winch allows to have both inner and reverse winching operation.

However, this winch features a free spooling option and a 15 ft long strap. With this 25 ft long strap and free spooling option, you will have a better-winching operation. Moreover, the comfortable gripped handle of this winch will ensure you an easy, smooth and safe winching operation.

1600 lb load holding capacity
Solid gear construction
Dual drive gears
Two-way ratchet
Free spooling
Comfortable gripped handle
15 ft long strap

The winch is not galvanized


3. SeaSense 900 lb Zinc Plated Winch

Key Features

  • 900 lb load holding capacity.
  • Single drive gear.
  • Gripped handle.
  • 12 ft long strap

The last winch on my list has got 900 lb load holding capacity. This winch perfect for small loads. This winch features zinc-plated steel that means this winch is durable and resistant to bad weather and corrosion.

Besides, this winch features a two-way ratchet. This means you can use this for inner and reverse pull.

This winch has a solid construction of gear. With this solid gear construction and 3:1 gear ratio, this winch ensures a good winching operation.

Moreover, this winch got a 12 ft long strap and free spooling. With this 12 ft long strap and the free spooling, you will have a better-winching operation. Without, this winch has a smooth turning power-gripped handle. Using this gripped handle, you will have a smooth and safe winching operation.

Easy to install
900 lb load holding capacity
Single drive gear
Zinc plated construction
Two-way ratchet
Free spooling
Smooth turning power gripped handle
12 ft long strap

None so far


About the Brand Seasense

SeaSense is a renowned vibrant company for innovative products and competitive prices. SeaSense is developing quality marine and trailer products like winches since 1984. SeaSense offers you better quality products at an affordable price.

Verdict on Seasense Winch

Well, I am done. I have reviewed three-hand winches from SeaSense having different capacities and features. In this review, I tried to mention all pros and cons of these three winches. I hope after going through my article, now you will be able to make the right decision for you. So, it’s time to make your pick.

However, if you ask me about my recommendation then I will say – the third winch seems to me heavy and good than the first two winches although it has less capacity and short strap.

seasense winch review

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