What To Do With Old Brake Rotors

Last Updated on August 22, 2022

Brake rotors are an important part of your vehicle. It plays an important role in the braking system of your vehicle. However, as you know that there is nothing in the world that will last lifelong. No exception to your brake rotors. Your vehicle brake rotor may get old and even damaged. If so happens, then you will have to take a step.

Basically, In this article, I will be talking about what you can do with your old brake rotors.

In general, there are three things you can do with your old brake rotors. You can reuse it, repurpose it, or recycle it. I will talk about each option. Let’s start with reusing the rotor.

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Reusing the Rotor

Well, you can reuse your brake rotors once or twice by resurfacing the rotors before going to replace them. It is not a standard practice though.

What wrong actually happens with the rotors is that the rotors are manufactured thinner than it was supposed to be and it is stringent according to the safety law. As a result of resurfacing the rotors, their thickness gets reduced which is not legal to use.

You will find the legal limit of your rotors inscribed on its side. It may not seems to you that nothing is wrong. You will not have to worry about that. Your mechanic will measure the thickness of your rotors with the help of a brake rotor micrometer. Remember that the thickness should not be a hair-off even.

However, before going to reusing your old brake rotors, you have to go through a lot of calculations. You will have to spend approximately $200 for resurfacing the rotor including the mechanics’ charge and labor charge. Whereas you can get a new brake rotor by spending just $40 to $70. It will also give you mental peace. It’s always better to replacing your brake rotors instead of reusing them.

Repurposing the Old Rotor

Well, repurposing means using your brake rotor for another purpose. It may happen that your old brake rotor is not rusty. You can use them for your DIY project. Nowadays lots of people use their old brake rotor for lots of creative and amazing projects.

For repurposing the rotor, the old brake rotors are usually being melted down in their forge and then used for making a different kind of stuff. By repurposing the old rotor, you can make a floor lamp base, boat anchor, Dumbells, Grinder stand, A wind chime, Metal sculpture base. Edge for the garden, Wheel weights for a tractor and so on.

Recycling the Rotor

You have another option and this is recycling the brake rotor. Recycling means making the things worth using again. Most of the brake rotors can be recycled fully because they are made from cast iron, which doesn’t contain any toxic elements. Leaving the damaged brake rotors will not make any impact on the environment. However, there is an exception.

You will find some brake rotors are made from carbon-ceramic. This type of brake rotors is very expensive and also can’t be recycled, so pay heed to this issue.

However, the recycling process is not as much easy as you are thinking. You will have to follow some simple steps for that. Let’s have a look at them.

Recycling center

If you are only looking for clearing some space in your garage, then you can take your old rotor to your nearest recycling center. For this, you have to find out your local or nearest recycling center at first. Then, talk with them and confirm before loading the rotor to your truck whether they will take the rotor or not.

After that, get your vehicle prepared by laying something down such as flattened boxes of cardboard where you will be placing your rotors. It will help in not damaging your vehicle. Once you are done loading the rotors, then simply go to the recycling center. Then, talk with them about where you should unload your vehicle because rules vary from center to center. If you unload your vehicle in the wrong place, it can damage their equipment.


Again, if you have a handsome amount of brake rotors and you want to recycle them. Then you will have to take your rotors to a scrapyard. In this way, you will earn some spare cash. The amount of cash you will receive depends on the scrapyard. In general, you can get about $2 per rotor but this can vary. The scrapyard will count your value. The scrapyard will consider the current market value, demand of the industry, scrapyard location, time and the rotor quantity you have.

If you want to send your old rotors to the scrapyard, then you will have to find out a local scrapyard at first. Then talk with them because they may not take a small amount of metal. On the other hand, there may have some weight limitations in some cities. The scrapyard will measure the weight and will give you some money.


If you are a lazy person and don’t want to go through the hassle of loading the rotors to your vehicle and taking them to the scrapyard, then this option is for you. In this way, you can find someone to take your rotors away. There are lots of people who live their lives by just collecting old brake rotors. You will not earn any money by following this way, but there can be nothing more comfortable than this way.

However, if you wish to follow this way, then you will have to collect the number of Craiglist from Facebook or any other source. Once you will call them, they will pick up your old brake rotors.

Do I really need to recycle my old brake rotors?

Now, the question is that do I really need to replace my old brake rotors. Well, the straightforward answer is no. Because the brake rotor is not made from any toxic components. but it is much better and also recommended recycling the brake rotor if it is possible at all.

What To Do With Old Brake Rotors

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