How to Double Your Winch Pulling Power

Last Updated on July 16, 2021

As a proud winch owner, you are supposed to know that your winch has tremendous power for pulling. Most of the time, this pulling power is good enough to recover your vehicle. But, sometimes it may happen that this pulling power is not at a satisfactory level. That time, you need double pulling power from your winch. Now, the question is how you can make your winch pulling power double. No worries.

Today, I will be talking about everything that you need to do for making your winch pulling power double.

Well, before moving into the juicy part of our article, I think there is something to discuss about the winch pulling power like whether your winch is giving its best or not. How you can get the best pulling power from your winch. So, let’s give it a quick check.

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How to Double Winch Pulling Power

Pulling in a Straight Line

The capacity of a winch usually tested in the condition which is perfect for winching. The perfect winching conditions mean pulling in a straight line. The scenario may not be perfect in all conditions. You are not going to find an anchor point that is situated front forwards of your winch.

However, in this kind of situation when you are not finding a straight anchor point, a snatch block can benefit you most. Using a snatch block, you can turn your impossible angle to a straight line. You know that you will get the best pulling power of your winch by pulling in a straight line.

Single Line Wrap

Another perfect condition for testing the winch is having a single line wrap. This means while testing the winch they only have a single wrap of winch cable around the winch drum. In this condition, the winch can provide its best.

If your winch got multiple wraps of cable around the drum, then there is a good possibility of decreasing the winch pulling capacity by about 10%. For example, you own a winch with 20000 lb capacity and you are using 5 wraps of the winch cable. That means you are using about 60% of your winch power which is about 12000 lb.

Using a snatch block creatively, you can rig the winch in a way so that more line is spooled out. This is also a good idea for maximizing the winch pulling power using a snatch block.

This diagram shows how the winch rope can be doubled on itself to multiply the winch pulling capacity.

Snatch Block Diagram

Double Your Winch Pulling Power

Well, till now we have talked about the way for maximizing winch pulling power using a snatch block. In fact, your snatch block has the capability of making your winch pulling power double. Before that, make sure that your all pieces of equipment have the capability to handle the extra power.

Step-1: Setting strap around the anchor point

At first, you need to set your strap around the anchor point that is a tree and then hold it tight. After that, you have to connect two slides using a shackle. Then, tight them in a way so that it can hold the snatch box in a good manner.

Step-2: Setting the snatch block

In this step, you have to grab the winch cable first and then wrap it. After that, spool the winch cable and take it to the tree. Once you do this, you are done with adding the winch. Now, check the winch cable whether it is fine or not. You don’t need to power on the motor for that. You can use free spooling.

Then, after setting the winch line, you have to open your snatch block now. As you are going to make your winch pulling power double, you will find the line going fast, especially when you want your winch in a remote spot. You will get a winch line extension. The more line your winch will get, the more power your winch will have.

Step-3: Hooking up the snatch block with wire

Now, you have to set the wire to the snatch block at first. Then, hook it up. After getting the snatch block, you need to walk back to any recovery point from where you will be pulling. The soft shackle will hold your vehicle’s front bumper.

After that, turn the engine on. You will need to put a few tension on the line and then going back to the snatch block. You have to make sure that the line is placed in the center. Thus, your snatch block will make your winch power double. Now, you are set to go for winching.

Video: How to double your winch pulling power

Final Words

Make sure you have enough winching knowledge and experience to know when you are putting too much on your winch. If the load is higher than your equipment capacity, it can cause serious accidents.

How to Double Your Winch Pulling Power

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