Power Stop Brakes Review 2021

Last Updated on July 13, 2021

So, you have loads of power in your daily commuter. But that power is completely useless if you lack something that can help tame that power. What if we were to tell you that the braking for your vehicle is just as important as accelerating?

Why? Because accidents happen from lack of control, never from driving fast. And that control is achieved through several components, but the most important of those would be a good brake system. And in the brake kit world, Power Stop certainly stands out.

Welcome to our Power Stop brakes review article, where we will talk about some of the premier kits Power Stop has to offer. We will look at several options across several platforms to figure out the ideal kit to cater to your needs.

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Power Stop Brakes Review

This article does present a ranking of their kits in any way, rather, we take a look at several of their full range kits. See what sets them above their competing peers. Have a read.

1. Power Stop K2853-26 Front & Rear Z26 Street Warrior Brake Kit

We will start off the reviews with a brake kit that is sure to turn your vehicle into a high-performance street machine with proper control, something that offers up to 20 percent more stopping power over its competition—introducing the Z26 series K2853-26 from Power Stop, a kit that performs like no other.

The first thing we will take a peek at is the braking pads themselves. They are composed of a hybrid ceramic and Carbon fiber material that is essentially tailor-made to give the pads a high degree of thermal resistance. But that is not enough. The material also provides significant dust resistance.

But why is that relevant? Well, high thermal resistance also equates to higher heat dissipation. This, in turn, helps retain the stopping power at high speeds, and also if the braking prolonged and carried out liberally. The dust resistance takes it up a notch. Though, do note these are not exactly rated for track use.

With the pads sorted, let us move on to the basics of the kit itself. Like all the kits in Power Stop’s wide portfolio, the Z26 kit comes complete with all the necessary parts and components needed for a quick and easy installation. This is a complete bolt-on upgrade. Thus, no cutting, wiring, or welding is required.

Slotted brake rotors, cross-drilled and premium looking, the Carbon fiber & ceramic pads themselves, plus the installation hardware, are all included in the kit. The rotors are promptly slotted and drilled to maximize cooling efficiency. And the rotors come zinc plated to adhere to the best possible protection guidelines against rust.


  • Braking pads are composed of a hybrid ceramic and Carbon fiber material
  • Heat resistance and dissipation is a strong point
  • Completely bolt-on upgrade
  • Rotors promptly slotted and drilled to maximize the cooling efficiency


  • You might need to spend extra on lube


2. Power Stop K6268-36 Z36 Truck and Tow Front and Rear Brake Kit

So far, we have only gone over the best possible kit for your muscle car, the Z26. Do not think we have forgotten about the F150 owners out there. Power Stop has you covered with their Z36 Front and Rear lineup, more specifically, the K6268-36. Let us take a peek.

We can consider the Z36 to be the bigger, brawnier sibling of the Z26. As such, they do share quite a few similarities. We see the use of that same Carbon fiber with ceramic material in the brake pads, tremendously increasing their heat resistance and dissipation. The dust resistance is also taken up several notches.

Everyday usability remains the core concept behind these kits, with increased braking potential without skimping on daily drivability. Everything within the kit, from the rotors and pads to the mounting screws, is made to high tolerances, so you can breathe easy knowing that this kit is tailor-made for your F 150.

The rotors themselves are cast out of high grade G3000 compounds with the optimal levels of Carbon to provide additional strength, whilst also doubling down on sound dampening. To provide the best cooling performance, precise holes are drilled onto the rotor. This helps cool down your brakes in intense & prolonged braking sessions.

And the clear contact patch between the rotor and the pads are kept clean by the rounded slots, wiping away debris as you drive along. A further Silver Zinc Dichromate plating on the rotors, be they slotted or drilled, is applied on top to further improve rust and corrosion resistance.


  • Use of that same Carbon fiber with ceramic material in the brake pads
  • Cast out of high grade G3000 compounds with the optimal levels of Carbon
  • Best cooling performance achieved with precise holes drilled onto the rotor
  • Silver Zinc Dichromate plating help improve rust and corrosion resistance


  • The brakes might feel a little touchy the first 100 or so miles


3. Power Stop K2813-36 Front & Rear Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Kit

Next up, we will be peeking at a kit for those who do some heavy-duty towing from time to time. This is for people who tow equipment through the harshest of terrain and conditions and dive into the occasional trails—introducing the Power Stop K2813-36, a kit from their Z36, purpose-built to aid in heavy-duty towing.

We have already discussed in-depth about the performance and capabilities of the Z36 platform. Everyday usability is a strong point of this platform, with all the necessary components being manufactured with high tolerances, ensuring the best possible fit for your towing vehicle.

High-grade G3000 compounds? Check. Casting out as single pieces? Double-check. The folks down at Power Stop certainly do not skimp out in the manufacturing process, with the kits offering best in segment strength and sound dampening. Holes drilled into the rotor post-fabrication give the brakes that needed room to breathe.

The contact area between the pad and rotor is kept clean thanks to the rounded slots. Even if you are trudging through muddy terrain, you can stay confident that your brakes will function when you need them to. A Silver Zinc Dichromate layer on top ensures optimal rust and corrosion resistance, with good looks as a bonus.

Everything needed for a complete, easy, and seamless installation already comes within the package. A good practice would be to clean the rotors with a specialized liquid pre-installation. We do not want any factory packing oil lurking in the rotors.


  • Purpose-built to aid in heavy-duty towing
  • Best in segment strength and sound dampening
  • High grade G3000 compounds used in the manufacture
  • A Silver Zinc Dichromate layer ensures optimal rust and corrosion resistance
  • Complete, easy, and seamless installation


  • The installation guide is mediocre


4. Power Stop K2164-36 Front & Rear Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Kit

Next up, we have yet another kit from the Z36 platform, this time for the Chrysler greats such as the Aspens and Rams. The same heavy-duty towing performance with the lightweight Carbon fiber with ceramic material, the K2164-36 from Power Stop. Interested? Let us have a solid peek.

For the Z36 platform, the solid performance stat is a norm at this point. The Carbon-ceramic pads are capable of great heat dissipation, whilst resisting most of the residual heat from the pad to the rotor contact point.

Are you planning to go diving in the trails with your Chrysler? Not a problem. The additional dust resistance will help to keep your brake kit sparkly clean. Will the exemplary dust and heat dissipation performance, as you can imagine, the everyday drivability aspect is very much retained, even with a high performing kit like this.

Now, in the box, we get the usual Z36 affair. The high performing Carbon fiber with ceramic pads, the forged rotor, appropriately drilled, upgraded & high resistance stainless steel hardware, and of course, a high-temperature brake lubricant; all come as standard—everything you need for a clean and seamless installation.

With the rotors cast out of high grade G3000, Power Stop ensures nothing but the best in terms of strength and noise dampening. No more ridiculous squeaks or vibrations inside the cabin. Best part? The dampened noise is converted to heat, yes, but all of it is cooled off, courtesy of the precise holes drilled onto the rotor.


  • Heavy-duty towing performance
  • Capable of great heat dissipation
  • Clean and seamless installation
  • Rotors cast out of high grade G3000


  • You need to purchase more grease before the installation


5. Power Stop K5468-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front and Rear Brake Kit

If you have a 2500 or something beefier, you need pads that will certainly need to work overtime to control that beefiness. Power Stop has you covered in that corner as well, that too with a kit from their infamous Z36 line. Introducing the K5468-36, a heavy-duty brake kit, purpose-built to cater to the Ram 1500 to the 3500 audiences.

In case you are mildly interested in this unit, you are probably interested in total control over the towing power of your Ram. Do not worry; it holds up. Your factor standard brakes do cover your maximum towing capability. This takes that capability up several notches.

Why? When towing, you are more likely to break a great deal more than when you are not. Thus, a good set of brakes is important not just to aid control but also for safety. That is where these K5468-36’s come in. The kits are made with optimal heat dissipation & resistance in mind while throwing in some dust resistance as a bonus.

And the high performing Carbon fiber with ceramic pads, rotor (forged & drilled), stainless steel hardware, lubricants are the standard across all Z36 kits. It is no different for this one—simple and clean installation as always. Though, you might need to stock up on some brake grease for would be left wanting from the kit amount.


  • The kits are made with optimal heat dissipation & resistance in mind
  • Simple and clean installation as always
  • Strength and sound dampening best as always
  • Built with towing in mind


  • The shipping packing could be better


6. Power Stop K2070 Front & Rear Brake Kit with Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors and Z23 Evolution Ceramic Brake Pads

Next up, we are going to delve into the first of the Z23 kits we will be featuring in the article, the K2070. Why the Z23? Well, the Z23 is essentially a more affordable and tamed sibling of the Z36 line, without forgoing most of the value and brawn. Let us take a peek.

The Z23 line uses the same formulation of ceramic and Carbon fiber found in the Z36 line. Awesome. Exemplary heat resistance and dissipation, dust resistance all come as standard. As an added bonus, this material also produces minimal to no dust.

Complete kit for both the front and back, it is a total bolt-on product. As you can probably figure, installation is effortless, and so is the maintenance. The G3000 motors are built to high tolerances and maintain solid contact with the pads, all the while resisting rust and all manners of debris.


  • Completely bolt-on kit
  • Stellar dust and heat resistance
  • Carbon fiber with ceramic pads would outlast the competition
  • Stainless steel hardware a welcome add-on


  • Z23 line infamous for abysmal packaging


7. Power Stop K6375 Front & Rear Brake Kit with Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors and Z23 Evolution Ceramic Brake Pads

Yet another kit from the Z23 series, this time for a range of Fords and Lincolns, with support extended to even the police car range, the do it all, easy-to-install Carbon fiber with ceramic brake kits. That is right. We are going to marvel at the K6375 from Power Stop.

The K6375 borrows the Carbon fiber with ceramic basics from its bigger and bolder siblings in the Z36 series segment, with a significantly lower price to boot, but not withholding on any of the important features. A complete kit by all accounts, we see the use of their drilled G3000 rotors here as well.

And the result? More ‘bite’ or braking power over your average OEM replacement brake bit, with and affordability like no other. Zero ceramic dust production, stellar heat resistance, all top-notch features that make this unit a very compelling buy – all without affecting your vehicle’s daily drivability.


  • A significantly lower price to boot
  • Borrows the features of kits in a much higher price bracket
  • Bolt-on OEM replacement makes for effortless installation
  • Does not impact the daily drivability in any way


  • Needs better shipping packaging


8. Power Stop K2303 Front & Rear Brake Kit with Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors and Z23 Evolution Ceramic Brake Pads

In case you were in the open for a complete, seamlessly engineered kit from the Z23 lineup, well, the recommendations do not get any higher than those for the K2303 from Power Stop. A complete bolt-on kit, the K2303, is assembled to deliver the best possible braking power to your Honda Pilot.

Tailor-made for a range of vehicles, the K2303 makes use of the ceramic and Carbon fiber formula for optimal heat dissipation capabilities. The material also makes the kit very dust and heat resistant, with zero dust being generated from the brakes themselves during operation.

And the components are engineered with high tolerances to ensure a proper fit amongst the components themselves and with the vehicle in question. This makes the kit fairly bolt-on, with a few basic-ish tools needed to get it installed and running.

For the pads, as we said earlier, they make use of a ceramic compound that is reinforced with Carbon fibers, vastly increasing the strength and durability. This also helps reduce ceramic dust production to the point where there is almost none whatsoever. All of this is achieved without hampering everyday drivability.

Much like the Z36 series, we see the advent of the rounded slots here too. You are likely to do a bit of trail hitting with your Honda Pilot. Thus, these rounded slots will help maintain a clean rotor surface for safe braking. And the Silver Zinc Dichromate plating on the surface adds a lot to the visual aesthetic of the rotors.


  • Completely bolt-on kit; delivers the best possible braking power
  • Ceramic and Carbon fiber formula for optimal heat dissipation capabilities
  • Dust and heat resistant, with zero dust being generated from the brakes
  • Rounded slots help maintain a clean rotor surface for safe braking


  • The packaging is not that great


9. Power Stop K5803 Front & Rear Brake Kit with Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors and Z23 Evolution Ceramic Brake Pads

We have yet another upgrade for the daily commuter, this time, from the Power Stop Z23 line. The K5803 makes its entry here, with the same Carbon fiber with ceramic pads and drilled brake rotors of its much brawnier Z36 sibling, but without the price tag to match. Let us have a glance.

Like all the kits we have taken a peek at thus far, this kit is also a complete one, includes a completed set of slotted and drilled G3000 rotors and Carbon fiber with ceramic composite brake pads. Why is that relevant? Well, we get more braking power or ‘bite’ as we like to call it, especially when compared to other kits.

The affordability is most definitely a strong suit for this kit. And the Carbon fiber with ceramic formula also prevents the formation of brake dust. Thus, your wheels remain spotless, at least from brake dust, after a bit of driving.

They also make use of rubberized shims, which drastically reduce any and brake noise. This makes for, dare we say, a fairly noise-free braking experience.

Another feature carried over its Z36 sibling would be the slotted and drilled brake rotors. The holes are precision drilled, aiding airflow to the rotor itself, and the pad. This helps to optimize the rotor cooling. It was very helpful during an intense braking session, for example, when driving through extreme conditions.


  • Drilled G3000 rotors and Carbon fiber with ceramic composite brake pads
  • Affordability is a strong suit for this kit
  • The Carbon fiber with ceramic formula prevents the formation of brake dust
  • Holes are precision drilled, aiding airflow to the rotor


  • The outer packaging is a bit flimsy


10. Autospecialty (KOE5828) Daily Driver OE Brake Kit, Front, and Rear

Lastly, we had to include a unit for the people looking for a no-fuss, easy to install, OEM replacement skill, whilst still presenting a great value proposition. Introducing the KOE5828 from the daily driver series, a no-nonsense OEM replacement, with a few additional features thrown in, making the purchase a lot more justifiable.

The AutoSpecialty, or the Z17 series as some like to quality, is what we would consider a grade above the standard OEM affair. Constructed out of ceramic and with stainless steel hardware, the KOE5828 serves well beyond what you would expect out of an affordable, fast, and easy solution.

Z17 Evolution Plus brake pads, OE replacement rotors (both front and back) make up the kit. Oh, and the stainless still installation hardware. Not a bad spread at all, consider what you are paying for these. The installation? Direct bolt-on. No fuss, simply swap out with the factory kit, and you are pretty much good to go.

And the pad castings are G3000 grade, with very high levels of tolerances. So the bolt-on bit pretty much works as advertised. The rotors, unlike our previous unit, are non-directional and are mill balanced. They weight the same as their OE counterparts and also retain the same configuration for ease of operation.

Moreover, the pads themselves are constructed out of “dust-free” ceramic. No dust is given off during brake operation. Thus, your rims are not covered in a layer of fine ceramic dust in the process


  • Constructed out of ceramic and comes with stainless steel hardware
  • Direct bolt-on
  • Castings are G3000 grade, with very high levels of tolerance
  • Anti-rattle clips and anti-squeal grease included for noiseless operation


  • Significant break-in period required



And thus, we are almost done with our Power Stop brakes review. We have gone over some of the best power stop brake pads & rotors they have on their portfolio across several ranges. Like we have mentioned a little while back, this is not a ranked list by any means.

They are all good in their subsequent categories and have defined features that aided them in making it to our article. Do refer back at any opportunity. That is all from our side. Catch us in our next segment—peace out.

Power Stop Brake Company Overview

Founded in 1995, Power Stop is a trusted name in the automobile industry. Their product includes brake pads, brake calipers, brake pads and some other parts of the vehicle braking function. Their products are suitable for different types of vehicles such as SUVs, cars, utility vehicles, trucks etc.

Power Stop Brake kit Buying Guide

Who does not want to enhance his vehicle’s performance? Everyone wants to increase the performance of his vehicles. There are many ways to do that. Installing a power stop brake kit is a good idea for increasing your vehicle’s brake performance.

If you intend to go for a power stop brake kit, then you may be confused about purchasing the kit. Don’t worry. In this article, I will talk about all the necessary points of a power stop brake kit including the installation process. Let’s move in the core section.


Brands play an important fact while purchasing a brake kit. Obviously, a good brand will produce a quality product. There exists some brand that offers quality brake kits than others. So, you need to be careful while selecting the brake kits.

While searching, you will find some top-listed brands for braking kits. You should go for the quality one. It will ensure the durability and quality service of the products.

The material of the rotor

Among all the important parts of a power stop brake kit, the rotor is the mentionable one. That’s why you need to make sure that the rotor you are purchasing is made from high-quality materials. The rotors that made from iron, cast iron, carbon, aluminum and so on are known as strong and sturdy. You need to find the best one that satisfies your purpose.

The Material of Brake pad

No exceptions to the rotor material while considering the brake pad. Obviously, you should go for the best one that is made from sturdy and strong material. However, there are different types of brake pads. These are- ceramic, carbon-fiber ceramic, low-metallic, semi-metallic and so on.

Each type has its individual strong point. You need to decide which one will be compatible with your vehicle and will satisfy your purpose.

Types of Rotor

Well, you will find brake rotors coming with different patterns. They are- plain rotors, drilled holes rotors, slotted rotors, both drilled and slotted rotors.

The plain rotors are substitutes for OE rotors. The drilled rotors are for keeping the rotor cool, especially the driving time while there is a need for extreme baking applications. The slotted rotors have a reputation for keeping the dust away from the rotors and for allowing the pad to stop the rotors quickly.

Better give a quick check of all these types and pick the best one that satisfies your purpose.

Anti-corrosion protection

Protection from corrosion is really a feature to take into consideration. Generally, the area of brake rotors remains free from corrosion and rust because of friction. But, the area where friction does not exist are not safe from rust and corrosion. As a result, the rotor become corroded and break down easily. You can keep your rotor free from protection with regular maintenance though.

However, if you are too lazy to take maintenance, then a  rotor with anti-corrosion protection will be the best choice for you.

Complete Set, Pair or Separate

Well, an important one. You will see that the brake rotor kits come in different types. The types are- complete set of four, a pair for front and rear side, or only a single kit.

You need to decide which one you should pick. Go for according to your needs. If you are thinking about upgrading the rear brake kits only, then you don’t need to go for the complete set.

Installing process of power stop brake kit

Installing the power stop brake kit is a piece of cake if you follow some simple steps. I am going to provide you the installation process step by step.

Assembling the essentials tools:

Well, before getting started with installing the brake kit. You need to assembly some essentials tools that you will be using while installing. You may not get all the essentials tools in your toolbox. In this case, you have to purchase them which will cost some extra money. It will be an investment for your future though.

  1. Floor Jack:  Floor Jack or jack is used for lifting tires. You will be needing a jack that has the capability of raising more than half of the weight of the car.
  2. Jack stand: Jack stand is used for keeping the vehicle suspended once the vehicle is in the air.
  3. Brake tool: The purpose of using the brake tool is to set the new brake caliper piston into position.
  4. Brake grease: Brake grease works as a lubricant between the pads and the calipers.
  5. User manual: You will find the user manual in the product box. In case of any doubt, you can give a quick check to the manual.
Getting the wheels off the ground:

Now, your first task is to get the wheels off from its place. Before that, make sure that you have park the vehicle in a suitable area and blocked the backward wheel for preventing it from rolling. Then, make the lug nuts loosen. Be careful, you should not let out the lug nut fully. After that, raise the car using the jack and use the jack stand in order to support the vehicle on a flat surface.

Replacing the brake pads:

Now you are good enough to remove both the lug nuts and wheels. Remove both of them.

Assessing the state of the component:

For determining the extent of your truck, you need to access the brake components first. Firstly, you need to check the state of pads, caliper and rotor. Now, for removing the calipers from the rotor, you need to remove the bolts that hold the calipers together.

Then, use a coat hanger for placing the caliper inside the wheel in order to avoid breakage. After that, you need to remove the remaining bolts from the caliper and the brake pads.

Cleaning the hardware:

Then, you need to review the hardware if there is anything wrong that is behind of poor braking performance. Remove that hardware. Use a wire brush and clean the touching point of the calipers side and hardware side. It will help to prevent corrosion.

Mounting the new brake kit:

Now use the grease for lubricating the brake pad edges. Then you need to mount the new rotor and the caliper bracket to the spindle knuckle. Use the grease in a good manner for avoiding braking noise.

After getting the caliper in its place, you need to reinstall the brake pads. While installing you need to make sure that the brake pad is placed on the rear to make space for the movements of the motor. Then, you just need to align the bolt holes over the piston and caliper bracket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are power stop brakes good?

Power stop provides quality products at an affordable price. They produce a wide selection of brake kits. Their brakes work very wel.

Is power stop a good brand for brakes?


How long do PowerStop brakes last?

If properly maintained, PowerStop brakes are expected to last anywhere from 30,000 t0 75,000 miles.

Where are power stop brakes made?

Final Words

Once you get the calipers, rotors and the caliper blades in their position and fasten, now you can bleed the brakes for removing all the air and also space that the fluids took.

Then finally, replace the bolts and wheels and get the car to the surface. Make sure that you tighten up the bolts with the wheels on the surface.

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Power Stop Brakes Review

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