Quadboss Winch Review 2021

Last Updated on June 6, 2021

If you are someone who enjoys outdoors and likes to travel around rough terrains using UTV / ATV, you should always have something handy to rely on when you get into sticky situations. A winch is a welcomed and most important accessory that is able to help you get out of these unpleasant situations.

Buying the proper winch for your vehicle is vital too, since picking the wrong product that doesn’t meet your needs will make it a pointless buy.

To assist you in choosing a suitable winch for your vehicle, I’ve reviewed some of the best winches of varied capacity from Quadboss.

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Top 3 Quadboss Winch Review


1. Quadboss 5000lb Winch Review


  • Rated line pull (Single line) 5,000 lbs./2,267kgs
  • Gear reduction ratio: 165:1
  • Motor (permanent) 3.8Hp  12-Volt DC”
  • Cable (min. break force 4,200 lbs.) 1/4” x 50’ aircraft cable
  • Overall dimension 15.62” x 4.61” x 4.72”
  • Net weight: 23 lbs

The first winch I will review today has an exceptionally large amount of rated line pull for a UTV/ATV winch. This winch is capable of 5000lbs  single line rated pull. Along with a heavy-duty 3.8 hp permanent electric motor befitting its size, this winch can easily deal with almost any task you throw at it.

As expected of a heavy-duty winch, it has a universal 3 stage gear mechanism giving it faster line speed. It has 10.5 Fpm of line speed while pulling 4000 lbs of load and drawing as low as 190 amp of motor current.

This winch also includes 50 ft of abrasion-resistant wired cable along with a roller fairlead to guide it properly. It features an automatic load holding brake that will hold the load in place preventing any accident. This winch comes with a free spooling clutch and power in & power out function for ease of use.

Another great thing about this winch is that it’s dust and water-resistant with an IP67 rating, protected against debris and water damage. The package contains both corded as well as cordless remote control options


  • Fast line speed.
  • Draws low electric current.
  • Water and dust resistant.
  • Detailed instruction manual.
  • Has a wireless remote in addition to a wired one.


  • N/A

2. Quadboss 3500lb Winch Review


  • Rated line pull (single line) 3,500 lbs./1,589kgs
  • Gear reduction ratio: 241:1
  • Motor (permanent) 3.5Hp 12-Volt DC
  • Cable (min. break force 5,600 lbs.) Dyneema® rope  7/32” x 39’
  • Overall dimension 13.5” x 4.5” x 4.3”
  • Net weight 18 lbs.

The next winch we’re going to talk about is Quadboss 3500lb Winch that can recover most ATV and moderately weighed UTV.  It’s similar to the previous winch we have mentioned in some ways, but it has some distinguishing features as well.

One of the standout features is the synthetic Dyneema rope this winch has, contrary to the steel rope of the previous one. This 39 feet long strong, lightweight rope can easily float in water making it a great choice for recovery. Although synthetic rope is prone to abrasion damage, the included abrasion protection sleeve will allow you to use this winch frequently without any worry.

The gear mechanism of this winch is 2 stage metal planetary gear powered by 3.5Hp heavy-duty electric permanent magnet motor providing decent line speed. The motor itself draws a very low electric current. Like the other winches in this list, this winch also features a power in & power out function and a free spooling clutch whenever you need to pull out line. Automatic brake provides much-needed stopping power.

This winch comes with a corded remote controller. It is IP67 rated sealed and water-resistant, making it a perfect winch to take out on rough terrain and harsh weather conditions.


  • Draws low electric current.
  • Water and dust resistant.
  • Detailed instruction manual.


  • Does not have a wireless controller.
  • The provided rope is short.


3. Quadboss 2500lb Winch Review


  • Rated line pull (Single line) 2,500 lbs./1,135kgs
  • Gear reduction ratio: 241:1
  • Motor (permanent) 3Hp 12-Volt DC
  • Cable (min. break force 4,200 lbs.)  39′ x 3/16″ aircraft cable
  • Overall dimension 13.1” x 4.6” x 4.5”
  • Net weight 15 lbs.

If you are looking for an affordable winch without compromising quality, this winch will meet your demands perfectly. This Quadboss winch comes with 2500lbs of rated line pull, making it suitable for lightweight and small ATVs.

One of the standout aspects of this winch is the super-fast line speed it provides using the 2 stage planetary gear mechanism, bolstered by a 3Hp permanent magnetic motor getting you out of unpleasant situations swiftly. The motor itself draws a low electric current despite being a powerful one.

Similar to the other winches on this list, this winch also has a free spooling clutch and automatic braking mechanism. The steel cable provided is 39 ft long, and it comes with a roller fairlead. This winch can be operated in any weather or terrain as it has dust and water resistance. It comes with a corded remote and a handlebar remote.


Final Words

You need to find the winch that suits your vehicle and meets your demand in order to get the most out of it. All the winches mentioned in this list are from Quadboss, which is a brand known to make better quality winch. This US-based brand provides all sorts of quality, affordable ATV and UTV parts that meet the needs of numerous riders across the country.

The best thing about buying their product is that the model-specific mount kits and accessories are sold separately, which makes repairing and customizing them a whole lot easier.

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