Thule 599001 UpRide Roof Bike Rack Review

Last Updated on June 16, 2021

The UpRide will work well enough for you, although it’s a pretty fussy design and doesn’t seem as strong as other Thule racks. Considering the price tag of the Thule 599001 UpRide, there are better options available within that bracket.


  • It works perfectly with any adult bike and many kids bike
  • It won’t touch the bike frame
  • The arms will ensure a strong and solid hold
  • The bike won’t move or sway when traveling
  • Easy to set it up


  • The price is high
  • Bike mounting is a bit difficult
  • Better alternative available for that same price range

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Thule 599001 UpRide Bike Rack Review At A Glance

The Thule 599001 UpRide is a roof-mounted bike carrier that only holds the wheels of a bike. The UpRide mounts to T-track roof bars or practically any standard roof bar with the help of an around-the-bar adapter kit, something Thule sells separately.

The UpRide consists of two locks: one that connects the carrier to your roof bars and the other that secures the bike to the carrier. The UpRide is ideal for all but the heaviest traditional bikes, with a maximum weight rating of 20kg.

The bike mounting part requires some step-by-step instructions to follow. They are easy but will test your focus and patience.

Thule offers the ProRide version as a less expensive one.

Now, let’s jump right to the detailed review part where we will thoroughly discuss all the plus and minus points of the Thule UpRide. Stick with us a little bit longer to know more.

Thule 599001 UpRide Bike Rack- Detailed Review

The Good

1# Good Choice For Bikes With Carbon Frames

Thule UpRide grabs the bike on its platform only by its front and rear wheels. The remainder of the bike will remain upright if you lock its front wheel in an upright and straight plane. This rack is based on this concept, and it provides a solid and stiff grasp that firmly clamps its front wheel in place.

The front wheel is inserted into the front bar of the rack, and the second bar of the rack is brought up and secured onto the back of the wheel. The back wheel is then secured in a standard wheel tray, and you’re ready to go.

Because there’s no chance of crush damage or chipped paintwork, this type of rack is great for transporting bikes with external cables or carbon frames.

2# Comes Assembled With Some Modification Option

The Thule 599001 UpRide comes mostly constructed out of the box, including T-Track hardware to fit with newer crossbars from Prorack, Thule, and other brands. If you have an older circular or rectangular crossbars, or any variation of factory crossbars that don’t have the increasingly ubiquitous T-track channels, conversion kits are available.

This rack can be mounted on either the driving or passenger side. The Thule UpRide needs you to reassemble a few parts using IKEA-style illustrated instructions.

3# Great Security

This rack has inbuilt cable locks that fold neatly into the tray when not being used and can be locked to the crossbar. The cable is simply long enough to reach the back triangle and wheel. You’ll need to connect a second cable if you’d like to lock the front tire as well.

The UpRide rack comes with two lock cores: one is for the security of the T-track adjustment handle and another one to secure the cable lock.

4# Wide Compatibility Range

The Thule has a larger variety of wheel size compatibility, with sizes ranging from 20 to 29 inches. Longer wheelbases are accommodated by the longer tray, and an extra upgrade allows the UpRide to support fat bikes with tires up to 5 inches wide.

The UpRide’s front tire hook has a number of graduated positions and a little window that shows you how big your wheels are. This must be modified to match the wheel size prior to you mounting the bike on the roof, and it is accomplished by simply sliding the hook and tugging on the spring-loaded knob until it clicks into the proper length.

Loading bikes into the Thule Upride bike carrier has a set of instructions to follow. First, place the bike’s front tire in the front loop, then draw the back bar up. However, just like the forward loop, the UpRide’s rear bar can be adjusted for length, which is necessary for a correct fit.

Then, after connecting the forward and backward arms, twist a plastic ratcheting lever to lock the bike in place by tightening the bar down onto the front tire. The rear wheel will be secured in position when the bikes are locked onto the front half of the racks.

The Bad

1# Not Safe From Thieves

Even with specific locking systems, this rack cannot provide the level of security required against a determined thief. The Thule’s locking handle would be quite easy to saw through. As a result, the locks can only be considered a deterrent.

2# Better Options Available For That Same Price

Though the Thule UpRide does a fine job handling the bikes, it just couldn’t satisfy the price tag it has with the features. There are better choices available within the same price range as the Thule 599001 UpRide. For example, the Yakima Highroad has slightly better security features and is a less expensive option. In the case of loading the bikes, the Yakima Highroad is on another level for its simplicity.


Even with some amazing features, the Thule UpRide couldn’t fulfill our high expectations given the outstanding history of Thule racks. The main point in our opinion that is lessening the appeal of this rack is the price tag. If we can get a little bit more by spending a little less, then why would we settle for the expensive one, right?

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Thule 599001 UpRide Roof Bike Rack Review

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