Best Bike Rack for Hatchback 

Sometimes you feel like the world you’re living in so not your place anymore. It all gets too loud with the daily rush, workloads, traffic hassles and so much more. The only thing you can think of is having a break. Then why don’t you just take one and run to nature with it?

So, grab your bike and start your car. But how you’re going to get your bike with you? Why don’t you just pick the best bike rack for hatchback to do that for you? But which one should you grab? Let me help you out with that.

Top 5 Best Bike Rack for Hatchback

Check these five amazing bike racks that can get you nothing but the best performance. It’s time to pick yours.

1. RockyMounts Monorail 2

Have you included cycle race in your long-planned vacation, but can’t take the RV with you? No problem, RockyMounts Monorail 2 has got your back on that. All you need is just fix that up with your SUV and you’re good to go!

As it comes with a setup to carry two bikes at once, you don’t need to worry about the two-wheeler of your partner too. In case the bicycle you’ve bought is a little heavy, with the 60 lbs capacity, it’s nothing but a piece of feather for this one.

If you’re more into a group vacation with your mates, then you better go for the 2” variant. It’s because that particular type has the feature of getting expanded and occupy 3 bikes at a time. Even if they’re 45 lbs each on weight, it still can hold them up as long as you need.

It has been designed in a way that, you won’t even have to take a headache on the bike interference. Just let its adjustable tray handle that part. As it secures your two-wheelers by the front wheel, it can fit them in even if the tires are 5.0” wide.

When you’re more likely to have a ride with a wheelbase of 34” to 39”, you can just relax and bring this one in. Moreover, with the simplest installation process, it won’t cause you much of a hassle to fit in with a car or SUV.


  • Highly secured
  • Durable
  • Easy to remove and store
  • Weather resistance
  • 45° dropdown feature


  • Don’t have the easiest assembly process

2. Thule T2 Pro XT 2

When mountains call, what can hold you back? Just grab the bicycle and hop in your ride for the next bouncy adventure. But wait a sec! are you forgetting something? Yes, I’m talking about the Thule T2 Pro XT 2, your next bike rack.

First thing’s first, the installation. If you’re more of ‘the easier, the better’ person, then this what you need, mate. To make it super easy to install, Thule has included -the Tool-free Auto-Attach knob. So, if you want to tag it to your ride or remove it, things will be easy as grabbing your car keys.

When you need to tilt the rack up or down, the HitchSwitch lever will do that for you. Now if you want to get the back door open without any hassles, just let this lever do it what it does best.

Once reach the place, I don’t think you’re going to need the rack for a while. So, you can just fold that up after retrieving the bicycles. Get it back to its normal position when need them again.

With the ratcheting arm, you’ll able to secure the bike more quickly. You can get that done without causing any frame contact. Anyway, if you’re thinking about the fit-in part, then it can take in 20-29″ wheelbase and any tire with the width within 5″.


  • Easy to install
  • Perfect load capacity
  • Foldable
  • 4 Bike Compatible
  • Maximum bike clearance


  • The tilt lever handle could’ve been better

3. Allen Sports 522QR

At times we feel like just running away as far as possible from the robotic world. One of the best ways to do that grabbing your bike and run yourself in those muddy roads of nature. But if you don’t know how you’re going to carry your two-wheeler there, leave it on the Allen Sports 522QR.

Unlike all those complicated racks, this one comes with one of the easiest assembly processes. You don’t even need to spend much of your time on fixing that up with the ride.

What racks are mostly meant to be is to carry the bicycles from one place to another securely. For ensuring that Allen Sports has given you the scope to tie down each of the bikes individually. That’ll keep them protected as long as they’re in it.

Often rider gets confused about what the rack is going to do when there’s a wide variety of sizes and designs of bikes. It usually happens when you’re riding with your homies. Thankfully, the 522QR is capable of accommodating a huge range of bicycle frames with different designs.

In case you’re more into heavier bikes, the 522QR won’t let you down on that aspect either. With the 70lbs capacity, it shouldn’t be a problem for the rack to carry any of your bikes.


  • Quickly installable
  • Highly secured
  • Good weight capacity
  • Can carry up to 4 bikes
  • require low storage space


  • Can’t use on trailers

4. Kuat NV 2.0

What makes a bike rack a perfect one? Is it the weight capacity? The flexibility or its material quality? If you’re looking for all of them in one, then I think you need to look at Kuat NV 2.0 once. Once is enough because that’s what you need to fall in love with this amazing bike rack.

But what actually has made it that much perfect? The first one on that list is nothing but its perfect style. Yes, its the folding hitch style. It has left no stone unturned to maximize its convenience for you to use.

If the capacity is the topic of your question, it’s not going to disappoint you there either for sure. Even if you’re thinking about mountain biking with your heaviest bike, its 60lbs capacity can carry on smoothly. No, I’m not talking about total weight capacity. It’s 60 lbs on each and it can carry two at a time.

Not everyone has the same preference for bike designs and size. So, keeping that in mind, they’ve made it capable to hold bikes with a maximum wheelbase of 48”. I don’t think any normal bike is going to extend that number. To keep it all under your control, it can even occupy 4.8” wide tires.

As its front-tire cradle system is perfectly adjustable, it shouldn’t be a problem for it to ensure maximum protection to your bikes. To maximize that protection level, the integrated cable locks made its protection mechanism better than ever.


  • No-tool install
  • Maximum protection
  • Capacity to occupy two bikes
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • Comparatively heavy

5. KAC Overdrive Sports K2

I know, there’s nothing lovely about a wobbly bike rack. How can you even call it a bike rack that can’t even keep your bike steady and safe? Anyway, if you really want one that can pull off everything you need from a bike rack, then you better check out the KAC Overdrive Sports K2.

Thanks to its Anti-Wobble System that has made it one of studiest and safest place for your bike. Once you put them in it, the last thing you need to remember is your old wobbling hassles.

A bike being convenient is an aspect that no biker wants to compromise on. KAC with its Overdrive Sports K2 has made it up to the mark. Otherwise, why they would’ve given it the Quick Release Tilt Design in the first place? Now if you need to have access to your rear cargo, you can just fold it up and get it.

The load capacity comes with just the right number you wanted to hear. It’s 60 lbs on each bike and it can carry up to 2. Don’t worry about the security part as it has powder-coated steel tubing, which is also highly durable. They keep them safe with its padded clamps, the locking knob, and the hitch pin.

Both of its installation and adjustability came with extreme ease. As most of its parts come pre-assembled, there’s nothing much to do actually. If you’re more into e-bikes, then be happy with its 5” wide heavy-duty trays. They’ll keep almost any of those bikes in, whether it’s a road/mountain bike or one with fat-tire.


  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Convenient to use
  • Perfect load capacity
  • Strong build quality
  • Highly protective


  • A lot of plastic parts

Final Words

Having the best bike rack for hatchback is not only about carrying your bikes around, but there’s much more to it. It’ll keep your and your mates’ favorite two-wheelers safe, even in bouncy roads. Now all you need to do is grab your one and run to the vacation that you’ve been so far for.

Bike Rack For Hatchback Buying Guide

Looking forward to purchasing a bike rack for your hatchback? Got confused about choosing the bike rack? No worries.

Today, I am going to talk about all the important factors that are needed to consider while purchasing a bike rack for your hatchback. If you are looking for the same things, then you may spend a few times reading this article. It will be highly beneficial to you.

What is a hatchback?

Simply, hatchbacks are the common version of the car. The hatchback holds a hatch type door that goes to the upward direction after unlocking. Well, you may be confused that lots of cars hatch move upwards after unlocking. The difference is here. In a hatchback, there is a window attaching with the hatch. The door goes upward along with the attached window.

However, the hatchback has a good reputation as it is an economy class. Actually, most of the economy cars are designed in a hatchback style. Obviously, there are some expensive and luxurious hatchbacks too. Whatever hatchback is a good vehicle to carry both people and goods.

What bike racks does the hatchback support?

Well, as I already mention that hatchbacks are great to carry goods like bikes, luggage and so on. Different goods ask different kinds of racks. For carrying a bike, there are three different kinds of rack you will find in the market. They are- Hitch mounted, Roof-mounted and Trunk mounted.

Hitch Mounted Racks

Hitch mounted racks are the most popular version of bike racks. These racks are heavy, durable along with the good carriage capacity. Hitch racks are usually attached to the receiving hatch of hatchbacks. Installing the hitch is pretty much easy. Loading and unloading bikes are also simple. However, there are a few types of hitch mount racks. I am providing a brief below.

Vertical style:

The vertical type of racks is used for storage purposes. This type of racks has more capability of storing. It can store about 6 bikes. The main feature if the vertical style hack is that, you will be able to save space as you can load the bikes vertically. These types of the rack are stronger, durable and expensive.


A try or bike-tray is being connected to the hatch. In this style, you will be able to store 2 to 4 bikes. Loading and unloading bikes are also easy. The anti-sway feature exists in this style and you can easily access the hatch by a bit tilting the rack

Mast/Hanging style:

This type of hitch is designed with arms for hanging the bikes. Like the platform/tray style, hanging style hitch also allows storing 2 to 4 bikes. There may be a need for adapters for hanging bikes. This type of rack is foldable and cheaper.

Roof-mounted racks

The Roof-mounted racks are the most common ones and used for personal usage. In this type of racks, you can store a good number of bikes because of a good number of spaces on the roof. Installing of the roof-mounted racks need some extra tools such as flat tracks, crossbars. Without it, loading a bike is troublesome in this kind of racks. You can take up to 4 bikes using this rack with you.

Hatch/Trunk mounted racks

The Hatch/Trunk mounted racks are usually being installed on the trunk/boot/hatch/rear door. The trunk is placed on the rear side of the hatchback and doesn’t ask any kind of screw to install the rack. The installation process is also hassle-free. It can be done within a few moments with mechanical support.

The raw material of these racks is either aluminum or steel. Some hatch/trunk-mount racks are light-weight, whereas some are heavy. However, you can carry up to 4 bikes with this rack. This rack is foldable and can be used in any type of car. Loading a bike is pretty much easy.


The ultimate purpose of using the adapters is hanging bikes. Adapters are not rack. Generally, the adapters are hard and made from metal. The adapter is attached to the seat post and stem. The adapter is used for those bikes, whose frame design is not compatible with the rack.

Considerable Factors While Choosing Racks For Hatchbacks

Limitations of bike and weight

Well, there should be no problem with the hatchback as it can carry a good amount of weight. The capacity or limit depends on the bike racks. I have already talked about capacity. Hence, I will have a brief discussion here.

The hitch-mounted racks can bear a good amount of weight. Usually, the hitch racks have a weight limitation of 4 to 6 bikes. The number of bikes can vary if the bike is very heavy.

However, here is a weight limitation in the trunk-mount rack as the bikes are being hanged on the arms of trucks. This kind of rack can carry up to 4 bikes. But, there is an issue. Because of the weight of bikes, the arms start getting banned even the wight is not beyond the limitation.

Finally, the roof type. This type can carry up to 4 bikes. Weight won’t be an issue as the bikes are carried on the roof of the hatchbacks.

Whatever these are just weight limitations. Apart from this, there are lots to be considered like the quality and material of a rack.

Vehicle damaging issue

In the hanging position, swaying may exist. As a result, if the amount of swaying is high, a bike will get in contact with another. For both swaying and vibration, both bike and car can be damaged like getting scratched or ruining the paint of a car and bike.

Bike frame contact issue

Well, we install the bike rack on the hatchback for the transportation of the bike. So, if there any vibration exists on the hatchback, the bike rack will be vibrated too. As a result, one bike frame may have contact with another bike frame. There is a good possibility of damaging a frame.

Without it, while the bike is in a hanging position, still a bike frame may have contact with another bike frame. Again, there is an opportunity of damaging the frame. So, while purchasing the bike rack, this fact needed to consider if you have an expensive bike.

Specifications of Car

Well, you no need to worry about the specifications of your car. Generally, the racks come with a universal fit. That means, they will fit in any vehicle. But, if you are thinking about getting the roof-mounted rack, then you need to know the length and width of the roof of your car. On the other hand, for hitch-mount racks, you will need to know about the hitch class of your hatchback.

Loading Bikes & Accessing Hatch

The most important factors to be considered. Everyone looks for easy bike loading and hitch accessing features. Accessing the hatch may not be possible for all types of racks. For example, it is very difficult to access the hatch and loading bike in the trunk-mount rack.

In this case, the hitch mount rack is far better. Titling the rack, you can easily access it at any time. Without the tilting feature, the hitch mount rack will be troublesome like the trunk-mounted one. That’s why it is recommended to go for the hitch-mounted rack with the titling feature for your ease of use.


Price! Maybe the most important one for you. Among all types of rack, the hitch type is the most expensive one as it is strong and durable. In some cases, the roof-mounted racks are expensive though. Lastly, the less expensive one is the truck-mount racks.


If you talk about the carrying bikes, then the roof-mounted racks are the most versatile ones. Then hitch racks and truck type racks are versatile respectively.

However, if you consider the versatility with the types of bikes. Then, hitch mounted will be the best one as it can carry all types of bikes. Some bikes are not suggested to carry though.

Security (Locking options)

Roof mount rack: Roof mount rack has a crossbar lock. The crossbar is being locked with the hatchback though. All the models may not have this feature. In this case, you have to go to the aftermarket locks.

Trunk mount rack: In the truck mount rack, usually strap is used for binding your bike with racks. This binding is a secure connection.

Hitch mount rack: The hitch mount rack has a hitch lock so that the bike doesn’t get disconnected from the hatchback. Sometimes the hitch rack comes with an integrated bike lock.

Easy Installation Feature

In a word, the installation process should be easier. Talking about the ease of installation, the truck-mounted rack is the best one because of its light-weight feature. It does not ask any tools to install.

Again, a roof-mounted rack will ask using some extra tools. Lastly, the hitch mount racks are the heavy-weight. Extra screws or tools may require sometimes. Some of the hitch mount racks are easy to install though.

Anti-sway Feature

As there is a good possibility of damaging the bikes and vehicles due to vibration. So, it’s better going for a rack having an anti-sway feature.

Folding Feature

Folding capability is one of the most important ones. By having the folding capability, you can save a good amount of space. But, this feature only exists on the hitch mount rack and trunk mount rack only. So, pay heed to this matter.

E-Bike Compatibility

It’s better to purchase a rack that is compatible with the E-bike as it is getting popular day by day. The E-bikes are strong and can support both trunk-mount and hitch mount racks.

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