Car Battery Problems and Solutions

Last Updated on June 27, 2021

Have you ever heard about the kidney of a car? Kidney? Got surprised? Well, nothing to be surprised about. A kidney is one of the most important organs of the human body. Without a strong kidney, a person is considered a weak person. Whatever, while we are talking about a car, that time kidney refers to a very important part of your car. That is the battery.

A strong powerful Car battery always gifts your car a durable and smooth operation. That’s why it is important to take care of your battery.

Today I am going to discuss some common Car battery problems and how to fix them. Go through my article carefully, these will be helpful to extend your car’s battery life.

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Common Car Battery Problems and Solutions

1. Leaving Headlights On

Leaving the Cars headlights on is the main reason behind a battery failure. Most people forget to switch off the headlights. These headlights and other several internal dim lights of your car drain the battery very fast. So you should always make all the internal and external lights off while leaving the car.

Well, you may find your battery drains often without any proper reason. As a result, the car stops starting. In this kind of odd-situation, you can use your trickle charger for charging the battery. The advantage of using the trickle charger is – it can be used to charge the battery in a low amperage. Although the charging is a bit slow, this charger offers you the charging opportunity when you are not using the car.

2. Loose Terminals

Well, you may have mentioned that there are two terminals in a car battery, These are – positive and negative terminals. These terminals are connected with some definite parts using cables.

However, sometimes these connections become loose if you are not giving your battery a regular check. Without it, corrosions on the terminals may also cause a loose terminal. These loose terminals may cause a low current flow to the battery.

So, you should give your car battery a regular checkup.

3. Battery Life

All the batteries you see on the market have an average lifetime. The average lifetime of a battery is about 4-6 years. These batteries will support your car until 4- 6 years.

After this average lifetime, your battery is not supposed to support your car. So, it is a better idea to replace the battery of your car if it crosses its average lifetime.

4. Charging Issues

Generally, a Car battery recharges while running the Car. The more you will run your car, the more your car’s battery will be recharged. Whatever sometimes you may find that your battery is not working properly. These kinds of problems happen because of several reasons like playing music, radio, lights and other alternator systems.

However, sometimes charging problems may happen for the connections of terminals. So if you find your battery is not charging fully, then you should check all the charging terminals.

5. Corroded Diode

Corroded cables and diode is also a common problem for a battery. As the battery will get aged, the terminals and cables will get corroded. These corroded terminals and cables have an impact on the battery’s charging system.

If you find your battery is not working properly, then you should check the battery cables and diode. Regular maintenance of the battery is needed to avoid this kind of problem.

6. Low Fluid Level

The fuel in your car affects your battery’s lifespan. If your vehicle has a little fuel, it will decrease the level of the electrolytes in the battery. Moreover, the presence of electrolyte in the batteries is responsible for creating the circuit. As a result, it will drain the battery life. Your battery will take time to recharge.

So you should check the fuel level after 14/15 days if you are using your car regularly. This will help to increase the lifetime of the battery of your car.

7. Severe Weather Conditions

The weather has a great impact on the health of a car’s battery. Both extremely hot and cold affect your battery. Extreme hot or cold temperature leads the battery to start your car from lead sulfate. These starting systems drain excessive charge from the battery and have a great impact on the lifespan of the battery.


  • Give your car’s battery a routine inspection.
  • Always try to place your car under a shade.
  • If possible leave it in a garage in extreme weather conditions.
  • Make sure that you are switching off all the accessories while leaving the car.
  • Try to recharge your car battery fully at least once a week.

car battery problems and solutions

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