Tips To Increase Your Vehicle Battery Life

Last Updated on June 27, 2021

If you list some most important parts of a vehicle, then I can surely say- a battery will be one of them. A battery is such an essential part without which a vehicle can’t make any movement.

That’s why your vehicle’s battery needs extra care. But unfortunately, most of the roader doesn’t take care of a battery. As a result, A massive impact on battery life is seen.

Today, I am going to give you some tips following which you can improve your vehicle’s battery life.

Let’s get started.

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Tips To Increase Your Vehicle Battery Life

1. Try not to be casual about installing a battery

If you are not an expert on installing a battery, then it is better not to try installing by yourself. Any loosening or fault can cause vibration and also damage the battery. So, it is recommended to ask a mechanic for installing your battery.

2. Park Your Car in the Shade

The responsibility of a battery is transforming chemical energy into electricity. There are lots of cells that exist in the battery and each cell are made up of two plates. In these plates, there is lead, lead dioxide and sulphuric acids. These chemicals react among them and as result electricity is produced.

However, the volume and efficiency of sulphuric acid are decreased by high humidity and temperature. If there is no sulphuric acid, then there will be no chemical reactions. As a result, your battery life will be decreased.

3. Don’t skip out on routine inspection

Inspecting your battery regularly will help you to have long and durable battery life. Corroding of the terminal is very common and it happens over time. This corroding leads to the destruction of battery connections. It is true that you won’t be able to stop it. But a routine inspection will keep them clean of the buildup.

In this case, you can scrub the inspected places with an anti-seize lubricant or cola or a mixture of baking soda and water. After that, wash the place with water and dry cloth. Then, rub some petroleum jelly on the affected areas. It will help to prevent upcoming erosions.

4. Be mindful of extreme temperatures

If you are thinking about your battery life, then you should take extreme temperature into account, especially extreme cold weather. In extremely cold weather, a car can be drained within a night if you don’t take proper precautions.

It is a better idea to purchase a specialized insulation blanket for wrapping around the car. Thus, there will be less impact on battery health. The best thing will be parking the vehicle in a garage in this situation.

5. Checking the water level of the battery

Checking the battery’s water level should be under consideration if you are wishing to have extended battery life. You might see that most car batteries indicate a signal for adding water if there is a need for it. So, if there is a need for battery water, you should add this. Remember, you should only add distilled water, not pure drinking water.

6. Turn off all the accessories while idling

It is a better idea to turn all the accessories off when idling or starting the engine. Accessories like seat warmers, lights, heated steering wheels, radio navigation systems are all a drain on the vehicle’s battery. Try to turn off all these accessories before starting, especially in the cold weather.

7. Fully charge your car battery at least once a week

It is a common scenario that, people coming home from a long vacation and finding their vehicle’s battery is dead. This is because the battery drains don’t matter the car is on or off.

That’s why it is important to charge your battery fully at least once a week. This trick will help to increase battery life.

But be careful, you should not make the battery overcharged. An over-charging may lead to an explosion also the reason for breaking down the composition of the battery’s water.

8. Try not to let Your car sit for days

If you let your vehicle sit a few days or make short trips, then the vehicle won’t have enough time for recharging. Try to have a long trip very often and this will help the battery to charged fully again.

9. Checking cables and terminals

Always try to check the connection between cable and terminals every few days. The battery will have its full power only when the connections are intact. If all the cables and terminals are loosely fitted, then the ability to charge the battery will be lessened. So, all the terminals should be fitted tightly and you should maintain them very often.

10. Corrosion protection

The most common problem of a battery is getting corroded. Your simple step can protect the terminals from corrosion. For this purpose, you can use liquid electrical tape.

So, now you know how to improve car battery life. Let’s start implementing all of these tips.

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