Where to Put Grease on Brake Pads

Last Updated on June 6, 2021

Applying grease on your brake pads is an important thing. It is always recommended to put grease on your vehicle’s brake pads very often. Because this grease help to reduce the odd squealing sounds that you usually hear from the brake pads.

So, you got the point for what you will have to put grease on your vehicle’s brake pads. Now, the question is where you should put grease on your brake pads?

Obviously, the brake of your vehicle is a sensitive tool and you need to take care of it very carefully. Putting grease anywhere on your vehicle’s brake pad can be the reason for not working brake properly. And you know what it can bring. That’s why you need to know where to put grease on your vehicle’s brake pads.

In this article, I will be talking about where you should put grease on your vehicle’s brake pads.

Firstly, you should never put grease inside of your vehicle’s brake pads and on the rotors where they contact the rotors. If you put grease on the rotors of your vehicle or inside of brake pads, then it will kill your vehicle’s braking system. As a result, you will have to face major problems while driving the vehicle on the road.

Secondly, you will find few screws on the bottom and top of the caliper. These screws actually work on holding the caliper in its place. You need to put grease on these screws.

Without it, the bushing of your vehicle’s brake pads that moves the caliper forth and back also need to be greased properly. If you don’t put grease on it properly, then there is a possibility that it can freeze up and fail for disengaging the brake. As a result, it will affect the mileage of your vehicle and also will cause extra wear on the brake.

Apart from that, you are supposed to find a few wear marks where the caliper rides on the frame along with the rotor. You have to sand those lightly at first with a grinder and then coat the grease. Whatever, any metal portion of your vehicle’s brake pads where metal slides metal like the brake pads inside the caliper housing need to be greased.

Questions & Answers

Is brake pad grease necessary?

It is necessary to put grease on your vehicles  brake pads if your brake is installed between the brake pads and brake calipers. Because you may hear odd noises from your vehicles braking system. If so happen, you can’t blame your brake rotors always.

Actually the noises occur because your vehicles brake shim is not lubricated with enough grease. Your applied grease will help the shims to align the caliper and pads properly. Thus the friction will be reduced as well as the noise.

Is brake grease necessary for the back of pads?

No. You don’t need to put grease on the back of your pads. Your brake will become noisy and chatter from vibration under the medium to heavy braking though. You can use a spray adhesive to use in brake and glue in the pads. Whatever, it is best to contact an expert before making any decision.

Can I reuse my brake pad and shims?

Well, it depends on your brake pad and shims condition. You can reuse them as long as they are in good condition. If you decide to reuse them, then make sure that you are cleaning them properly using brake cleaner and a paper towel or rag before attaching. Have a look at my guide on cleaning brake rotors without removing wheels.

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