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Last Updated on August 22, 2022

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Kuryakyn 7641

The Best Trailer Hitch for 2012 – 2017 Honda Goldwing

If you are looking for Goldwing Trailer Hitch and you don’t have the time to shop around then just go for this one. Overall, its performance and build quality are unparalleled.

Going on a long road trip on your Honda Goldwing motorcycle is extremely fun, but there is an unavoidable inconvenience due to its limited carrying capacity. This is something every motorcyclist has to face. However, you can easily resolve this issue by adding a trailer hitch.

The best trailer hitch for Goldwing will allow you to carry extra things to get you through the entire trip with ease. You’ll get to hook up a trailer to haul more stuff!

Unfortunately, you can’t hope to buy the perfect tool just by going to the market and randomly picking one. It’s a bit more complicated than that. With this article, I’ll help you out in finding the most suitable product!

Best Trailer Hitch for Goldwing

I have put together a list of the best trailer hitch with detailed information so that you can easily haul some extra load with your Goldwing!

1. Kuryakyn 7641 Motorcycle Accessory: Trailer Hitch

The Kuryakyn 7641 trailer hitch boasts an impressive design, allowing you to enjoy a smooth riding experience even when you’re pulling extra weights! It comes with enough power to tow almost anything you want with your Honda Goldwing motorcycle. This will help you stay on the road longer!

This is a rock-solid product that can withstand an immense amount of pressure so it won’t break no matter what you’re using the hitch for. Although the trailers that you tow with your motorcycle are usually smaller in size, you still need a sturdy hitch system. That is what you get from this model.

This thing comes with incredible strength and rigidity. Besides, thanks to the stabilizer bars, your towing experience will seem fluid enough to be enjoyable! You can even customize the appearance using the trailer receptacle kit and the trailer wiring harness.

Moreover, the bolt-on installation feature makes it easy enough to set up for just about anybody. All the hardware is included in the package. You can simply use the common hand tools to set this thing up right away! It will hold onto the bike’s frame firmly.

After installation, the mounting framework will stay hidden when not in operation. You’ll only get to see the front mounting points along with the hitch and ball system. So, your bike doesn’t have to look hideous just because you want to carry some extra weights! It will fit any of the 2012-2017 GL800 and F68 models.


  • Impressive build quality
  • Easy to install for beginners
  • Superior strength and stability
  • Designed to perfectly fit Goldwing motorcycles


  • Definitely not the cheapest option

2. XMT-Moto Gold Wing Trailer Hitch

The XMT-Moto trailer hitch kit comes with some of the best features and qualities, making it one of the best out there. This solid product will make your Goldwing ready to carry some extra loads for convenience. It’s a completely reliable tool, designed to offer excellent pulling power!

This thing will fit your Goldwing motorcycle perfectly. The installation is quite straightforward, although it might take some time. You’d be content with the rigid fitting with no flimsiness in it. Your vehicle will be ready to do the towing with fantastic reliability once you’re done installing it!

Thanks to the use of machined aircraft aluminum, this unit is rugged enough to be extremely durable without weighing tons. It’s rather light in weight, too. As this model mounts to your motorcycle’s main frame, you’d enjoy almost incomparable stability and rigidness.

Moreover, the best thing about this product is that it doesn’t rely on heavy materials for strength. Instead, there is a unique triangulation design for getting the power out of the mounting points. It allows this tool to retain its lightweight feature without compromising the load-bearing capacity.

For added convenience, this item works perfectly with both types of couplers, the ball-type, and the Heim joint-type. The kit contains everything you need to get started. By comparing the other products during my research, I can safely say that this is the best trailer hitch for GL1800 models.


  • Strong iron materials
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Designed to fit the GL1800 models perfectly
  • Comes with everything required to install the trailer hitch


  • Although straightforward, the installation can take quite some time

3. Kuryakyn 7642 Motorcycle Accessory: Trailer Hitch for Goldwing

Kuryakyn is known to be an excellent manufacturer of trailer hitches for Goldwing. So, it’s quite natural to find multiple products from them on a single list. Their 7642 trailer hitch model offers a fluid towing performance that you can’t find on others easily.

Just like the other model, this one comes with superior power and rigidness that you want in your tool. You can rely on this thing to carry fully loaded trailers without any issue. Thankfully, even when pulling the heavyweights, your ride will remain smooth and enjoyable enough.

This honda goldwing trailer hitch kit is extremely solid as it’s really well-built. That’s something you want in a trailer hitch even though bikes don’t usually carry too much. It would really be inconvenient if the hitch breaks during the ride, wouldn’t it? This is something that you won’t have to deal with if you choose this tool.

The appearance is completely customizable using the trailer receptacle kit and the wiring harness. Being compatible with 2001-10 GL1800 motorbikes, it’s very likely to hold onto your Goldwing vehicle brilliantly. There won’t be any ill-fitting.

You will find all the hardware that you need for installation like the stabilizer bars, weldment plates, crash bar mounting brackets, etc. All you’d need for installing the whole system is a handful of common hand tools you most probably already have.

And this thing smartly remains hidden to make sure your vehicle looks as beautiful as ever, even with the added tool!


  • Provides fantastic stability and towing strength
  • Built with high-quality materials for durability
  • Highly compatible with most of the GL1800 models
  • Offers easy installation as everything comes included


  • The trailer receptacle kit is not included with the product


In my opinion, the “Rivco Complete Gold Wing Trailer Hitch Kit” comes with all the features and quality you look for in the best trailer hitch for Goldwing.

To begin with, this is a highly durable unit that is sure to be long-lasting. It’s superbly lightweight but still manages to offer excellent strength. Fortunately, this thing isn’t all that expensive either. It’s something you can definitely count on!


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  1. RIVCO told me their hitch does not fit the 2021 Goldwing due to changes Honda has made. As of now, June 30, 2021, RIVCO does not have an offering for 2021


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