Warn VR evo vs Warn VR Winch Review 2022

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Warn VR EVO series

After completing an in-depth analysis of the Warn VR EVO Vs. Warn VR winch debate; I’m going to vote for the Warn VR EVO series without any second thought.

It’s because VR EVO offers all the latest technologies, better performance, more cost-effective, more efficient and reliable.

Warn VR Evo is the newer version and it has more advanced features than the older Warn VR series.

Both of these series target the truck, SUV, or Jeep users, and offer the same load capacities of winches.

However, the features, benefits, and pitfalls of these two series are not entirely the same.

Let’s learn the differences between these two series, the features both these series offer, and the individual insights of each of the winches under these two series.

It will help you to decide on one for sure.

Let’s get down to the real nitty-gritty.

Warn VR Evo Vs. Warn VR Series – The Core Differences

Features where Warn VR Evo is ahead of the Warn VR series:

  • Warn VR Evo winches are IP68 rated, but the VR series winches are not. However, only the contractor that comes with VR winches are fully waterproof.
  • VR Evo winches cost less than the VR winches.
  • Warn VR Evo comes with an advanced remote control that can be used both as a wireless and corded remote. Whereas, the Warn VR series winches come with only a corded remote.
  • The quality of the fairlead is better in VR Evo winches than the VR series winches.
  • The Warn VR winches offer hawse fairlead for both the steel cable version and the synthetic rope version, which is not the best solution, to be honest. You should use a 4-way roller fairlead with the steel cable version of any winch. VR Evo offers roller fairlead with its steel line models.
  • VR Evo winches are more efficient and faster than the VR winches.

Feature where Warn VR is ahead of Warn VR Evo:

  • VR series winches feature an automatic load-holding brake. Whereas, the VR Evo winches offer spring brake. Spring brakes are considered to be less reliable than automatic load-holding brakes. But they still do the job though, just not in the best way.

Warn VR EVO Winch Series

Warn VR EVO series winches are the newer version of the VR series. They are focused on serving the truck and SUV/Jeep owners.

So far, Warn has released three different load capacities of winches under this VR Evo series (12000 lbs, 10000 lbs, 8000 lbs).

Let’s uncover some of the standard features, benefits, and pitfalls of Warn VR Evo series winches –

  • These units put less load on the electrical system and generate less waste heat.
  • VR EVO is one of the best entry-level standard winch series among the other series released by Warn.
  • You have the freedom to choose between the steel cable and synthetic rope for each load capacity.
  • All the winches under this VR EVO series are IP68 rated. Meaning all of them are protected from water, mud, any other outside material, and also submersible.
  • These winches feature a relocatable control pack that greatly assist for low profile installation.
  • The remote control works flawlessly, and it’s a two-in-one remote. That means you can use it as a corded or wireless remote using the same tool.
  • Warn offers the Albright contractor for this series. Albright contractors are known for their reliability and performance.
  • Warn VR EVO series winches are efficient in drawing low amp and working fast.
  • The cast aluminum tie plate genuinely increases the stability and durability of the units.
  • All these units are equipped with the standard 3-stage planetary gear train, free-spooling clutch, spring brake system, and series-wound motor to make the winching satisfactorily smooth, and secure.
  • Installing this unit is like a walk in the park.
  • The price is quite reasonable for what they offer compared to the other series of winches released by Warn.
  • The length of the lines is substantially long, and the fairleads excel in quality too.
  • You can easily replace the parts if necessary. Warn undoubtedly stands behind its customers pretty well.

On the downside –

  • VR Evo features a spring brake system instead of an automatic load-holding brake. Spring brakes are considered to be a bit less reliable than automatic load-holding brakes.

Fortunately, Warn VR Evo winches don’t have any other significant drawbacks to mention.

Yes, the highest load capacity of this series is 12,000 lbs so far but that is what Warn wants. They introduced this series as an entry point to the Warn brand.

Let’s discover some of the features and benefits specific to the models of this series.

1. Warn 103254 VR EVO 12 Winch Review

This Warn 103254 model is capable of pulling about 12,000 lbs of weight, which means you have to limit the gross weight of the vehicle up to 8,000 lbs to get the best result.

Because of its ability to pull this much weight, it’s one of the best bets for towing vehicles like ¾ and 1-ton pickup trucks, large frame rigs, etc.

It features a heavy-duty 85’ steel cable going through a high-quality 4-way roller fairlead.

The synthetic rope version offers a 90’ line, and it features a top-notch hawse fairlead. It’s obviously a lighter unit than the steel cable one. Otherwise, regarding the application, both are similar.

2. Warn 103252 VR EVO 10 Winch Review

Warn 103252 VR EVO 10 winch has the weight capacity of 10,000 lbs. That means, as per the industry recommendation, the gross weight of the vehicle needs to be equal or less than 6,666 lbs.

It’s a suitable winch for pulling vehicles like ½ ton pickup trucks, larger SUV, Jeep, etc.

This VR EVO 10 comes with a heavy-duty steel cable having a length of 90’.

The synthetic rope version also features a 90’ line. Both these versions come with a high-quality fairlead (hawse fairlead for synthetic rope, and 4-way roller fairlead for steel cable).

3. Warn 103250 VR EVO 8 Winch Review

You guessed it right!

This VR EVO 8 winch offers a load capacity of 8,000 lbs. So, you will want to limit the gross weight of the towing vehicle up to 5,333 lbs.

VR EVO 8 goes best for recovering vehicles like 2-door Jeeps and lighter SUVs.

Both this VR EVO 8 and VR EVO 8-S (synthetic line) offer a heavy-duty 90’ line and high-quality fairleads.

Let’s dig a little deeper. Now, I’m going to discuss another masterpiece series introduced by Warn earlier than this EVO series. It’s their Warn VR series.


Warn VR Series Winch

Warn VR is the earlier version of VR EVO, and it also offers three different weight capacities of winches (12,000 lbs, 10,000 lbs, and 8,000 lbs).

These were made to serve the trucks, SUV/Jeep owners too.

Here are some of the common features this VR series winches feature:

  • All the units are easy to install and use.
  • They offer the standard features like automatic direct drive cone brake to increase safety, 3-stage planetary gear, and free-spooling lever clutch for the smooth winching experience.
  • The relocatable control pack comes in handy for mounting in multiple ways (upright or low profile mounting). You can install the control pack separately.
  • You are getting a waterproof Albright contactor with these units. Albright contactors are renowned for their quality and reliability.
  • The iron brace increases stability and reduces noise.
  • Each of the load capacity offers both the steel cable and synthetic rope version off-the-shelf.
  • These winches offer ample length of lines, and the quality of the lines is remarkably good.
  • All the units feature a well-functioning 12’ corded remote to control the winching from a safe distance.

On the downside:

  • None of the winches come with wireless remote control.
  • The steel cable versions of this series come with hawse fairlead. Hawse fairlead is not the best bet for working with the steel line, but a 4-way roller fairlead is.
  • Undoubtedly, the price could have been better.

Let’s unmask a bit more about each of the models of this VR series.

1. Warn 96820 VR12 Winch Review

Warn VR 12 offers 12,000 lbs load capacity, which is quite sufficient to recover any vehicles like trucks, SUVs, or Jeeps.

As per the best practice, considering the load capacity, you should limit the gross weight of your vehicle up to 8,000 lbs. It ensures the durability of the winch too.

This steel cable version of this VR12 model features a heavy-duty 80’ steel cable. On the other hand, the synthetic rope model VR12-S features a 90’ line. Both go through a hawse fairlead.

The VR12-S weighs way less than the VR12 version.

2. Warn 96810 VR10 Winch Review

Warn VR10 winch provides 10,000 lbs weight capacity. That means, ideally, the gross weight of the vehicle should be limited to 6666 lbs.

Similar to the VR12, this VR10 winch is a good fit for trucks and SUVs or Jeeps.

VR10 features a high-quality 80’ steel cable, and the VR10-S features a 90’ heavy-duty synthetic line to withstand the tough recovering process.

No matter what type of line you choose, the power and reliability remain the same.

3. Warn 96800 VR8 Winch Review

The VR8 model offers the load capacity of 8,000 lbs. That means you should consider limiting the weight of the vehicle to 5,333 lbs to get the optimum result and ensure the longevity of the unit.

Regarding the line length, this steel cable version of the VR8 model is ahead of all the other steel line versions of the VR series. It features a 94’ heavy-duty line, which I believe is substantially long to serve the purpose.

However, the synthetic rope version VR8-S features a 90’ line, which is also quite a long line, I believe.


Verdict: My Recommendation

After completing an in-depth analysis of the Warn VR EVO Vs. Warn VR winch debate; I’m going to vote for the Warn VR EVO series without any second thought.

It’s because VR EVO offers all the latest technologies, more efficiency, reliability, better performance, more cost-effectiveness, and many more benefits for my likings.

By the way, the Warn VR & VR EVO models are premium products, so their price is also high. If you are looking for more budget options then you can check out X-Bull and Smittybilt.

What do you think is the best bet for you?


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