The Effects Of Heat And Cold On Car Batteries

Last Updated on June 27, 2021

A mild temperature is always preferrable for both humans and machines. An extreme temperature, especially too cold or too hot is always difficult to survive whatever it is a machine or human. However, my intention is not about talking about humans. I am here to discuss the machine, more specifically a battery. I am going to tell you about the effects of a battery caused by extreme weather.

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The Effects Of Heat And Cold On Car Batteries

Effects On Battery Due to Cold Weather

Cold weather effect on car battery

The electricity that the battery used to reserve, get dropped In the extremely cold temperature. As a result, it’s become more difficult for the battery to start the engine of the vehicle. Without it, in the extreme cold weather, the electrical resistance gets increased and cause vehicles to thicken engine oil and sometimes place a bigger strain on your battery.

Without, the capacity of a battery gets reduced in the extreme cold temperature. It is seen that a battery loses its 20 percent capacity at 32 degrees and drop 50 percent capacity at -22 degrees. This loss of capacity has a higher impact on the battery’s output and also impeding the ability to get the vehicle started.

Moreover, we all know that the battery recharges automatically while driving the vehicle. In the extremely cold temperature, this recharging capability of a battery is slower than the normal weather.

Whatever, You may be mentioned that the battery of your vehicle goes through a heavy load in extremely cold temperatures. Ok, let me clear this concept. In the cold, you tend to turn your vehicle’s powerful headlights due to heavy fog or run the heater, defroster and seat heaters from escaping the cold. These loads have a great impact on the lifetime of a battery. The recharging rate of a battery gets reduced for this problem.

Effects On Battery Due to Hot Weather

Hot weather effect on car battery

The most common effect of heat temperature is fluid evaporations. In extremely hot conditions, the reactions of the battery’s chemical get accelerated. These faster chemical reactions cause the heat evaporation. As a result, the battery’s internal structure gets damaged.

The charging problem of a battery exists in the hot temperature too. This time the problem is overcharging. The extreme hot temperature causes the charging system and voltage regulator. This kind of problem leaders the battery towards death.

Whatever, The downfall and deterioration inside of the battery’s lead plate are also caused by the extreme temperature.

Tips to Increase Battery Life

Try to keep your vehicle’s battery clean. Excessive dirt in the battery may drain the battery power.

  • Always try to place your vehicle in a garage.
  • It is always recommended not to charge your cell phones and GPS in the vehicle.
  • While replacing the battery, make sure that you are getting the battery with equal capacity.
  • Always keep your eyes on the charging. Your vehicle should not be Undercharged and overcharged.
  • Always care about the circuit connections of your battery. You should clean the dirt that exists on the battery terminals.

weather effects on car battery

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