Andersen Hitch Review : Weight Distribution & 5th Wheel Hitch

Last Updated on July 5, 2021

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If you are looking for Andersen hitches but can’t decide which one to buy then just go for this one. Overall its performance and build quality are unparalleled.

Andersen Hitches is currently one of the top-most brands in making different styles of hitches to make it an easy job to tow a trailer.

This company has been dominating the market for over 50 years now, and it’s entirely based in the USA.

When it’s about producing various types of hitches having several models depending on the ball size, shank size, height adjustment, etc. undoubtedly, ‘Andersen Hitches’ steal the spotlight.

So far, they released 5th wheel hitches, weight distribution hitches, and rapid hitches.

In this article, I’m going to review all those three styles of hitches mentioning all their highs and lows.

Before I begin, let me list down some of the standard parameters I weighed most, to give any hitch a place on this list –

  • The hitch style.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • GTWR and tongue-weight.
  • Its weight.
  • Height adjustment system.
  • Ball size, shank size, etc.
  • Mounting system
  • And many more characteristics specific to the model.

Now, let’s dive right into the review part.

Top 5 Andersen Hitch Reviews

1. Andersen Rapid Hitches (Plated Steel/Zinc Ball Version) Review


Like other Andersen hitches, these rapid hitches are also made in the USA. When it’s all about high-quality hitches, the USA made ones steal the show without any doubt.

Andersen hitches released several versions of the plated steel/zinc ball hitches depending on the drop/rise height, ball size, and shank size.


  • Excellent craftsmanship, look and build.
  • Unlike the other standard steel hitches, these aluminum hitches don’t rust at all.
  • These are genuinely some lightweight hitches and offer pretty straightforward design.
  • The Rapid hitches offer a multi-ball hitch system, and switching between the two ball sizes is a plain sailing task.
  • You can effortlessly switch the whole hitch around to use them as a drop hitch or rise hitch.
  • The single pin height adjustment system makes it a cakewalk to adjust the height.
  • You can mount the hitch to the receiver at two different depths depending on the clearance you need behind the vehicle.
  • All the rapid hitches withstand in all weather conditions, and they are protected from UV-radiation.
  • Andersen released a ready-made locking pin for these rapid hitches.
  • These are some highly cost-effective and durable hitches.


  • The 8” and 10” adjustable ball mount hitches offer only one mounting hole in the shank.

You can choose from 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” drop/rise height adjustments.

The easy way to know the required measurement is to measure from the ground to the top of the receiver.

If the ground to the top of the receiver distance is 20” or less, then go for the 4” height adjustment.

If it’s between 20” and 24” then go for the 6” height adjustment.

If it’s above 24,” go for the 8″ or 10” height adjustment hitches.

Here is the list of all those variations-

4” Drop/Rise Rapid Hitch

4” drop/rise rapid hitches are the smallest version of hitches amongst the Andersen rapid hitches. These 4” height adjustment hitches are suitable options for SUVs, light trucks, ½ ton trucks, etc.

Fortunately, 4” height adjustment hitches offer different ball sizes for different shank sizes. Here they are –

The gross trailer weight rating (GTWR)-

  • For 1-⅞” ball – 7500 lbs
  • For 2” ball – 8000 lbs
  • For 2-5/16” ball – 12500 lbs.

The tongue weight in each case is 1500 lbs.

6” Drop/Rise Rapid Hitch

6” adjustable ball mounts are Andersen’s standard sizes of hitches that you can use for all factory standard pickup trucks.

Like the 4” adjustable hitches, these 6” ones also offer different ball sizes and shank sizes. The list includes –

The gross trailer weight rating (GTWR) –

  • For the 1-⅞” ball – 7500 lbs.
  • For the 2” ball – 8000 lbs.
  • For the 2-5/16” ball – 10000 lbs.

The tongue weight for each ball size is 1500 lbs.

8” Drop/Rise Rapid Hitch

8” drop/rise rapid hitch also offers a total of four versions hitches depending on the ball size, and shank size –

The GTWR –

  • For 1-⅞” ball size – 7500 lbs.
  • For 2” ball size – 8000 lbs.
  • For 2-5/16” ball size – 10000 lbs.

The tongue weight – 1500 lbs.

10” Drop/Rise Rapid Hitch

The company recommends to use these hitches for the lifted vehicles, and that vehicle needs to have adjustment options from 4” to 10”.

Here is the list of different 10” drop/rise rapid hitch –

The GTWR –

  • For 1-⅞” ball size – 7500 lbs.
  • For 2” ball size – 8000 lbs.
  • For 2-5/16” ball size – 10000 lbs.

The tongue weight – 1500 lbs.

A good thing is Andersen offers a locker pin set that will work with all those hitches I’ve mentioned above.


2. Andersen Weight Distribution Hitches Review

Unlike other weight distribution hitches from different brands, Andersen features its very own version of spring bars (read chains).

These are not those typical spring bars; rather, Andersen implemented chains to work as the bars. Replacing those traditional meal bars with chains makes the hitches super lightweight.

The triangular plate that comes with the package eventually helps to control the swaying in a great deal.

Let me discuss some of the common features, benefits, and pitfalls of Andersen’s weight distribution hitches both versions (4″ and 8″).


  • Installing the hitch is a pretty straightforward task with the help of an easy to understand instruction manual.
  • You can choose between 4” and 8” drop/rise adjustable versions, and each of the versions offers several variations based on the ball size and bracket size.
  • Andersen’s weight distribution hitches are well ahead of the competition in making simplistic designs and ensuring quiet movement.
  • Its trademarked motion dampening system makes the hitches anti-sway and anti-bounce solutions for towing the trailers.
  • The hitches are so lightweight (60 lbs) yet heavy-duty ones to help to tow some heavy trucks.
  • You can use these hitches as a ball mount type hitch too. So, it’s kind of a 2-in-1 solution.
  • Each of the hitches comes with either a 2” or a 2-5/16” ball. That means you don’t have to spend extra money to make it a ball mount type hitch.
  • These hitches feature a self-adjusting sway control mechanism.
  • It’s a grease-free system where the ball and coupler move together.
  • The one-pin removal mechanism makes it an effortless job to remove it from towing vehicles.


  • Not too good if you have a heavy tongue weight trailer on a softly sprung vehicle.

Andersen 4” Drop/Rise Weight Distribution Hitches

Here is the list of different versions of Andersen 4” weight distribution hitches based on the ball size, frame bracket size, and shank size.

Andersen 8” Drop/Rise Weight Distribution Hitches

Similar to the 4” height adjustment hitches, Andersen released the following 8” drop/rise weight distribution hitches depending on the ball size, frame bracket, and shank size.

The core reason behind using a weight-distribution hitch is to get rid of the squatting tow vehicle and sway during the drive.

Andersen hitches do precisely that.

Yes, these hitches cost more than some other round bar type, and trunnion type hitches. But the performance of these hitches justifies the bill for sure.


3. Andersen 3200 Rail 5th Wheel Hitch Review


  • This hitch can be used with any industry-standard rail.
  • Installing and removing this rail hitch is like a walk in the park. Again it’s a one-person job like the other Andersen hitches.
  • It’s lightweight and super convenient to bring into the truck bed.
  • A perfect unit for both short bed and long bed trucks.
  • It features three height adjustments measuring from top of the rail to the top of the ball.
  • It’s super quiet.
  • A durable unit without any doubt.
  • You can hook up at any angle you want.
  • This unit works perfectly with a rambox equipped truck.
  • The price is quite ok for what it offers compared to its competitors.


  • Nothing significant.

Andersen 3200 rail 5th wheel hitch features a GTWR of 20,000 lbs and a tongue weight of 4500 lbs.

It weighs only 40 lbs, which I believe won’t cause any trouble whatsoever to transport the unit into the truck bed.

This hitch can be adjusted at three different heights – 15-¾” (lower), 16-⅞” (middle), 18” (upper). Adjusting the height is a pretty straightforward job too. You just have to pull out the pin from the ball mount, up and down, put the pin back in the desired hole, you are done.

While it’s a rail system hitch, at the same time, if your truck has a puck system and you want to utilize it, you can use an adapter to fit this rail system hitch pretty easily.

It lets you turn at 90-degree with ease.

As a whole, this one is a highly cost-effective 5th wheel hitch having a rail system—no question on its strength, reliability, usability, and performance.


4. Andersen Rapid Hitch (Greaseless Ball Version) Review

Andersen released some greaseless ball version hitches of the same measurement in terms of drop/rise height, ball size, and shank size similar to the plated steel versions I reviewed above.

These greaseless hitches have a Teflon and graphite cap on them, which is intended to last long. This cap is quite slippery to let the trailer metal coupler slip on without wearing it down.

On the downside, some other real users of this greaseless ball version rapid hitch found the cap comes off against frequent use.

Similar to the plated steel/zinc ball hitches, the greaseless ball hitches also offer various versions depending on the adjustable height, ball size, and shank size.

Here is the list of Andersen Greaseless ball rapid hitches –

4” Height Adjustment Greaseless Ball –

The gross trailer weight rating (GTWR)-

  • For 1-⅞” ball – 5000 lbs
  • For 2” ball – 8000 lbs
  • For 2-5/16” ball – 10000 lbs.

The tongue weight in each case is 1500 lbs.

6” Height Adjustment Greaseless Ball –

The gross trailer weight rating (GTWR)-

  • For 1-⅞” ball – 5000 lbs
  • For 2” ball – 8000 lbs
  • For 2-5/16” ball – 10000 lbs.

The tongue weight in each case is 1500 lbs.

8” Height Adjustment Greaseless Ball –

The gross trailer weight rating (GTWR)-

  • For 1-⅞” ball – 5000 lbs
  • For 2” ball – 8000 lbs
  • For 2-5/16” ball – 10000 lbs.

The tongue weight in each case is 1500 lbs.

10” Height Adjustment Greaseless Ball –

The gross trailer weight rating (GTWR)-

  • For 1-⅞” ball – 5000 lbs
  • For 2” ball – 8000 lbs
  • For 2-5/16” ball – 10000 lbs.

The tongue weight in each case is 1500 lbs.

Except for the inclusion of the cap, and differences in some GTWR value, everything here is pretty similar to the plated steel/zinc ball models.

Overall, Andersen’s rapid hitches are some of the high-quality hitches that have all the ability to beat those typical steel made units out there.

All these hitches provide excellent value for the money too.

5. Andersen Gooseneck Style Hitch Review


  • It’s super lightweight, hence effortless to carry to the truck bed.
  • A sturdy hitch to take those big 5th wheel camper’s loads.
  • Installing and removing this hitch are as easy as falling off a log. It’s a one-person job.
  • The package includes a thorough instruction manual.
  • This hitch offers Andersen’s patented remote latch/unlatch system.
  • It features ample GTWR and Tongue-weight rating to be considered as a heavy-duty hitch.
  • It’s a quiet hitch.
  • This hitch features three height adjustments.
  • It can be used with any gooseneck balls.


  • This hitch eats up a substantial amount of space, hence a little inconvenient for small truck beds.
  • Don’t expect a 90-degree turn. Nonetheless, you will be able to make it at least 85-degree for sure.
  • It’s slightly overpriced for my likings. However, still, it’s worth buying considering the durability and performance.


Andersen 3220 hitch is one of the best gooseneck style 5th wheel hitches out there that sets itself apart from the crowd.

This hitch features a 24000 lbs gross trailer weight and 4500 lbs tongue-weight rating. It clearly shows how hefty the camper can be to work with this hitch with ease.

It weighs only about 35 lbs, which I believe even your kid would do the job done to carry it into the bed of your truck.

You can adjust the height at these three positions – 16-¾” (low), 17-⅞” (middle), 19-⅛” (upper).

What attracts me most is the easiness of installing and removing the hitch in a minute. Andersen hitches have engineered the system quite efficiently.

Despite having a few hiccups, I still believe it’s worth buying this hitch if you are looking for a unique gooseneck style 5th wheel hitch.

Final Words – Should You Buy Andersen Hitches?

Overall, I liked what their products have to offer. To me, their product quality seemed great and so many people’s good words about them confirm this. Plus they have a good reputation for their product quality.

Yes, I strongly believe that these hitches won’t disappoint you. Some of the Andersen hitches have a few shortcomings which I’ve already mentioned. But these are nothing serious.

Almost all other brand’s hitches have some sort of lackings too. That’s normal and acceptable up to a certain limit. Nothing is perfect, as you know. If someone claims then I bet he is either lying or don’t know well

You can freely buy from this extensive product line of Andersen Hitches, depending on your need.

I can’t recommend a single hitch here as it entirely depends on the style of the hitch you want to go for and then the configuration you require. Select any one of the hitches from above that match your requirements.


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