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Last Updated on July 24, 2021

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WARN 103253 VR EVO 10-S Winch

The winch for jeep tj

If you are looking for a winch and you don’t have the time to shop around then just go for this one. Overall its performance and build quality are unparalleled.

Imagine getting stuck in a muddy road or hurdles with your Jeep TJ during your off-road adventures. You’ll need a winch to pull it up and, of course, a heavy-duty one. Imagine something with a one-piece tie plate, powerful motor, weather-sealed parts, and something that can pull heavy monstrous jeeps.

Well, you’ll get the best winch for Jeep TJ right here. All you need to do is read the reviews and take your pick.

3 Best Winch for Jeep TJ

A winch will come in real handy when you are on your own on the road. It will allow you to pull objects, increase maneuverability and reduce vehicle damage.

Hence, you can pick one from our list to save you trouble. So, let’s roll!

1. WARN 103253 VR EVO 10-S Winch



WARN is a well-reputed brand for making high-quality winch and this product is an example of that. It has a powerful motor to rescue you from any awry situation you may face on the road.

This winch comes with IP68-rated water-resistant construction to enhance durability. Moreover, the one-piece cast aluminum tie-plate adds the much-needed strength you need for getting out of unpleasant obstacles.

The most fantastic feature of this product is its series-wound motor and planetary gear train. They will deliver the fastest line speed under pressure without drawing many amps. And this quality makes it more popular among the users.

It is designed with a heavy-duty Albright contactor that will allow you to pull anything with superior strength. And the control packs can be relocated for a low-profile installation.

Considering these features, once you get this winch, you don’t have to wait for anyone’s assistance ever again.

Moreover, you will choose from synthetic or steel rope, which makes it unique from its competitors. And for the most reliable service, this winch is manufactured and tested in the USA, so you can’t complain about its efficiency.

In addition to all, this versatile winch is available in many pulling sizes. The one that comes with 800lbs capacity is eligible for lighter SUVs and two-door jeeps. It’s generally made for regular use.

You can also the 10,000lbs capacity, and they are perfect for ½ tons pickup trucks, more giant jeeps, and SUVs. And finally, the 12,000 capacity one is suitable for heavy-duty farm rigs and 3-4 tons pickup trucks.

On top of everything, this warn winch includes a two-in-one remote with wired and wireless options. So if you are looking for a highly efficient winch for your Jeep TJ, you should definitely take a look at this one.


  • Has one-piece tie-plate for extra strength
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • Highly durable and efficient
  • Available in different sized


  • Repair cost is pretty expensive

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2. Smittybilt X2O COMP Winch


This X20 Smittybilt winch is one of the high-performance products for your Jeep TJ. As it comes within affordable price points, you can consider getting this one without any doubt.

The 6.6 horsepower amphibious motor makes it remarkably strong. With this powerful motor, you can get out of any adverse situation without any casualties.

It is designed with a three-stage planetary gear system that comes with a 218:1 gear ratio. Therefore, you will get the fastest and effective pulling which is all we want.

Moreover, it features a sliding ring gear clutch, automatic out of drum brake. And you will get to choose from synthetic or steel cable to ensure the most excellent service.

This winch has different versions, and they are proficient enough to pull a massive weight of 10,000-17,500 pounds. Hence, you can use them to handle anything pretty smoothly!

The mounting bolt pattern of this winch is 10×4.5 inches. And the overall dimension is 22.3-inch in length, 5.4-inch in width, and 9.4-inch tall. You will need a minimum of 650CCA battery to run this winch. And it weighs around 67lbs so that it will fit in your Jeep TJ without any trouble.

However, only 17,500 lbs and 15,500 versions are available with steel cables. If you want to go for synthetic line rope, you have to look for different weight capacities.

The stainless steel hardware makes this winch highly durable. Additionally, it has a top-grade 500amp Solenoid which is entirely waterproof. And for ease of use, you will get a wireless remote control for controlling the winch.

So considering all the dynamic features, this Smittybilt X20 is a fantastic option for you!


  • Built with a powerful motor
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with different loading capacities
  • Highly durable and efficient
  • Ensures top performance in any condition


  • Steel rope isn’t available for every version

3. Superwinch Tiger Shark Winch


This product by Superwinch is one of the most ergonomic products that you can get for your Jeep TJ. It is available in a different version to suit anyone’s need which is impressive!

As it comes with a weather-proof Solenoid, you can expect remarkably durable service. This winch will be protected from rain, snow, and dust, so you don’t have to worry about its maintenance for a long time!

You have the liberty to choose from 6.0 HP and 5.2 HP motor. Bot of these motors sturdy enough to get you out of trouble in any condition. Moreover, it’s completely water-resistance hence; they are eligible for heavy-duty use.

This synthetic rope winch includes a top-tier handheld remote that allows you to control the whole thing quite smoothly. Additionally, it is equipped with an ergonomically shaped free-spool control, enabling you to have a secure grip.

The stainless steel roller fairleads and hardware gives it a robust finish. Therefore, you can go on any off-road adventure and finish the journey without any complications.

It is built with a 3-stage planetary gearbox to handle any awry situation and toque on demand. And this winch is available in 9,500lbs and 11,500lbs loading capacity so that you can use them for everyday tasks effortlessly.

It comes with synthetic rope and aluminum hawse fairlead. So we believe that this winch offers an excellent value for the price, to be honest!


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a heavy-duty finish
  • Weather-sealed parts
  • Low-maintenance and durable
  • Affordable


  • Solenoid’s weather protection can use some improvements

Final Verdict

Getting the best winches for Jeep TJ will protect your vehicle from damages and save you from many unpleasant situations. If you want to go for the most reliable product, you can get the WARN 103253 VR EVO 10-S Electric Winch without any doubt.

You can also look at the Smittybilt X2O COMP Winch as it is a pretty budget-friendly option.

Best Winch for Jeep TJ

How to Choose the Best Winch for Jeep TJ

Winch Capacity

The first thing you need to keep in mind while purchasing the best winch for your jeep TJ is the (type of winch and its capacity). We recommend you go for an electric winch.

Then, you need to pay attention to the winch capacity. The capacity of the winch should be 1.5 times greater than your jeep tj weight. If you have a jeep that weighs 5000 lbs, then you should pick a winch having a capacity of 7500 lbs.

Winch Rope and its Length

The second most important thing is the winch rope or cable. Here, you have two types of winch cables. Steel cable or synthetic rope. Both of them are good. The steel cable is popular for heavy-duty. On the other hand, synthetic rope is also good. As you will be dealing with your jeep TJ, that’s why synthetic rope will be good enough for you. Using synthetic rope is easy too.

Line Speed vs Motor Power vs Gear Ratio

The line speed, motor power, and gear ratio play an important role in a good winching experience. While purchasing the winch, make sure that the winch you are purchasing holds a good line speed, motor power, and gear ratio. These are the things where a great winching operation depends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average weight of jeep tj?

The weight for jeep tj actually varies from model to model. However, the average weight of a jeep tj is approximately 3500 lbs.

What capacity of winch do I need to pull my jeep tj?

Well, your winch capacity should be 1.5 times greater than the weight of your vehicle.

Steel cable or synthetic rope. Which one is better for my jeep tj?

Using the synthetic rope for your jeep tj will be good enough.

Is a shorter winch cable better than a longer winch cable?

Actually, a longer cable decreases the pulling capacity. It is better to have a shorter cable. You can keep an extra cable with you and can add it anytime if you need it.

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