Goplus Winch Review 2021

Last Updated on June 25, 2021

A winch is a must have for anyone who spends time off-roading. It can get you out of sticky situations whether it be mud, sand, terrain etc.

But there are a lot of winch brands available in the market which makes it confusing to find the perfect winch. In this article, I have reviewed 3 top-rated goplus winches to help you decide if you should buy it or not.

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Goplus Winch Review

1. Goplus 13000 lbs 12V Electric Wireless Winch Review

This winch has a cracking pulling capacity of 13000lbs. With this outstanding pulling capacity, this winch can pull heavy-weight objects like heavy trucks. So, if you are planning to pull heavy your loads, you may go for this. The high stability powerful copper motor will make you’re pulling easy with its explosive power especially while accelerating the winching operation. Moreover, the 5.6 horsepower motor will offer you to hold the mechanical load and dynamic brake.

The three-stage planetary gear will make the winching operation smooth. Besides, this winch features sturdy steel gear. This sturdy steel gear will help for a long time winching operation. Moreover, this winch features a high-quality brake clutch with long durability. The exciting feature of this winch is it comes with an IP67 rating waterproof system.  A 93 ft long heavy steel cable comes with a roller fairlead to guide the steel cable in the drum.

However, This winch offers you a safe winching operation offering both wired and wireless remote. You can operate your winching operation from a safe distance. With an instruction manual and easy installation system, trust me you will have a good winching operation with this winch.


  • Comes with a massive capacity of 13000lbs
  • It features a powerful copper motor with high stability.
  • Comes with 93 ft long heavy steel cable with a roller fairlead
  • Comes with Sturdy steel gear for a long time use
  • Offers three-stage planetary gear
  • Features quality brake clutch with long durability
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Both wire and wireless remote control
  • Easy installation system.


  • None so far

2. Goplus 12000 lbs 12V Electric Wireless Winch Review

Like the above-mentioned winch, this winch holds almost all the features except the pulling capacity. This winch bears a pulling capacity of 12000 lbs. With this capacity, this winch can hold the load from medium to heavy-weight vehicles. Plus, this winch also offers high-quality copper motor for accelerating the winching operation, 5.6 horsepower motor for dynamic brake and mechanical load holding system. Like the above one, it offers a three-stage planetary gear train for smooth operation. This winch also holds sturdy steel gear for a long time winching operation.

A high-quality clutch is also available in this winch. With an IP67 waterproof rating, this winch also allows continuing winching under the water. This winch also comes with 93 ft long heavy steel cable with a roller fairlead. For safe winching operation, a wireless remote is offered with a wired remote. This winch also comes with an instruction manual with an easy installation system.

3. Goplus 10000 lbs 12V Electric Wireless Winch Review

This is another winch from goplus. This winch is also almost the same as the above-mentioned two. There is a slight difference in its capacity. This winch can pull a capacity of 10000lbs. Without it, it holds the same features and mechanism.

About the Brand Goplus

Goplus is a regular tool supplier. They provide different types of products such as home items, garden items, hardware equipment, industrial products and more. Go plus aim is to provide excellent products to its customers at a reasonable price.

Verdict on Goplus Winch

Well, I have reviewed three  Goplus winches and tried to mention all the pros and cons of these winches. Now it’s your turn to take your decision.

My recommendation – Mentioned three winches bear almost the same feature. The difference is only in their capacity. So there is nothing much different. If you are looking for a winch for excessive load, then you should go for a high capacity winch.

goplus winch review

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