Important Parts of A Winch

Last Updated on March 14, 2021

Having a clear idea about different parts of the winch will help you to make the best choice when you are going to choose a winch.

That’s why it is important for you to have a clear idea about a winch. Moreover, Understanding all the parts of a winch will help you to operate it easily. This will also help you to identify different kinds of winch problems.

Winch is used for heavy-duty where you need to pull in or let out heavyweight objects. Generally, winch comes with Motor, Gear Train, Winch Line, Drum, Clutch, Winch Fairlead, Braking System, Control Box, Remote Control. Among all, the most important parts of a winch are Motor, Solenoid, and Winch gear.

In this article, I am giving you a short description of Motor, Solenoid and Winch gear. So, stay with me to have a clear idea about the important parts of a winch.

Parts of A Winch Explained


In the beginning, let’s talk about winch motor. Generally, Winch offers you two types of motor.
1)Permanent Magnet motors (PM)
2)Series wound motors (WM)

Permanent Magnet Motors: Basically the Permanent Magnet Motors is used for light and medium-duty winching. Permanent Magnet Motors offers you good pulling power and causes little strain on the battery than a Series Wound Motor. Permanent Magnet Motors also typically cost less than a Series Wound Motors. They are always less heat tolerant than a Series Wound Motors. Winching load and time should be taken carefully. If you are living in an extremely cold place, then you can avoid Permanent Magnet Motor as it loses power in extremely cold conditions.

Series Wound Motors: Generally, The Series Wound Motor is used for heavy-duty winching. In Series Wound Motors, field coils are connected in series inside with the armature coil for generating high power and torque. Series Wound Motors use more current than Permanent Wound Motors. That’s why it cost a bit higher than Permanent Magnet Motors.


Solenoid is also known as electromagnetic switch which is used to control the movement and development of a winch engine. Winch offers you two types of switches such as two solenoids and four solenoids. Among them, four solenoids are supposed to be more efficient and dependable.

Solenoid Mounting: Solenoid Mounting is one of the most significant concerns.Winch can either accompany a Remote solenoid pack or a coordinated solenoid pack. A remote solenoid is remotely mounted off of the winch and an incorporated solenoid is a piece of the winch. There are some advantages to both mounting alternatives.

2 or 4 solenoids: Winches come with two types of solenoids. They are 2 and 4 solenoids. 2 solenoid comes along with the perpetual magnet engine winches. 2 solenoid winches are less expensive, less dependable, less ground-breaking a heavier. On the other hand,4 solenoid comes along series wound engine winches. This is more grounded, increasingly dependable and lighter.

Winch gear

The actual task of the winch gear is to convert the high speed into the low speed of a powerful motor. Winch offers three types of gear.

1)Planetary gear
2)Worm gear
3)Spun gear

Planetary gear: The planetary gear is well known for programmed transmission. It is also renowned for planetary Riggins. In the present time, almost all the winches use the planetary gear. The planetary gear is more compact which offers less weight and cost. It allows smooth and strength operation along with good resistance to torque loads. The power efficiency of a planetary gear is 65%.

Heat accumulation on the brake unit is one of the negative points of a planetary system.

Worm gear: The Worm gear comes with 35-40% transfer-efficiency. Self-break is available in the Worm gear. Worm gear needs a clutch mechanism for free spooling. The reduction level is pretty high with and it is highly reliable. Worm gear comes in a stronger way with a simpler mechanism rather than a planetary gear mechanism.

Worm gear provides high dependability. It also inherent and decrease braking instrumental. The worm gear is more grounded and straight forward than any other rigging framework.

The lack of Worm gear is that it can pull slowly than electric winches.

Spun gear: Like the planetary gears, Spun gear has a free spooling tendency when it is loaded and needs a braking system.

Spun gear offers 75% of efficiency. Spun gear is very powerful whenever it comes to heavy lifting.

parts of a winch

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