AC DK Winch Review [Updated 2021]

Last Updated on June 20, 2021

Off-roading is a nice way to enjoy a holiday while having some adventure and creating some memory. But this adventure can turn into a nightmare for something like mud or hole.

Imagine your car stuck in the mud and no one is there to help you, it really is a nightmare. To ensure that it doesn’t happen with you, you should always take your best off-roading partner with you and that is a Winch. It’ll prove its worthiness just when you will need it the most.

In this AC DK winch review article, I’m going to review some best winches from AC-DK. The name AC DK is relatively new in the winch market but they are up to the challenge to compete with the other big brands. Enough with the Intro, let’s start the action.

AC-Dk Winch Comparison Table


AC-DK 13500 lbs Winch

  • Capacity: 13,500 lb.
  • Rope: Synthetic
  • Remote: Wireless
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AC-DK 9500 lb Winch

  • Capacity: 9500 lb.
  • Rope: Steel
  • Remote: Wireless
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AC-DK 12V 4500 lb Winch

  • Capacity: 4500 lb.
  • Rope: Synthetic/Steel
  • Remote: Wireless
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AC-DK 1600 lbs Hand Winch

  • Capacity: 1600 lb.
  • Rope: Cable/Strap
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AC-DK Winch Review

1. AC-DK 13500 lbs Winch Review


  • 13500 lbs. load capacity
  • 6.2HP / 4.6 kW Motor with motor cooler
  • Synthetic rope (85ft long) and Steel cable (85ft long)
  • 2x Wireless remote controller + 1x Hand Remote controller
  • Certified IP67 waterproof
  • Winch cover for rain and dust protection
  • Overload protection with safety operation gloves

Today’s first product is a powerful winch with a monstrous pulling capacity of 13500 lbs. Its brutal pulling power will drag you out of any crucial circumstances. It is the perfect winch to pull out the big jobs. It will provide a super smooth pulling performance for your Truck or Jeep. It has a powerful engine motor with 6.2Hp which is huge. It comes with synthetic rope and its length is fair enough to provide you a long-distance pulling capability.

Now if you are not a fan of Synthetic rope and prefer the old fashioned Steel cable then you are in luck because it is also available in the Steel cable version. The free spooling clutch will give a fast rope pull out advantage. It has IP67 water and dustproof quality which will allow you to use it anywhere you want without worrying about it getting dirty. Plus, it has 2 wireless remotes to control it from a distance. It is super easy to maintain and the setup is also very simple as the kit provides all required wires for installation.


  • Very high pulling power
  • Powerful motor to generate the power you need
  • Comes in two rope version
  • Comes with 2 wireless remote control
  • IP67 certified water and dust resistance
  • Fast, powerful and reliable


  • N/A

2. AC-DK 9500lbs Winch Review


  • 9500 lbs. load capacity
  • 5.5HP / 4.0 kW Motor with motor cooler
  • A 3-stage planetary gear system
  • Steel cable (85 ft long) and Synthetic rope (85 ft long)
  • 2x Wireless remote controller + 1x Hand Remote controller
  • 4-Way Roller Fairlead
  • Overload protection with safety operation gloves

The second one in today’s review is another massive pulling capacity winch. It is a high-level winch with a load capacity of 9500 lbs. This one is also for the jeeps and trucks. It will also supply a huge amount of power with a motor of 5.5HP. You can make it your partner in off-roading as it can save you from many odd situations. Its 3-stage planetary gear train will provide a smooth and efficient job. It comes with a steel cable that is heavier than the synthetic rope but will provide more power in the pulling.

You can also purchase it with synthetic rope as it is available in synthetic rope version. It comes with the roller fairlead to pull the rope back. The cable is very long which will provide you more flexibility in use. It comes with safety gloves, an overload protector and a dust cover to protect it from any incoming disaster. The wireless remote will give you the freedom to control it remotely. It also has a motor cooler which is awesome because the motor needs to cool down to avoid any internal damage.


  • Massive pulling capacity
  • Comes in two rope version
  • The motor is very powerful and safe
  • Comes with 2 wireless remote control
  • It has a dust cover to protect the winch from getting dirty
  • 3-stage planetary gear train provides a smooth and efficient job
  • Free spooling clutch for fast rope pull out


  • No waterproof protection

3. AC-DK 12V 4500 lbs Winch Review


  • 4500 lbs. load capacity
  • 1.4HP Motor with motor cooler
  • A 3-stage planetary gear system
  • Steel cable (15m long)
  • 1x Wireless remote controller + 1x Hand Remote controller
  • 4-way roller fairlead

Now I am going to talk about a low capacity winch with only 4500 lbs load capacity. You can use this one to finish some small jobs. It is perfect for ATV, UTV this type of vehicle. It comes with a 1.4HP motor which will generate enough pulling power you need to pull your small vehicles. It has a motor cooler which is a nice feature. The motor cooler will keep out the hotness and ensure its long-lasting lifetime.

This winch is also available in Synthetic rope version and it is lightweight in comparison to Steel cable. It has a line speed of 3.3 feet per minute with a full load and 9.8 feet per minute with no load. Heavy-duty 4-way roller fairlead makes the rope pulling job easy and smooth. The rope stopper and operation safety gloves that come with it is handy for safe handling.


  • Best for low weight vehicles
  • Comes in two types of rope
  • Easy to handle
  • Installation is easier with the given accessories
  • Fast, powerful and reliable
  • Provides a good value for your money


  • It’s not waterproof

4. AC-DK 1600 lbs Winch Review


  • 1600 lbs. load capacity
  • 1.4HP Motor
  • Steel cable (25 feet) and Strap (25 feet) available
  • 2x turning crank handle
  • Gear grease for heat-treatment

This is the last one in today’s review and it is a hand winch for pulling Boats, Trailers, etc. It has a very low pulling capacity of 1600 lbs. I don’t have enough information to talk about its engine and motor capabilities, so I am skipping that part. It has a strong heat-treatment Gear that comes with Gease. It comes in two ropes versions: Stainless Steel rope and Nylon Strap which are weather resistant. It comes with two turning handle crank which is 8” and 10” in length.


  • A good cheap winch for boats
  • Comes in two types of rope
  • Easy to handle even in one hand
  • Installation is very easy


  • It’s not waterproof
  • No remote control so you will have to do everything manually
  • Very low pulling capacity



Though AC-DK is a new name in the winch market, it is producing some nice value products. As they’re new in the business, I think they will try to provide their best to gain users’ support as they should be. The winch market is a very fast growing one and to make themselves stay in the race they have no other way than producing some eye-catching and super performing products.

Now if you are planning to buy a Winch then you can give them a visit. If you ask my opinion on which one to buy, then I will go with the second one as a heavy lifting option and the third one for the small jobs.

ac dk winch review

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  1. I bought the 4500 lb winch with steel cable through Amazon on August 16. It took couple of weeks getting this installed due to health problems had to wait for help. Today October 15, it has guit retracting all connections at the solenoid are correct and tight it will power out but has quit retracking and soloenoid is clicking trying to engage the winch. It is getting 12 volts to winch connection according to ohm meter. However, 12 volts directly to the winch will not retract the cable but will feed out. It looks like the winch motor itself has failed on the winch. I just put a plow on this utv two weeks ago and the winch has probably been used to raise and lower maybe a dozen times. I would like to get a replacement winch if possible. I do not need the accessories.


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