Tangkula Winch Review [Updated 2021]

Last Updated on June 25, 2021

So you’re looking for a winch to withstand the tough off-road conditions.

However, finding the right winch is not very easy. In this tangkula winch review article, I have reviewed three Tangkula winches. Stay with me and find the best winch for your job. I hope, after reading this article, you can easily decide if you should go for tangkula winch or not.

Let’s dive into the core section!

Tangkula Winch Review 2021

1. Tangkula Remote Control Rope Electric Winch (12500lbs)

This winch from Tangkulahas a pulling capacity of 12500 lbs that can pull heavyweight vehicles such as trucks. The 4.5kw Motors guarantees the car working well even with a dead engine. With the help of a three-stage planetary gear train, it will provide powerful horsepower.

This winch comes with a cordless remote controller and 12ft long cable switch. The remote has a range of 98ft that offers safe winching operation. The automatic braking system will allow you to have an easy controlled operation as the lock and pulling will be stopped once you turn the switch off. Having steel cable and a 4-way roller fairlead offers a smooth operation guiding the cable into the drum.


  • It has a massive pulling capacity of 12500lbs
  • 4.5 kW Motor offers working well on the car or SUV even with a dead engine.
  • It comes with a three-stage planetary gear train that offers a powerful horsepower.
  • It comes with a 12ft long cordless remote controller. The cable switch has a good range of remote switch of 98ft.
  • It offers an automatic braking system.
  • It comes with steel cable and a 4-way roller fairlead for guiding the rope onto the drum.
  • Easy to install, operation and maintenance.


  • Low durability

2. Tangkula Remote control Rope Electric Winch(12000 lbs)

This winch holds the same features as I mentioned above. The only difference is in its capacity. This winch offers a pulling capacity of 12000lbs.

3. Tangkula Remote control Rope Electric Winch(9000 lbs)

This is another winch from Tangkula. This winch allows you to pull a medium-weight truck. It has the same features as the two other winch I reviewed except pulling capacity.

Verdict: Should You Buy Tangkula Winch?

Now let’s have a recapitulation.

Here I have reviewed 3 Tangkula winches off various capacities (12500 lbs, 12000 lbs and 9000 lbs). Among them, all three winches bear the same features except capacity. If you are thinking about pulling an object of massive weight, then you should go for the more capacity winch.

In this article, I have explained all the main factors of a winch that you should consider before going to purchase a winch. I hope now you are able to decide if you should buy tangkula winch or not.

tangkula winch review

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