Best Badland Winch Review 2021

Last Updated on June 14, 2021

If you are a serious off-roader, then having a winch with you is a must for you. I saw many off-roaders paying a lot just for not having a winch with them. While off-roading, you never know what is waiting for you ahead.

Today I am going to review the top 6 Badland winch. After reading this review, you’ll be able to decide if you should buy it or not.

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I have also reviewed some top rated truck winches & 10000 lb winches. Check these if you ever need to buy one.

Best Harbor Freight Badland Winch Review

1.Badland 18000 lb Industrial Winch Review – Most Powerful Badland Winch

Key Features

  • 18000 lb capacity
  • powerful 7.5 HP motor
  • high-quality steel cable
  • Wired Remote control
  • Waterproof

The first winch from Badland is the real boss of all winches. This winch has a marvelous capacity of 18000lbs. This high-capacity winch will easily recover your heavy-weight trucks or jeeps.

This is the king of all winches having the great combination of 7.5HP powerful motor, 3-stage planetary gear train, free spooling clutch and the automatic load-holding brake. This combination made the winch more special and I must say you will have an outstanding winching operation with this winch.

Without it, this winch holds the feature of a waterproof rating. With the IP66 waterproof rating, this winch will be with you in any tough condition.

Moreover, this winch has a durable aircraft-grade steel cable that is 75 ft long and a 4-way roller fairlead. This steel cable will ensure a smooth and hassle-free winching operation as it is not going to bunch while winching.

However, this winch got a 30 ft long wired remote control. It will ensure your safety as you can operate the winch from a safe distance.


  • Easy to use.
  • 18000 lb pulling capacity.
  • Powerful 7.5 HP motor.
  • High-quality planetary gear.
  • Spooling clutch.
  • Automatic braking system.
  • A relocatable solenoid box which is handy.
  • 75 ft long steel cable and a 4-way roller fairlead.
  • 30 ft long wired remote controller.
  • IP66 rating waterproof.


  • It does not come with wireless remote. Although this is a good winch with attractive features, it could make the winch more special.

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2. Badland ZXR 12000 lb Electric Winch Review

Key Features

  • 12000 lb capacity
  • Series wound motor
  • high-quality steel cable
  • Wired remote control
  • Weather Resistant

This Badland ZXR got a decent capacity of 12000 lbs for pulling your purposes. Using this high-capacity winch, you can easily recover your heavy-weight vehicles.

Like the previous winch, this winch has a powerful series wound motor, high-quality planetary gear of three-stage, automatic braking system and free spooling clutch. Without it, this winch holds a relocatable solenoid box which is handy.

Besides, this winch features a 65 ft long high-quality steel cable and a 4-way roller fairlead.

This electric winch also comes with a piece of bad news for the wireless remote control fans. It doesn’t offer a wireless remote controller. You need to purchase it separately. But this winch holds a 12 ft long corded remote.

Moreover, this winch also holds the weather-resistant feature. With the IP66 rating weather protection, You will be able to use this winch in tough conditions.

Overall, considering the performance, features and price, no doubt that this winch would be a great selection. If you need a winch with 12000 lbs capacity, then it can be a good choice for you.


  • 12000 lb pulling capacity.
  • Powerful series wound motor.
  • 3-stage planetary gear train.
  • Automatic load-holding brake.
  • Free spooling clutch.
  • 65 ft long high-quality steel cable and a 4-way roller fairlead.
  • 12 ft long wired remote.
  • IP66 rated weather resistant.


  • The length of the remote cable and winch cable does not seem good enough to me.
  • It does not come with wireless remote.


3. Badland 9000 lb Winch Review

Key Features

  • 9000 lbs capacity.
  • powerful 5.5 HP motor
  • high-quality steel cable.
  • Wired remote control.
  • Waterproof.

Well, this is also a quality winch from Badland with a good pulling capacity. It got 9000 lbs for your pulling purposes. This winch is compatible with pulling medium-weight vehicles.

This winch holds the same features as the above-mentioned winch. Like the above ones, it features a 3-stage planetary gear system, automatic load-holding brake, free spooling clutch, 65 ft long steel cable and a 4-way roller fairlead. This winch is IP66 rated weather-resistant too.

The wireless remote could be a great combination but this winch also doesn’t offer one. It has a 12 ft long wired remote tough.

After all, this is a quality winch with 9000 lbs capacity.


  • 9000 lbs pulling capacity.
  • powerful 5.5 HP series wound motor.
  • Three-stage planetary gear train.
  • Automatic load-holding brake.
  • Free spooling clutch.
  • 65 ft long high-quality steel cable.
  • 12 ft long wired remote control.
  • IP66 rating Waterproof.


  • It does not come with wireless remote.
  • The remote cable length is ok but it would be better longer though.


4. Badland 3500 lb Winch Review

Key Features

  • 3500 lb capacity.
  • Permanent magnet motor.
  • high-quality steel cable.
  • Wired remote control.
  • Waterproof.

This Badland winch comes for dealing with small loads. It got a 3500 lbs capacity for pulling purposes. With this pulling capacity, you can easily recover your light-weight vehicles, especially UTV/ATV.

This electric winch is a bit different from the above-mentioned winches. This winch is designed with a single-stage planetary gear system whereas the previous winches were three-stage planetary gear train. But this gear train is good enough to recover your ATV.

However, you must be looking for information about waterproof protection. This winch has the ability to protect the immersions affect up to 1 meter in the water feet which were absent in the previous winches. This feature made this winch even more special.

Moreover, this winch has 50 ft long steel cable although a synthetic rope is more preferable for ATV/UTV.

Overall, with a competitive price, this winch will gift you quality.


  • Easy transportation for light-weight.
  • Good winch at an affordable price.
  • 3500 lb pulling capacity.
  • Powerful permanent magnet motor.
  • 50 ft long high-quality steel cable.
  • 12 ft long handheld remote control and 8 ft long handlebar control.
  • IP67 rated Waterproof.


  • No wireless remote control comes along with the winch.
  • The synthetic rope could be a better option for ATV/UTV.


5. Badland 2500 lbs Winch Review

Key Features

  • 2500 lbs capacity.
  • Permanent magnet motor.
  • Steel cable
  • Wireless remote controller.

This is another low-capacity winch from Badland & this electric winch the best badland winch for towing ATV. It got a 2500 lb capacity for recovering your vehicle. The capacity says that you will be able to recover your ATV/UTV easily using this winch.

Like the previous one, it got a powerful permanent magnet motor and single-stage planetary gear.

But this time this winch comes with a wireless remote controller. The wireless remote controller fans must be happy and can go for this one. The wireless remote of this winch has 20 ft coverage.

Overall, this winch is one of the best winches with a low capacity. You will receive a quality service from this winch.


  • Very light-weight.
  • Great product at this price.
  • 2500 lbs pulling capacity.
  • Permanent magnet motor.
  • 50 ft long steel cable
  • Wireless remote controller with 20 ft range.


  • The coverage area of remote is a bit short.


6. Badland 1500 lb Electric Winch Review

Key Features

  • 1500 lb capacity.
  • Steel cable.
  • Tethered remote control
  • Thermal overloading protection.

This winch from Badland can horizontally pull by 1500 lbs which makes it the best badland winch for motorcycle.

This electric winch has a Tethered remote which controls the up-down without any trouble. The control and the buttons are large that will ensure good gripping and also comfortable pressing.

However, this winch is equipped with 35 ft steel cable and a hawse fairlead which is a bit different this time.

This electric winch is a little costly compared to the last one. Although the price is a bit high, this winch comes to you with enough power to pull anything like a boat or motorcycle.


  • 1500 lb pulling capacity.
  • Two-stage planetary gear train.
  • 35 ft long steel cable.
  • Thermal overloading protection.


  • Tethered remote control.


Verdict on Best Badland Winch Review

Well, the winches I have reviewed here are the quality winches from Badland with different capacities and features. In this review, I tried to deal with all the core factors of these winches. I hope after reading my article, now you are able to make your decision.

Now it’s your turn to make your pick.

Best Badland Winches FAQ

How many amps does a winch pull?

Almost all the winches draw 300 amps at full load.

Where are Harbor Freight Badland winches made?

Harbor Freight winches are being manufactured in china. After manufacturing, these winches are named as Badland winches by the company. These winches are also produced from the factories where most of the top brands used to produce their winches.

What size winch do I need?

Well, if you are looking for the size of the winch you need, then you have to go through some calculations. The calculation is like – Winch weight = Loaded vehicles weight * 1.5

If you have a vehicle with 6000 lbs weight, then you will be needing a winch with at least 9000 lbs capacity.
However, you can calculate your vehicle weight like this – Loaded vehicles weight = weight of vehicle + baggage weight.

Is Badland winch any good?

Badland winches are much durable. These winches are expected to last at least a few years. These winches are fairly priced. Within this price range, Badland winches are one of the best options.

Are Harbor Freight Badland winches waterproof?

Well, the waterproof features depend on the model. This feature is not available in all Badland winches. But most of the badland winches are waterproof, especially the winch with higher capacity.

harbor freight badland winch

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